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How to Show Love to Our Fellow Man As descendants of the first man, Adam, we are all one family. Even though members of a family are expected to love and respect one another, nowadays it is hard to find such love. en. Choose a language; United States (English) ... The Epic Love Story Between a Man and an Octopus ... My Octopus Teacher is a tale about communion between man and mollusk. Foster’s saga began ... Here Are 6 Reasons Why A Man Falls In Love With Someone 1. He’s captivated by the whole package. Men are often enamored by the entire woman. Her looks, her personality, her voice, her laughter – when men fall, they’re very first captivated by the entirety of the woman. Line dancing Step Sheets and Information, A Man Is In Love, Maggie Gallagher (UK) & Gary O'Reilly (IRE) - June 2020 Take note of how (and where) he looks at you to find out if it's lust or love he's after. And for more on dating, check out The No. 1 Thing Women Do That Others Find Sexy . If a man is in love, he transforms his external appearance – hairstyle, dressing sense, perfume etc. – in a short period of time after you came around in his vicinity. This is indicative of the fact that he is trying to impress you. Priming up is a definite sign that a man is in love. How to Show Love to Our Fellow Man. PLAY. How to Show Love to Our Fellow Man. As descendants of the first man, Adam, we are all one family. Even though members of a family are expected to love and respect one another, nowadays it is hard to find such love. This is not what our loving God wants. If he loves you, his body language and behaviors will give him away. Here are the 12 science-backed signs a man is falling in love..It's difficult —if not impossible —to gauge how someone else is feeling in a relationship.But if you're considering whether you're falling in love with your partner, you're probably wondering if they are, too. . Fortunately, .science has actually pin-pointed ... Here Are 15 Ways To Make A Man Fall Head Over Heels In Love With You 1. Be yourself. Clinical psychologist Merry Lin writes in her book ‘The Fully Lived Life’, “Faking your way through life is believing that if you let people know the real you, they won’t like you.The tapes that play in your head say that if people really knew what was going on inside you, they would lose respect for you. That’s one of the cruelest ironies about mental health. When you’re in a dark place, everyone around you — all your friends and family — they just want to see you doing what you love again, being happy, being “the old you.” Sometimes it feels like the world is looking at you saying things like, “Come on, man, just get over it.

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Reddit Tau is looking for you! #888GPQ0J
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2020.10.01 20:41 -__Adolf__- How the world works and Who controls it

/p0litics is **Owned and operated** by the astroturfing company **Salesforce**, top 10 most valuable tech companies in the US and you never heard of them, it also owns /politicalhumour /movies /games /dankmemes /technology /europe and many more...

they buy these subs, twitter accounts facebook pages, 4chan boards EVEN Youtube channels and so on.. on all social media platforms, you had /technology being sold on craigslist, ppl usually sell their pages but ppl dont realise that internet pr companies are the ones that buy them the most, https://old.reddit.com/shills/comments/4kdq7n/astroturfing_information_megathread_revision_8/

they work like advertisement companies, companies pay them to push positive things about their product or a politician or a celebrety, which is why they buy poth political and company related subs like /intel or /amd or culture based subs like /atheism if someone pays them to propagate pro or anti abortion agendas or anything culture based, they have paid trolls acompanied by bots to upvote them and downvote anything else, they have their ppl in the mod team to censor anything that goes against their agenda, no matter if its against the rules or not. (btw have you seen the IBM debater AI? dont get me started https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJXcFtY9cWY)

All of internet works like this since 2017, social media are publishers not platforms they say so themselves, everything you see is controlled and regulated, social media acts like publishers no different then fox news or cnn, you pay to be seen, all top comments in paid posts are from astroturfers or approved by astroturfers by telling their bots to upvote them, social engeneering and social preasure manufacturing 101, they have programs to detect keywords to sense where their subjects are discussed across the net, which is why they always appear when something they are paid for is talked about, even if its some site or sub or page with less then 10k monthly visitors. they put certain people to patroll the same spaces so they get to know the culture and responses of the place so they would fit in and not seem like its their firt time there, its a full time job the companies are here 24/7 365 days of the year. Also they **ALWAYS** put people that are motivated to push that agenda, for example they mostly put immigrants to shill for more immigration as they have motives to do so and make an effort, they wont put a muslim to shill for womens rights and so on... im telling you all of this cuz i used to work at one of these companies. And remember, only paid trolls deny that paid trolls exist. https://ibb.co/album/vh4VZ2
ALL MEDIA WORKS TOGEATHER, **who controlls the media controlls the country as the media controlls the people**, it has been exposed many times that that all media comunicate between one another on how to push stories(this was the real gamergate scandal covered by a distraction of harrasment of women in gayming)tho theres been many more examples of media pushing the narative togeather **the media purpose is to pushes agendas for money not to report, and they push the agenda of those that own them, thats the buissnismodel of propaganda companies (media)**, now who owns all the media?

You should guess the ethnicities of the CEOs and owners of media companies like CEO of the [Youtube](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Wojcicki)**[CNN](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Zucker)**, [MSNBC/Comcast](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_L._Roberts), **[ABC/Disney](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Iger)**, [CBS/Viacom](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumner_Rothstein), **[Buzzfeed](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonah_Peretti)**, [The Economist](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rothschild_family), **[BBC](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Cohen_(television_executive)**), [Vox](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezra_Klein), **[Huffpost](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonah_Peretti)**, [New York Times](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A._G._Sulzberger), **[Washington Post](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Baron)**, Bloom[berg](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Bloomberg), **[Time Warner](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Ross_(businessman)**), [Time](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Felsenthal) BTW all the late night comedy showes, music industru and movie industry is owned but these **[Big 5](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_conglomerate)** (Comcast, Viacom, Disney, AT&T, and News Corp), The biggest [͏As͏t͏r0͏t͏u͏r͏f͏l͏n͏g](https://www.reddit.com/usesadacaxafa/comments/giko0x/who/) company [͏Sa͏le͏s͏f͏0r͏c͏e](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Benioff) operates twitter, reddit (reddit is owned by [Condé Nast](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cond%C3%A9_Nast) whose owner is the [newhouse family](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Irving_Newhouse_Sr.)) ) and most of the internet politics, culture, stealth adds comments etc... https://ibb.co/album/mD72kW

Maby even the actual big media companies nowadays, the social media like tge CEO/operator of Facebook and Instagram Mark Zucker**[berg](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Zuckerberg)** or Google/Alphabet like [Larry Page](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Page) or [Sergey Brin](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergey_Brin) or for that matter any other Big tech companys co funder like [Microsoft](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Ballmer), i mean theyre buying media companies now too ya know, sadly this list has no end but my time does but now that were at it the big banks/financial companies own a large share in ALL media companies and wouldnt you like to guess who owns all the banks :^ )

It ͏j͏u͏s͏t ͏y͏o͏u͏r ͏t͏h͏y͏p͏i͏c͏a͏l ͏d͏i͏v͏i͏d͏e ͏a͏n͏d ͏c͏o͏n͏q͏u͏e͏r ͏s͏t͏r͏a͏t͏e͏g͏y, ͏i͏t͏s ͏w͏h͏y Corporations ͏p͏r͏o͏p͏a͏g͏a͏t͏e ͏d͏i͏v͏e͏r͏s͏i͏t͏y ͏a͏n͏d ͏m͏u͏l͏t͏i͏r͏a͏c͏i͏a͏l ͏s͏o͏c͏i͏e͏t͏i͏e͏s, ͏t͏h͏e͏y ͏k͏n͏o͏w ͏e͏v͏e͏r͏y ͏g͏r͏o͏u͏p ͏o͏n͏l͏y ͏c͏a͏r͏e͏s ͏a͏b͏o͏u͏t ͏t͏h͏e͏m͏s͏e͏l͏v͏e͏s ͏a͏n͏d ͏t͏h͏a͏t ͏s͏p͏l͏i͏t͏s ͏s͏o͏c͏i͏e͏t͏y ͏b͏y ͏r͏a͏c͏e/͏r͏e͏l͏i͏g͏i͏o͏n/͏n͏a͏t͏i͏o͏n͏a͏l͏i͏t͏y ͏e͏t͏c.. ͏a͏n͏d ͏m͏a͏k͏e͏s ͏i͏t ͏e͏a͏s͏i͏e͏r ͏t͏o ͏c͏o͏n͏t͏r͏o͏l͏l (Divide&concer strategy) , ͏i͏t͏s ͏w͏h͏y ͏r͏a͏c͏e͏b͏a͏i͏t ͏i͏s ͏s͏o ͏p͏r͏o͏p͏a͏g͏a͏t͏e͏d ͏b͏y ͏t͏h͏e͏i͏r ͏m͏e͏d͏i͏a, they rule over us while we are divided and distracted with infighting the UN literaly called it Replacement Immigration, Corporations also want to devaluate wages by importing massive amounts of cheap 3rd world labour(demandVSsupply) https://ibb.co/album/HBbbmG

The paid commentors and immigrants themselves have been instructed to call it a conspiracy as they know nobody wants to Become a Minority in their own Home so all they can do is dismiss the obious fact that they are grouping togeather to replace us and push discrimination against us (affirmative action / diversity hires) while cencoring and with damage control smuthering us quietly

UK, France, Benelux, Spain, Sweden are around 70% European while they were 100% in the 80s, USA is 48% european while they were 90% in the 50s, corporations are supporting it for the cheap labour and immigrants want to feel more at home and have more power, soon there really are going to be open borders as we are shrinking they will soon Outvote us and there will be nobody to stop it

And thats not even mentioning the things that they love to not talk about labeling it simply as "not free speach", the crimes, sexual harrasment, robberies, ethnic tension, distrust in society increasing, lower work productivity, the elimination of our culture, other Discriminations towords us (not just affirmative action and diversity hires but other general racism they hold for us, remember how they say they "cant be racist" and how its ok to discriminate against white people, the propaganda companies (media corporations) suport this too to supress us from crying out, the diversity hires/affirmative action is meant to strip us in any position of power to disable us from fighting back against our replacement, why do you think everything about our identity has been shuned and shamed so much and called racist? why they are sudenly saying race doesent exist but blackness does? how its ok selebrated and propagated to be proud black but anything white positive is racist/nazi/white supremacy? ). they may only say it so they dont get kicked out but they dont see this as their own home, ofc they dont care what happens to our countries its not theirs, they have a home to get back to, we dont. https://ibb.co/album/84d8hW

its simple game theory really, ethno-centrism is nepotism, with nepotism you get into positions of power and whats the nature of power? who has it can do whatever he wants and who doesent is forced to submit, brown people hate whites and want benefits and discrimination againt whites with wich they will benefit (reparations for one) ethno-centrism is the smartest and best game theory to play by, its why jews are on top and why whites are beeing exterminated, your eather tribalist like jews and you go on top or humanist and go under like whites, theres a reason why mother nature made us tribalist with milenia of natural selection, every mathematical modes says tribalism is the best game theory, demonising whites and indoctrinating whites with white guilt is a way to lower the defensive and ethnocentrism of whites by making whites hate themselves https://ibb.co/album/m6bmVq

the reason why the west is like this is because it has been subverted by the jews for the milionth time and they are rotting it from the inside for their own power greed and benefit exterminating us in the process, Mo͏s͏t ͏t͏o͏p ͏j͏e͏w͏s ͏a͏d͏m͏i͏t͏e͏d ͏t͏h͏e͏m͏s͏e͏l͏v͏e͏s ͏t͏h͏a͏t ͏j͏e͏w͏s ͏c͏a͏n ͏o͏n͏l͏y ͏m͏a͏k͏e ͏i͏t ͏i͏n ͏a ͏d͏i͏v͏e͏r͏s͏e ͏s͏o͏c͏i͏e͏t͏y ͏b͏e͏c͏a͏u͏s͏e ͏o͏f ͏t͏h͏i͏s ͏e͏v͏e͏n ͏t͏h͏e ͏j͏e͏w͏i͏s͏h ͏s͏u͏p͏r͏e͏m͏a͏c͏i͏s͏t ͏g͏e͏o͏r͏g͏e ͏s͏o͏r͏o͏s, ͏h͏e ͏s͏a͏i͏d ͏t͏h͏a͏t ͏i͏n ͏a ͏h͏o͏m͏o͏g͏e͏n͏o͏u͏s ͏s͏o͏c͏i͏e͏t͏y ͏p͏e͏o͏p͏l͏e ͏u͏n͏i͏f͏y ͏m͏o͏r͏e ͏e͏a͏s͏i͏l͏y ͏a͏n͏d ͏k͏i͏c͏k ͏t͏h͏e ͏t͏r͏o͏u͏b͏l͏e ͏m͏a͏k͏e͏r͏s ͏o͏u͏t ͏q͏u͏i͏c͏k͏e͏r, ͏h͏e͏n͏c͏e ͏w͏h͏y ͏j͏e͏w͏s ͏w͏e͏r͏e ͏k͏i͏c͏k͏e͏d ͏o͏u͏t ͏o͏v͏e͏r ͏a 1000 ͏t͏i͏m͏e͏s ͏i͏n 109 ͏d͏i͏f͏e͏r͏e͏n͏t ͏c͏o͏u͏n͏t͏r͏i͏e͏s, ͏t͏h͏e͏y͏v͏e ͏b͏e͏e͏n ͏d͏o͏i͏n͏g ͏t͏h͏e ͏s͏a͏m͏e ͏s͏t͏u͏f͏f ͏f͏o͏r ͏t͏h͏o͏u͏s͏a͏n͏d͏s ͏o͏f ͏y͏e͏a͏r͏s, ͏e͏v͏e͏n ͏i͏n ͏s͏p͏a͏i͏n ͏t͏h͏e͏y ͏h͏e͏l͏p͏e͏d ͏t͏h͏e ͏a͏r͏a͏b ͏i͏n͏v͏a͏s͏i͏o͏n ͏s͏o ͏t͏h͏e͏y ͏c͏a͏n ͏r͏u͏l͏e ͏o͏v͏e͏r ͏i͏t ͏a͏n͏d ͏t͏h͏a͏t ͏w͏a͏s ͏o͏v͏e͏r ͏a 1000 ͏y͏e͏a͏r͏s ͏a͏g͏o its why jews push nepotism/ethnocentrism for themselves but the oposite for asians and whites who they see as a threat and push those the dont see as a threat up, what they see as the inferior races(https://ibb.co/album/MZDmkV) such as blacks up. why is it that pointing out the overrepresentation of whites is not only ok but glorified but do the same for jews and you get censored? cant criticize those that rule over you **https://ibb.co/album/8MsPy8**

The push to weaken and destroy any contact between humans be it race identity or family wich is attacked with degeneracy to make it weaker and harder to form such as homophilia or trannyphilia making marrage harder with their laws of alimony and lower the birth rate of whites with it and abortion or sluttynes or racemixing. look at who invented trannyphilia or homophilia or pro immigration rethoric or anti-life ideas or anti marrage laws, all jews https://ibb.co/album/39HJxy

And all of this just shows the main difference between the eastern and western model, the east simply say to their kettle that they are not in control and shouldnt be because the masses dont know how to govern, the western model invests billions into making the illusion that the people feel in control while acctually not having any say because if people think they are in control they will fight eachother because theyll blame eachother for the poor decision making/voting instead of the people in control/oligarhs that are causing our misery , the west allows oposing views only when it doesent make noise or is imposible to implement, the moment you make noise you will be jailed deplatforme and cencored, giving the illusion of free speach by allowing you to scream into the void but not infron of a crowd. in 100% of countries the people that have information controll (controll the media:internet/tv/celebreties/entertainment) are the same ones that controll the country. the ͏Me͏d͏i͏a is the peoples eyes and ears and it controll peoles thoughts and shapes their thinking/mentality, it pushes society into the direction their owners say, the purpose of the media is to push the agenda of their owners, their buissnes model is social engeneering not reporting.

The unprofitable opposition to mass immigration is just the eye opener how things really work, that the moment it gained any ground the internet was heavily censore, anyone with a voice deplatformed, the algoritm rigged to not show any "incorect opinions", their media companies slandering anyone with those opinions and massive amount of shills from internet political pr companies flodded everything to establish their own rethoric and push talking points of the media companies of our oligarhs, the internet is heavily regulated and everything you see is picked by these pr companies while "problematic" opinions shadowbanned, giving people the illusion that they are the ones controling what they see on the net, just try it, if you say anything even slightly against the narative, even if it doesent brake the rules, you will be banned and cencored, the more ground unprofitable oppinions get the more strict they are on the thought policing, the oligarhs saw that free speach and freedom on the net is a threat to their rule as the people were figuring out what was happening and saw the deception the media were feeding them for years, the anti replacement rethoric is just an example, they do this on anything else that gainst ground, just look at the slander and cencorship of the yellow vest ""riots"". censhorship only use is to censor the truth, nothing else, if something is censore its the truth, there is no exception to this, ofc nobody will admit theyre censoring you because they dont want you to learn the truth, theyll always make up excuses. to see who rules over you see who you cant criticize, the most evil people will be portrayed those that exposed who rules over you, who is the most evil man in history of the west? winners write history

Just like free speach not really existing same goes for democracy, western counties are oligarhies who tricked people into beliveing that casting a ballot once every 4 years for people that dont even represent their ideas once they get into office is democracy, that system is meant to serve the rich, politicians just say what they need to get elected to scoop the money/bribes while they are in there for the companies and bilionares, thats how it was designed to function, you want a law you need to buy it from eather them or from the media, and there are a milion failsafes if one of them goes rouge that they cant change anything, which just fuels the mentality "whel eveyone else is doing it and i cant change anything if i refuse bribes, so might aswhell just take the money "... ""Democracy"" via proxy(politicians) is the best system for corporations and oligarhs to control a nation, its why they pushed for it everywhere, they cant control a nation if its a closed aritocracy or a dictatorship, its why the west organised the arab spring as soon as they took their media (the internet). Direct democracy is shuned as "wouldnt work" where they point out the same rethoric of the east they say they oppose "the people dont know how to govern let us politicians do it" whats the point in democracy then? if you dont let the people gover its not a democracy, just shows that they dont support democracy but just want the illusion of it to stay to keep the people infighting

There is no such thing as democracy, free speech, or peoples free thought, money is the currency of power and votes are done with money not ballets, this is the main problem with inequality and the rich getting richemore powerfull, it means that the people will have less say(voting power) and the rich more, just like in african countries. you can do anything because you dont have any money to influence politics, politicians individually cant do anything because of the failsafes, you cant wake people up because the media is controled and cencored, you cant unify people for a revolution/restructuring of the system because of jailing/deplatforming the leaders, divisions/deflections/confusion/disinformation the media will create(divide&concer) which is even easier now that society is diverse(divided) by race with immigration. the elites are playing acording to the game theory, and once they create and AI that can do it perfectly we will officialy reach the point of no return.

How did they do it? TL;DR Money is the currency of power, the nature of power is you ether have it and can do what you want or you dont have it and your forced to submit, the more powemoney you have the more you can change the world, before the tech giants, (which are all owned by jews) there were only 2 sort of companies with massive amounts of money, the banks (all owned by jews) and the oil companies (wich the jewish familly rockafellers had a monopoly on),what every jew will tell you as a excuse for why they rule the world is that jewish families started monopolising banks after the dark ages because christians were forbidden to give interest, when they got all the banks they started monopolising the media/press as who owns the press controlls the people, what they see hear and think, its also why people havent woken up to the fact that the west is run by jews, they simply censor it all as they controll all the media and created social preasure with social engeneering to not expose them(when you in power IN SECRET, you want to demonise whoever point out that your in power, which is why they label everyone that point out their jewish priviledge(overrepresentation) a nazi). who took over russia with the communist revolution in ww1? Lenning and his buddies were all jews, so was karl marx and Trosky, who controlled the press that pushed for the french revolution? all jews, who tookover the british centrall bank after their war with america, the rothchilds aka jews, ww2 was jewish controlled countries vs goy controlled countries, ALL warfare is based on deception, churchil (who was in an rothchild organisation before becoming prime minister) and american generals even admited afterwards they fought the wrong enemy, media is the deception and its all owned by them. these banking families created secret societies (like freemasonry) whose 1st rule is to engage in nepotism with eachother to subvert every top position of power in all countries and companies, (the game theory of nepotism works for all mathematical models of all structures of power), all abrahamic secret societies are satanism, and not the edgy kind athiests use to trigger christians but real satanism, where they rape children and preform ritualistic murders, secret societies are cults, they have ways to manipulate you to acctually belive that what they teach is the "hidden truth" and to make you belive these sacrifices actually do something when in reality they only use them to film you beeing a pedophile and use it as blackmail so when you get to a high position of power like the president or CEO of some company, you will do as they say or they will realise the tapes, its why you have so many pedos in politics and positions of power, theyre all part of secret societies that pushed them there with nepotism, all prime ministers of britain after ww2 was from oxford, ivy league schools are used to recruit the best of the best into the more niche/smaller secret societies like the scull and bones(george bush is one), its the real reason why so many in power all come from the same ivy league colleges, thats where they recruit people. Judaism acts as a sort of religion that behaves like a cult/secret society, their religious texts dictate to engage in nepotism and scamming goys(non jews). read the protocols of the elders of zion, it describes the entire strategy, the book was written in the 1800s for jews to read how to subvert and cripple and rot nation, read it today and its like reading a history book, everything it says has happened and is happening
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2020.10.01 16:26 sianiam Let's Rewind: Coffee Prince (2007) - Episodes 1 - 6

Let’s Rewind is a series of discussions on KDRAMA in which viewers may watch a drama at their own pace over the period of a month.

The individual episode discussions are broken up over a number of posts in which watchers join in once they have watched - they can join at any period of the series.
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Drama: Coffee Prince/The First Shop of Coffee Prince/ 커피프린스 1호점
Network: MBC
Aired: Jul 2, 2007 - Aug 28, 2007
Episodes: 17 x 60 minute episodes
Streaming Sources:
Original On-Air discussion threads: none - aired before KDRAMA existed!
Han-gyeol (Gong Yoo) is a smart young man who hates to be tied down to one career in his life. Abhorring the idea of joining the family business, he is ordered by his grandmother to manage a cafe. Unable to disobey his grandmother, he reluctantly takes over the responsibility of running a cafe and begins to immerse himself in the gourmet coffee business. One day, he meets Eun-chan (Yoon Eun Hye), a cheerful girl who has an unpredictable personality, and learns the meaning of true love... (source: asianwiki)
Screenwriters: Jang Hyun Joo & Lee Jung Ah (adapted from Lee Sun Mi's novel The First Shop of Coffee Prince)
Director: Lee Yoon Jung
Web Resources: MDL, Wikipedia), Official Web Page, Documentary: My Dear Youth MDL (KDRAMA discussion here)
Spoiler Reminder: Upon entering these threads you can expect to see discussion of the drama up to the point of the series that has passed. If you are sensitive to spoilers we advise you to not enter the discussion section prior to watching the episodes. We ask our users to be considerate and cover any major spoilers which if read accidentally before viewing may detract from one's enjoyment of the series in block spoiler tags. You can create a spoiler tag by writing > ! this ! < without the spaces in between to get this block spoiler tag.

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Something tasty and fresh! Help Cotton candy Gale get 1000
Cotton Candy Man - is a new sweet skin for the old buddy Gale. He is a confectionery owner who loves the holidays! He goes out on the festive streets and shoots around with sweet cotton on a stick. #brawlstarsukraine #brawlstars #supercellmake #characterdesign #conceptart #brawler
Please vote here: https://make.supercell.com/en/creation/cotton-candy-man?fbclid=IwAR3g59ihTtvxCgMvAidpi2kWreOgNT8zKKZanpucgrvdiagPy1fqTETzWyI

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2020.10.01 15:24 ChaChaImmensely Winter approaches. And along with the unbridled racism / sexism the New Right is, apparently, 'defined' by...(who assigns that?) ...we should delight in local community& family hearth & you know what that means! Isolating w/ books for weeks. So...

What political books do you all read? To escape political manipulation by a corrupt press
or otherwise. http s :// en. wikipedia. org/wiki/The_New_York_Times_Best_Seller_list# Controversies
Have you stocked up

for winter https://freenortherner.com/dark-enlightenment-reading-list/
Here's some help if you haven't the time or money
to invest, my friends! Love you!<3

printf("Enter two numbers: "); scanf("%lf %lf", &a, &b);

return 0; }

Soft Skull
Calculating product
int main()
Alternative POVs


#include  int main() { double a, b, product; printf("Enter two numbers: "); scanf("%lf %lf", &a, &b); // Calculating product product = a * b; // Result up to 2 decimal point is displayed using %.2lf printf("Product = %.2lf", product); return 0; } 
You know what to do!!
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2020.10.01 14:49 LordChozo Hindsight is 2020: #2 - Supper's Ready (Part I)

from Foxtrot, 1972
Listen to it here!

I. Lover’s Leap

In which two lovers are lost in each other’s eyes, and found again transformed into the bodies of another male and female.
And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets. Revelation 8:1-2
Quick, listen to this acoustic guitar bit with its high-to-low-to-high kind of pattern and tell me who wrote it. Was it Steve, the active guitarist of Genesis? That seems a pretty good guess, especially hearing this song flowing right after his own acoustic “Horizons”. But it’s not the correct guess. Is it then Mike, the band’s steady rhythm guitarist and long-time 12-string guru of sorts? Sure sounds like something he’d play! But no - while Mike is playing the guitar pattern here, he didn’t actually write it. So it must then be a holdover from Anthony Phillips, right? That makes sense, given how much he and Mike played their 12-strings together and found interesting sounds and patterns therein. If it’s not Steve or Mike, gotta be Ant, yes? Except...no. No, that’s still not right. So uh...is it...uh...Mick...Bar...nard…?
No, no, and no again. This one belongs, surprisingly, to Tony Banks.
Mike: The intro was Tony’s, who had come up with it while we were waiting to play a gig… We were in a gym with a lovely big echo when Tony picked up a guitar, and suddenly, there it was. “God! Tony, that’s fantastic!” “What? What did I do?” ...It was probably because Tony doesn’t normally write on guitar that he found the chords in the first place. It was just three notes and not a shape that a guitarist would ever play. 1
Tony: I’d written a descending chord sequence on the guitar, and...I was in the changing room tuning the guitar and playing these chords. The room had a fantastic acoustic which made this particular chord sequence sound wonderful; Mike walked in and said, “That sounds great, what’s that?” So he learnt the part and we played it together, and then we got the others in and played this sequence to them. I didn’t know what we were going to do with it, but it was obviously something we could use as a starting point. 2
Getting someone else to play the guitar part was important here, because so much of this section’s atmosphere comes from the simple chords being played under the plucking strings. With no drums, the guitar playing serves the momentum of the piece, as well as its melodic feel. But the overall atmosphere? That’s in the keys. And then even moreso in the “ahhh”ing vocals after the primary verse. It’s notable that this section runs nearly four minutes, but the lyrical part of it is finished in less than two, after which it’s a gentle yet tense kind of keyboard solo for the whole rest of the run. It’s kind of like “The Cinema Show” in microcosm, and one wonders whether Lover’s Leap was in the back of Tony’s mind when they began spinning up that song one album later into the progressive epic it became. At any rate, they knew from the start with Lover’s Leap that this was going to be something bigger than anything they’d attempted thus far in their careers.
Tony: We decided we were really gonna go for the long one this time, because we’d done “Musical Box” and “Stagnation” and things, and we said, “Well let’s just go for one whole side of an album...and see what we can do.” And we got these ideas; we actually sort of put bits and pieces in the thing. I mean, this song started off just like “Stagnation” really in a way. I had this guitar piece I’d written, which I thought was a really strong opening part. The first two or three minutes of the song was based on this part. 3
Peter: I think we were confident in a way that we hadn’t been before, and so that gave us the mental platform on which to build something like “Supper’s Ready”... 3
Lyrically, I love the imagery here. The idea that The End can come at any moment, with a warning so small as a vision of monks shuffling across the lawn, or even with no warning at all. The idea that two people can share a bond that goes beyond the mere physical, such that they might be whisked away on this spiritual journey together. Such a simple thing, “It’s good to feel you again,” so pure and vulnerable. Where did Peter generate this concept, I wonder?
Peter: I think it was a sort of personal journey which ends up walking through scenes from Revelations [sic] in the Bible. I’ll leave it at that. 4
Well come now Peter, that’s unsatisfying. Inquiring minds want to know! Digging up yields conflicting theories, or perhaps it’s just a bit of misinformation to throw people off the trail. Sometimes it’s attributed to Peter sitting with his wife Jill when suddenly she began speaking in tongues as though possessed by someone or something. Some might call this a deeply religious experience. Others, a mild stroke. Perhaps both, or neither. A different account has Peter and Jill still together, but also joined by Trespass and Nursery Cryme producer John Anthony - what’s he doing there? This story goes that Peter’s wife slept in a room with purple walls, and that the colors reacted to her spiritual energy, putting her into hysterics. Yet another account features Peter at his in-laws’ place, looking out the window but convinced he was seeing someone else’s front lawn, complete with seven shuffling monks. Whatever the story, the common thread is an insistence that this was a real spiritual event of some sort. But not everyone was convinced.
Steve: I believe there’d been some drug taking going on. I believe [Peter’s wife] was having a bad trip at one point, and that Pete and a friend managed to talk her round and get her out of the horrors or whatever it was. So that’s a part of what the song was about, but in a way there’s a kind of redemption implication that goes with that. 5
Peter denied drugs played a part at the time, but then any good husband would want to avoid saying “Yeah, my wife was lit and acting totally nuts,” so it’s hard to know how the events (if any!) actually unfolded. But it also doesn’t entirely matter what the true inspiration was, because what it produced can’t really be denied. And as Steve says, even something as simple as “She’s having a bad reaction to these substances and I need to help her” has a kind of romance about it. “I’m here. It’s all right. Hey, my baby, don’t you know our love is true?” Strong stuff there, and it really helps paint the keyboard work after it in a different light. This isn’t just a musical and spiritual journey; it’s a musical and spiritual journey being taken together, and that means something a little more.
Note as well that already the song touches on its primary theme of transformation. The lovers peer into one another’s eyes and find themselves not simply lost in the moment, but actually metaphysically transported into different bodies. Whether these are their own bodies in an altered state, newly created bodies made just for them to inhabit, or the bodies of other individuals altogether in a different place is never made quite clear. Regardless, though together, the two are already finding themselves swept up in the transformative energy that surrounds this end-times event.

II. The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man

The lovers come across a town dominated by two characters: one a benevolent farmer and the other a head of a highly disciplined scientific religion. The latter likes to be known as “The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man” and claims to contain a secret new ingredient capable of fighting fire. This is a falsehood, an untruth, a whopper, and a taradiddle; or, to put it in clearer terms, a lie.
And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Revelation 13:16-17
From Lover’s Leap the band knew they wanted to do something bold and big, but of course they didn’t have a clear idea at the time what that might look like. The song certainly couldn’t stay treading water in Lover’s Leap for another sixteen minutes.
Tony: We’d say, “Why have you got to go verse-chorus-verse-chorus, etc.?” [That’s] fine for some, but it’s nice if you can go somewhere else. And you can tell more of a story that way, without the repetition. 6
Peter: We are learning all the time, and on the whole in this business, it is the easiest field in which to be highly successful and mediocre at the same time. One should be constantly maintaining higher aims. 7
Tony: We wanted to go further. We’d all been wanting to push away from the regular structures. It turned out better than we’d thought. 6
Peter: We were then trying, consciously, to break out of tradition. We were tossing together different ideas and influences to see if there was a fresh way of putting them all together. 6
Luckily, by this time they had some experience pushing away from the norm, creating longer-form songs that did interesting things. In fact, there was an attitude that maybe they had it down to something of a science.
Mike: As a band we’d found a formula for writing music: short pieces that we’d join together into a single song, the length of which would allow us to do something brave and interesting. “Supper’s Ready”...was a great example. 1
Peter: I think we were beginning to know who we were as writers, and also know how to deliver it as performers. So it’s a coming of age piece, I think, in lots of ways. 3
Steve: It was about creating a film for the ear rather than the eye. 6
All well and good, but in order to join all the shorter pieces together, you’ve got to have shorter pieces laying around in the first place. We’ve got our intro in Lover’s Leap. So, uh...who’s got next?
Tony: I tend to remember on this album you’d come in with ideas: a riff or something like that. I mentioned the beginning of “Supper’s Ready” but it also applies to [The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man], which is another thing I’d written. In fact I’d written on guitar at university I think... So you had these kind of quite specific bits...and we had these quite big chunks that were all written by people… And then the individual bits that came in, we just developed them. I was very free with them. 3
Tony again, eh? And with another guitar-centric bit no less? Well this is starting to get very interesting indeed.
Tony: [The section] has simple chords but they sound nice on guitar... There are just lots of little bits that came together. 8
Tony may have written this on guitar, but the arrangement the section eventually received elevated it a cut above. Bass pedals, prancing keyboards, the soaring guitar figures...and of course, this section also marks the arrival of Phil’s drum kit, announcing itself with some tasteful and immersive cymbal work before diving in with a drum roll and one of his signature fills. The result is a sound that is heroic and grand, especially when compared to what came before. Another classic Genesis trick, that.
Tony: We’ve always worried a lot about pacing, perhaps more than most groups do. I mean, to us it’s very important. We spend a lot of time thinking about what order the tracks go in. We’ve always felt, and this was true of our long songs in the old days, that you can make a piece sound stronger by its position. I mean, we used to do like a loud piece against a quiet piece, or a slow piece against a fast piece. Some things are less obvious than that. Sometimes you are trying to increase the pace: you do a slow piece, followed by a slightly quicker one, followed by a very quick one. And you can manipulate people. A song like “Supper’s Ready”...was a series of sections, all of which I think felt stronger because of the bit that came on either side of it. 9
And why shouldn’t it be a grand, heroic entrance? This is, after all, the fanfare of The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man. He’s offering, well, guaranteed eternal sanctuary! What could be grander? What could be more heroic? When you hear the strength of this musical entry, it’s easy to get swept up in the majesty of it all. “I know a fireman who looks after the fire” is a good line, but an even better delivery. It has a kind of gravitational pull about it that earns your buy-in right from the outset.
It’s significant enough that the farmer only gets a pair of lines, both essentially the same, before he’s brushed aside musically and lyrically for the rest of the song: “Can’t you see he’s fooled you all?” And I think the point is that no, we can’t. Lover’s Leap was entrancing and romantic; this section is intoxicating and powerful. It feels right, like the culmination that was always meant to come. It’s enough that the sheer ridiculousness of the things this man is saying (e.g. “Look into my mouth!”) don’t really faze. We’re told he’s a trickster, but we don’t really care, because his theme music - his presentation, if you will - is too dang good. He’s even got a contingent of daggone backup singers! Where do I sign that lease again? Because I’m so there.
Steve: There’s more cynicism in the lyrics than people give credit for. People tend to take them so seriously. 10
Tony: It’s quite complex. It’s an excuse for a lot of fun with lyrics. It’s loosely based on the idea of a Second Coming, but it’s all a bit tongue in cheek. 10
Oh, the children! Look at the lost little children flocking to this guy! He must be the kindest of souls, him.
Speaking of children, it seems Genesis ended up having to do a little Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Manning themselves to get this thing on record the way it ended up. Hear those little street urchins on record? Always ones to endeavor for authenticity, Genesis went out and got actual street urchins to sing about keeping a little snake sad and warm. As reported in a contemporary interview...
For one sequence of “Supper’s Ready” they sent out for eight children off the streets...to sing a choral part, and paid them ten bob each for the privilege. 11
Half a British pound in 1972 could net you twenty candy bars, if my inflationary math is correct, so while I’m sure these kids felt like Genesis had done them right, it’s a bit of a sketchy lookback. Phil Collins, who played the Artful Dodger in two West End runs of the musical Oliver! should’ve known better, if nobody else. Ah well. When a gang of supersonic scientists come flashing shillings, what little tyke could say no?

III. Ikhnaton and Itsacon and Their Band of Merry Men

Who the lovers see clad in greys and purples, awaiting to be summoned out of the ground. At the G.E.S.M.’s command they put forth from the bowels of the earth, to attack all those without an up-to-date “Eternal Life License”, which were obtainable at the head office of the G.E.S.M.’s religion.
And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads. Revelation 9:3-4
Ikhnaton, or Akhenaten, was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who turned his back on the traditional Egyptian pantheon, altering (temporarily) his people’s culture from a polytheistic society to a monotheistic one, with the singular focus of worship here being the sun itself. So in the title of this section alone, we see a continuation of the theme of transformation that permeates this epic piece; invoking the name of this particular king of a bygone age signifies that the transformative power is entering an active rather than passive state. This shouldn’t be too surprising, given that the Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man just made a name for himself by promising a kind of transportation: that of the soul to the promised eternal sanctuary.
He’s joined by Itsacon, who is himself not an actual historical figure, but another warning in disguise: “It’s-a-con.” Not that anyone might actually be in sufficient frame of mind to smell all this out when these two are spilling out of the earth violently to annihilate anyone who doesn’t get with the program. Of course, our lovers aren't aware that any of this is in the works when the section begins, which is why it’s able to open so gently and pensively. That flute melody, a reprise of Lover’s Leap, is meant to reconnect the lovers to one another (“Did you see that, dear? What was all THAT about?”) but also to reflect on the merits of what they’ve heard. It’s them wrestling with whether to believe in the G.E.S.M., or the farmer whose warnings were quickly drowned out, or perhaps neither; they could still theoretically go their own way and ignore all of this.
In a way, the characters here are a mirror to Genesis with “Supper’s Ready” itself. This piece was anything but a sure thing, and they were still essentially finding tiny bits of music and mashing them up against one another, hoping for the best. So far so good, but there’s that constant nagging worry: will whatever’s next measure up?
Mike: We always started each album - I did - with a degree of trepidation. Excitement. A bit like, “Well, this is a new one, let’s see what we’ve got here.” But like, will it be good? Will it work? 3
Tony: This was the culmination of something… The strength of some of these songs is their length… If you do it right, you can tell a story within a song like that, and use the contrasts in the music. “Supper’s Ready” was lots of bits. 12
Ah, contrasts. That’s the ticket. We opened with a gentle if somewhat intense section, followed that with a happy, “up” kind of strong section, now a flute reprise of that initial gentle section again. So I guess...go heavy again? Heavier than the last one? Let’s try it!
Tony: We felt that we were underway, that we were heading somewhere different. Foxtrot was where we started, in my opinion, to become significant. 6
Listen to Phil’s drum part here. It’s a variation on the standard 2-4 snare beat pattern I’ve talked about repeatedly before, but the variation itself is significant. Here he snaps in before each beat, playing “and 2...and 4” in sequence under the words. The result is that the beat is maintained, but feels almost like it’s stumbling forward, about to fall down and fall apart at any moment. Now put with that feeling the imagery of a swarm of monstrous beings (perhaps human, but if so their actions make them monstrous all the same) pouring out of tunnels and other underground passages. Flooding into city streets. So many, and moving so rapidly, that they can’t help but trip over one another in their bloodlust.
It’s terrifying imagery, but the imagery itself isn’t the most terrifying part of this section. The real scare is that the music is so buoyant as all this is going on. “Bang bang bang” as bodies fall, but “I’m feeling good” all the same. This isn’t just a lyrical play; this is indeed a “feel-good” kind of section of music. Isn’t that just a little distressing? Tony Banks in 1986 would write lyrics in “Domino” calling out the way mankind revels in the horrific; Peter Gabriel covered that ground fourteen years earlier. It was just buried in the fantasy of a song with an awful lot of things going on, so it was easy to miss. Especially when the section also has a big guitar solo featuring some of Steve Hackett’s best tapping work.
Steve: On stage I tend not to use the guitar as a guitar, but rather as a voice in the oneness of sound. A lot of the time people say, “Where’s the guitar? I can’t hear it.” It’s more of a special effects department. 7
Once again, it’s a transformation at work: watch as the otherwise normal, generally moral human beings celebrate slaughter. The warlord who has just ordered something bordering on genocide now orders rejoicing and dancing in equal measure. Nobody seems to have any problem with this juxtaposition. Indeed, it again seems happy and right. It’s only when we contrast back to something more slow, quiet, and restrained that the weight of it all begins to sink in.
Mike: It’s funny looking back. The way it happened, it was never like you knew what you were doing, you know what I mean? We had a whole lot of bits, then we started sort of stringing them together… So it shows a bit more freedom. Because we tend to write songs much more compact. Lots of bits in it. Whereas this is a bit freer. You stay on a section for a bit longer and let things happen. 3
Phil: The music and imagery worked so strongly together. 6

IV. How Dare I Be So Beautiful?

In which our intrepid heroes investigate the aftermath of the battle and discover a solitary figure, obsessed by his own image. They witness an unusual transmutation, and are pulled into their own reflections in the water.
And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves. Revelation 11:7-9
If the title of this section seems to be in startling contradiction with the imagery it contains, well, that’s no mistake. This is the big ol’ “Oh no” moment of it all. Note that the “intrepid heroes,” the two lovers we met in the very first seconds of the song, have not been corrupted. They are witnesses to the battle and the ruin it’s left behind, but were not active participants on either side. Unfortunately, we listeners are not afforded the same luxury of being bystanders; Gabriel makes that all too clear when he tells us that the poor soul stamped “Human Bacon” is “you,” which is to say, us.
It’s not clear what “side” of the conflict this young figure was on, if any at all. It hardly seems to matter now, anyway. This is a conflict with no winners, it would seem. Just death and destruction on a massive scale, with no end in sight. Or, perhaps, with only The End in sight, bringing doom to all peoples. Rejoicing and dancing this ain’t.
So it’s important to talk here about the impact the audio engineering had on this piece. For starters, the guys in the band didn’t even register that they could “cheat” when they’d record the song until producer David Hitchcock clued them in.
Dave Hitchcock: [My value was in] explaining they didn’t need to play it all the way through to record it; that we could do it section by section, with crossfades and edits, then put it all together later. That allowed them to concentrate for the three or four minutes of each section and get the best possible performance, while also allowing them to bring in different sounds for each section, rather than playing it straight through with one long, homogenous sound. 5
This was hugely advantageous; a revelation in music recording for them. But it came with its share of drawbacks, too. For one, “Supper’s Ready” had no sense of cohesion in their minds. They could map out conceptually where it was going and try to imagine the various bits and pieces running up into one another, but rehearsing and playing it in fragmented form made all of that easier said than done.
Mike: I remember writing it and at the time we weren’t really paying that much attention to it. We were working on the Foxtrot album and we were worrying more about other tracks. We didn’t realize quite what we’d got. “Supper’s Ready” is very difficult to play all the way through. We pieced it together in the studio and slowly we became aware of what we had, and started recording it. We had no idea how long it was. We thought it was only 15 minutes long. 10
Tony: I think what I liked most about this song was that after writing it and sticking it all together we weren’t too sure, because all the elements had been done very piecemeal and the first half of the song had been a bit traumatic, because that was when we’d changed the producer and engineer. We finally heard the whole piece back and thought, “This is fantastic.” 2
Yes, see, that’s the other part of this equation. Foxtrot had a difficult production cycle, with Nursery Cryme producer John Anthony proving too expensive for another go, and replacement producer Bob Potter not actually liking the band’s music. So they kept Potter’s audio engineer and brought in a guy named Tony Platt, who was soon also fired for not getting along with everyone. Finally Dave Hitchcock came in, who Tony didn’t care for but someone had to produce the dang thing. And then they decided they’d had enough of the old Potter engineer and sacked him, too.
Tony: We recorded the first half of “Supper’s Ready” with this other engineer, [Bob Johnston]. And then we got this other guy; John Burns came in as the next engineer and we finished off the song with him, and did the rest of the album with him. 3
Transformations on top of transformations. Not that even this happened smoothly; the switch in engineers occurred in conjunction with the band having to abandon the recording process entirely in order to go play some shows in Italy.
Tony: The latter stages of “Supper’s Ready” we pretty much produced ourselves with [engineer] John Burns. David Hitchcock was there but he wasn’t very important. That’s why we didn’t use him again after that. The album was very fragmented anyhow. We did an Italian tour in the middle of making it. 12
Steve: I remember flying back from Italy to be [at the studio] a day or two ahead of the others, who were travelling by road, just to finish off my guitar parts over the end of “Supper’s Ready”. 6
Tony hates flying, you see.
In any case, you’ve got what is by now an eleven-minute song - longer already than both spiritual predecessors “Stagnation” and “The Musical Box” - and though it’s had some good contrasts, it also hasn’t totally gone anywhere. Not anywhere that would produce a satisfying climax, that is. I guess that means it’s time for the grand ending to be developed, right? Some big organ bits like on those other two tracks, big major key things, round this thing off by the 13 minute mark maybe, yeah? That sounds good. And also...familiar…
Tony: It was sounding really good, and we were carrying on. And it was developing, doing little tinkly bits after that and all the rest of it, a few vocal bits. And I thought, “If we do this, it could just be ending up sounding exactly like ‘Musical Box’ if we’re not careful.” So I said, “Well let’s just stop the song…” - we had a really romantic bit - “Let’s just stop the song now and go straight into this other piece we have,”...this thing that Peter had written. I said, “Let’s just go in there. You’ve got this really pretty bit, this really ugly chord sequence suddenly coming in after that...should sound great!” And so we did that. 3
That’s a pretty brave move. You have something going and you admit it’s building nicely, but even though you're feeling good, something tells you you'd better activate your other song? So instead of developing or even rewriting any of what you have, you’re going to simply leave it where it is, cut it off completely, and go into something completely different? Are you sure?
Steve: I can’t remember whose idea it was, but we came to the conclusion that you could join any two bits of music together, no matter how disparate the styles, provided the bridge or atmospheric link was strong enough. It creates for the listener an adventure, an odyssey. You’ve got the stuff of concertos and symphonies, which nod to the past, but it was also futuristic at that point. Bands just weren’t creating pieces of music like that. I think it was then the longest piece that any rock band had ever played live. 6
Tony: “Supper’s Ready” was sounding quite pretty so I made a suggestion: “Why don’t we stop the song there, and just whang into Willow Farm to see what it sounds like?” Because I always like contrast. We all decided that sounded good and when it came to doing the vocals and lyric on it Pete, in the gap, said, “A flower?” Which was great, because it set up the contrast between what had been an ultra-romantic moment and what was about to come up, which was anything but. It’s a key little moment. 2
A flower?
<continued here in Part 2>
1. Mike Rutherford - The Living Years
2. Genesis: Chapter & Verse
3. 2008 Box Set
4. Rockline, 1986
5. Louder, 2016
6. Louder, 2017
7. Melody Maker, 1973
8. The Waiting Room, 1994
9. The Meldrum Tapes, 1986
10. NME, 1977
11. Sounds, 1972
12. Trouser Press, 1982
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2020.10.01 14:28 SharkTheOrk Why dwarves as Chicanos doesn't work, except when it does,

The term Chicano has a long rich history which I would commend anyone to study. For now, I'll summarize it by saying it means an American of Mexican descent.
In the Sixth World, this means more or less the same thing. Except it stands to reason that it applies to anyone in what was formerly America as well. Tir Tairngire, California Free State, and the NAN.
In real life, every Chicano I've met has been just fine with being referred to as Mexican. The Sixth World isn't real life and Mexico isn't a thing anymore. There is only Aztlan and Aztechnology. So where does this leave someone's identity in America? I can only extrapolate and I would enjoy any Mexicans or Chicanos to add their own input as well.
In Aztlan proper, most Chicanos would likely adhere to Aztlan culture and life. They would have little choice even if they wanted because they would be submerged in the society that is engineered to brainwash people to conform to the corporate identity sold to them. There would be one exception, though: The Catholic.
Aztlanders practice Path of the Sun if they practice any religion. Catholics exist, they just exist in secret. Turns out, despite both of them being faiths based on blood magic, Aztechnology doesn't want it's people into something it can't control. And somewhere out there in Aztlan is a runner with rosary beads because his abuela brought him to the homeland for a better life.
Outside of Aztlan however Catholics are mostly free to practice their faith. Which doesn't just consist of Chicanos, but Irish, Italians, and others as well. Broadly speaking, across North America, this is one of the unifying threads of the Mafia. Historically, the Mafia was specifically Italian, in the Sixth World they've since opened up to other people. Naturally, having that one cultural thread in common helps people get along.
For the rest of North America, there is a stereotypical trope of many Chicanos being undocumented citizens or children of undocumented citizens. The stereotype becomes the opposite in the Sixth World. You just assume that brown skin guy just works for Aztechnology. Undocumented citizens specifically are a major issue in the Sixth World. I imagine it would be wise of Aztechnology to provide SINs to Chicanos so they can have "people on the inside" when they seek to expand their market. Aztechnology would appeal to their Aztec heritage, naturally. This technique would fail for those who choose Catholicism. Your primitive blood sucking gods are no match for our crucified bleeding god.
I imagine the way they'd operate throughout North America would be the same regardless of the country. Mostly because Mexicans naturally play by their own rules and have no reason to change without outside pressure. Which quite frankly, the shattering of a world superpower just isn't enough to break up the Chicano nuclear family.
Dwarves by contrast... are none of these things. They have no history, they just showed up one day. They have no culture, they adopt the culture they were born into. They have no religion, no language, not even a type of food to call their own. So logically, dwarves aren't even remotely Mexican. Except when they are.
So once upon a time there was this dwarf runner. He was on a job to negotiate with the Latin Kings. Just a meet and greet, get them open to more negotiations with their mutual fixer. When the leader of the Latin Kings saw the dwarf runner crack a smile.
"What are you smiling at, foo'?" He asks.
The dwarf laughs, "Oh, I just thought of a funny joke. How is a dwarf like a Mexican?"
The Latin King leader was confused, "You think this is funny?"
"You wanna beer?" the dwarf asks.
"If you offerin'. Tienes cerveza?"
The dwarf pulls out two six packs. "Of course I do, I'm a dwarf. We always got beer on us."
"Sounds like a good policy. Guess we do the same, too. Groot over here always packin' cerveza. Aint that right, Groot?"
The tall bark skinned elf behind him nodded pulling out a beer saying, "Yo soy Groot."
The dwarf gave the Latin King leader one six pack. "Mexicans exist in their own enclaves. They have their own neighborhoods, their own identity, separate from whatever city or nation they live in. That Mexican family down south in the CAS is eating flour tortilla soft tacos with cilantro same as that family in Tir Tairngire. Neither speaking English or Sperethiel, just Spanish."
"That's right. We got traditions. We take care of each other."
"You don't need Aztechnology to tell you who you are."
The leader nods. "Taco Temple is for the gilipollas. We get our stuffers from the taco truck down the street."
They both finished the first beer, "Good tacos, just came from there. Gutierraz, right? Good man. Dwarves do the same thing, y'know. We tend to adopt the trappings of our native country, being a UCAS boy myself I love a soyburger soaked in maple syrup. But when I buy one, I don't get it from the Stuffer Shack, a subsidiary of Aztechnology by the way might wanna boycott it, I buy it from a fellow dwarf. We're family, we take care of each other."
"Yo soy Groot." the bark skinned elf interjected.
The Latin King leader considers it for a moment. "I guess that's true. What else our peoples got in common?"
"We love our mothers."
He dismisses that. "We all love our mothers."
They both finish the second beer, "Please, I know a dozen corporate wage slaves that would sell their mother out to keep their bank account in the black. We love our mothers because we take care of them, we don't put them in homes and let them rot. We don't sacrifice them for the bottom line. We love our mothers, we also fear our mothers. Only while the Mexican is scared of nun-chuck flip flops, dwarves get whacked with the backside of an axe. I remember when I was a kid doing science experiments and blew up the bathtub, my mother beat me so fierce I looked like I goblinized."
"Elsí. I blew up the oven as a kid trying to hack my commlink. My face look like I fell down in front of the opening to a Maria Mercurial concert."
"Mercurial? She still around?"
"Nah, foo'. She oldies, that's the stuff mi mamá listen to."
"Huh... anyway. Our women both look good with facial hair."
They both finish the third beer. The leader cocks his head with an aggressive look on his face. "We just got done talking about mamas and wanna throw down static?"
The dwarf pulls up a picture in AR from his commlink. It's a portrait of Frida Kahlo. "This woman, Frida Kahlo, famous Mexican artist, I'll assume you're familiar with her work. She had a moustache. She wasn't ashamed of it. And if you don't mind me saying, I think it's a good look. I would argue that dwarf women have the superior facial hair. My wife has a full beard."
The leader tries to suppress a smile, "Ayyo, I'll take your word for that."
"I can continue. When we work, we can build anything. Your people constructed the Fifth World, my people engineered the Sixth World. When we do crime, we both use underground tunnels. If we're doing nothing at all, we're at least taking pride in our appearance. I brush my beard thrice a night. Might I add, those are some finely creased Dickies you got on."
"Damn right foo', they call my wardrobe fresco style."
"Yo soy Groot." the bark skinned elf added.
"Well they should."
They both finish the fourth beer. The dwarf goes on, "If we fall in battle, our women will take up arms in our name. We're traditional conservatives, though. Our men work at jobs and make money, our women work at home and make love. And when it comes to money, we spend our wealth on things built to last. Which, with the fake products corporations sell, isn't easy to find. So when we find something like good shoes, we want it to last. We both rub our elbows because we're crawling on the floor to save the leather on our shoes. Really, it's the cheap corporations. We're dwarves, we're Mexicans, we want to build things to last. Look at you, a Latin King. Your gang gotta be a hundred years old by now."
"It's a long tradition. You right, we built to last."
"If we get captured, we don't say nothing. The only nut tougher to crack than a dwarf is a Mexican banger."
"Because our word means something."
"Exactly. Which is why I'm here. You've been to my fixer. Hernandez, he's a chicano dwarf. He's both our people. You came to him for help and he gave you a team of dwarves. He wants to maintain business. He wants some of your people to work with him when he has runs that need filled. I give you my word, they'll be treated fairly as runners. It's dangerous work, but they'll get paid. It's good money for you, and good business for him."
The bark skinned elf put a hand on the Latino King's shoulder, "Yo soy Groot."
The Latino King gave a solemn nod, "Good point. Alright, dwarf. Looks like you got a volunteer here. Try finding work for a tree guy. I'll have the names of a few more for you later. Hey, y'know you not the pendejo I took you for at first. You not half bad."
They both finish the fifth beer. "Good, glad we got that out of our way. Now back to the joke."
"That wasn't the joke?"
"No, that was a negotiation roll. This one is etiquette. How is a dwarf like a Mexican?"
"We both headbutt people in the nuts who make fun of our height."
And it was then the Latino King leader noticed he was standing up and looking the dwarf in the eye the whole time. He laughed. They finish the last beers.
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2020.10.01 13:08 XMG_gg [Launch] XMG DJ 15 - Meet your new DJ laptop

[Launch] XMG DJ 15 - Meet your new DJ laptop
Dear Reddit,
today we are proud to launch the first installment in our new Made to Create line-up! It's the first XMG product that does not have a dedicated graphics and it's truly something special!

XMG DJ 15 – Meet your new DJ laptop!

The XMG DJ 15 is a machine designed, optimized and tested specifically for digital DJing. 10th-generation intel processors offer more than enough power to run your favourite DJ software with all its features. It comes with three USB ports (2x USB 3.2 and 1x USB 2.0 for backwards compatibility with older peripherals) plus a USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 combo port, an RJ45 Ethernet port and an SD card reader, as well as full-size HDMI and a Mini DisplayPort.
The machine is available in two colours: classic silver or an eye-catching red? The choice is yours.

Press Reports

Let's have a look at the launch articles first:

Product Reviews

And now, without further ado:

XMG DJ 15 Product Introduction Video & Multi-DJ Stress Test

Our man Ray Arkaei takes center stage introducing our latest cooperation. Please leave some likes and comments to show your support! :-)
Krass, wie voll der Bildschirm ist! Nee, aber echt jetzt mal.
Let's follow up with some copytext:

Flawless performance out of the box

We like our drops without dropouts, so we’ve picked components that won’t cause high DPC latency in the first place. Forget about having to turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to keep things running stable either! It’s all in the hardware – combined with our sleek, completely bloatware-free Windows 10 Pro install with a few essential tweaks baked right in, you won’t have to waste precious time optimizing the system. Just install your DJ software of choice, migrate your library and you’re ready to go.

Made to create

The “Made to Create” label means that we’ve thoroughly tested the machine according to the way you’re going to want to use it – in this case, with various DJ controllers and mixers, running most commonly used DJ software: Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox and Virtual DJ are right at home here. You can also easily work on simple DAW projects, like your own edits and mashups in Ableton Live.

By DJs for DJs

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask an actual DJ about DJ-specific things? We think so, too. Luckily, our lead tester and support guy is one of the nerdiest, techiest DJ-producer-VJ hybrids on the planet, and he loves to help people figure stuff out. Just shoot an e-mail to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and you will be taken care of.

Wait, does this sound familiar...?

Yep, you got that right. XMG DJ 15 is a re-launch of our previously known SCHENKER AUDIO Editions. We figured that we would have much more international success if we bring these machines and services under a modern brand with a broad market appeal.
How does it work?
We already explained some things in this older thread, but let me go over some of the highlights again:
Firmware and operating system: hard, but flexible
There are extensive instructions on the Internet on how to harden your Windows against DPC spikes, annoying energy-saving interruptions, bottlenecks with I / O and SSD and other unpleasant surprises.
We have implemented tweaks that actually bring a stability and performance advantage without restricting essential functionality.
The additional firmware options can increase performance, limit compatibility problems and harden the device even more in certain applications.
Windows optimizations
  • Screen saver and disk indexing disabled
  • Latest firmware and drivers on delivery, energy profiles "Balanced" and "High-performance mode" adapted in Windows 10
  • USB Power Management is deactivated in "high performance mode"
  • Processor scheduling optimized
Flexibility in firmware
  • Hyperthreading (SMT) and TurboBoost can be deactivated if necessary
  • SpeedShift can also be deactivated - also affects C-State Transitions
  • Deactivation of SGX and Intel Management Engine
  • Deactivation of webcam, internal audio chipset, wifi and Bluetooth
  • Permanent, custom undervolting of CPU and iGPU
The Windows tweaks also automatically apply to newly created user profiles and are also used immediately in the event of a system recovery (Windows Recovery).

Our man behind XMG DJ and Made to Create

Ray Arkaei is our partner for XMG DJ and Made to Create. Arkaei significantly supports us in selecting the hardware for this project, testing the optimized firmware and maintaining the hardened Windows image. He also is primarily responsible for the promotion of the associated products, buying recommendations consultations and 3rd level customer support for audio users. (1st level is regular support team, 2nd level is often just Tom and his anonymous friends.)
Arkaei, who?
Arkaei is an artist with a fearless approach to the wonders of technology. He has won the German DJ championship several times in the IDA and BeatBattle competitions and goes far beyond their traditional rules. He creates interactive visualizations with 3D sensors so that the audience can help shape their show. He has been on the editorial board of the renowned British technology blog DJWORX for years and works as a consultant with various companies in the pro audio and computer industry. His customers include Intel, Red Bull and Native Instruments.
Yes, it's a laser harp!

XMG DJ 15 on bestware

Bestware is the official BTO online shop of XMG. If you buy on bestware, you buy directly at the source. Configure and buy your own XMG DJ 15 in two different colors under these links:
You can also find product information on XMG DJ 15 on xmg.gg

Your feedback, please!

If you are a music producer or DJ and you need the best machines for your job - please consider to give us some feedback. We already know that we have many audio professionals here in this subreddit. Please understand that not every laptop is equally capable to be optimized for stable and low DPC latency in all situations - no matter what you throw at it. We cannot yet reveal if products like FUSION 15 or KEY 15 are going to be launched under the Made to Create brand. The testing is still going on.
Also, we don't have any immediate plans to launch 11th Gen Intel Core (Tiger Lake) or AMD CPU models in the Made to Create brand. This series is all about the maturity of the hardware, firmware and drivers. For Tiger Lake we haven't even started testing it under real-time audio conditions and for AMD models, the currently limited CPU supply does not allow us to launch models like VIA 15 Pro and XMG CORE under another such marketing push, plus the lack of Thunderbolt in AMD would be kind of a bummer for Audio users.
For now, we want to let XMG DJ 15 shine which has passed all the tests with flying color and that has already been sold to countless happy customers under its former SLIM 15 (Audio-Edition) name.
If you have any comments, questions and suggestions, please let us know in the comments!
// Tom
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2020.10.01 12:40 J-Midori When I Was The Most Beautiful [Episodes 23 & 24]

Drama: When I Was The Most Beautiful
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2020.10.01 11:31 QuackNate Incident Report: The Safe. 16 June, 1993

Below is a compilation of transcripts from phone calls, conversations, security logs, 911 dispatch logs, and other various sources regarding “The Safe” incident in Maine. The incident took place on June 16th, 1993. The subsequent investigation is currently closed, pending new evidence.
Involved parties:
Jason and Pamela Flintlocke. Owners of the home at 142 St, , Maine . They bought the home in 1987. No criminal record for either, no history of drug or alcohol abuse, no indication of psychosis or any kind of depreciated mental faculty.
Distribution Co.: The supplier listed on the delivery label for the safe. They have no record of sale for the Flintlocke’s and no record of shipping anything to their address from any of the company warehouses. Furthermore, their catalog doesn’t even include safes.
Armory: The manufacturer of the safe. The model and serial number of the safe were worn off. They didn’t appear to have been filed off. The safe itself, while structurally sound, was badly weather damaged. The manufacturer’s name was the only thing legible on the outside.
Call log between homeowner, Jason Flintlocke, and Martin from Distribution.
Call placed 6-16-1993, 07:31am EST
Martin: Thank you for calling Distribution. My name is Martin, how can I help you?
Jason: Yeah, um. We had a safe delivered this morning? We didn’t order it.
Martin: Okay, can I have you name, please?
Jason: Jason Flintlocke.
Martin: And your address?
Jason: Yeah, sure. It’s 143 Maine,
Martin: Okay, let me look that up. I’m, uh… not showing any orders from you, or anything shipped to that address.
Jason: Well, I mean. It’s a pretty big safe. Kind of old looking. Has to have cost someone a pretty penny.
Martin: We don’t typically stock safes. Do you have the model number?
Jason: Let me check, hold on. No, model number is worn off.
Martin: I’m sorry?
Jason: There’s like, a little plate on the back, looks like it had some information like that. But it’s all worn down and tarnished to hell. Can’t make anything out. All I can tell you is that it’s about seven feet tall, including the legs, kind of a faded green color, and has Armory stenciled on the front.
Martin: Let me check on that. We don’t sell anything from that manufacturer, or really any safes. Especially nothing that large.
Jason: Well someone from your company shipped it.
Martin: Is there an order number or tracking number on the packing slip?
Jason: No, no slip. The guy that dropped it off mentioned it shipped from you guys.
Martin: Alright, huh. Well, I’m sorry to say it, but without more info I don’t think I’m going to be able to help you. I’d contact the manufacturer to see if you can learn anything more about it. They might be able to track it down.
Jason: Ehhhhhh, alright. Thanks.
Martin: No problem, sir. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.
Jason: Don’t worry about. Have a good one.
Martin: You as well, sir.

Call log between homeowner Jason Flintlocke and Jessica from Armory.
Call placed 6-16-1993, 7:58am EST
Jessica: Armory, this is Jessica. What can I help you with?
Jason: Yeah. Hi, Jessica. One of your safes was delivered to my home and I’m trying to track down who sent it, or where it came from.
Jessica: Okay, do you have the serial number? It should be on a plate, either on the back or left side as you’re looking at the door.
Jason: The plate is on the back, but all the info on it is worn off.
Jessica: Well, that’s certainly going to make it more difficult. Can you describe the safe?
Jason: Yeah, it’s uh… about seven feet tall, has four fairly ornate legs. They look like dragon legs or something. It’s kind of a faded green, has your company’s name stenciled diagonally across the front, kind of a…
Jessica: That doesn’t match any of our current models. We haven’t made a safe that big, Well, not including the legs. How tall would it be without the legs.
Jason: Around six feet, I guess. Probably three, three and a half feet wide.
Jessica: We only have one model that big, and we just started selling it this year.
Jason: Well this thing looks like it’s a hundred years old, minimum.
Jessica: We’ve only been in business seven years, sir. Also, the only safe we make that size is matte black and has the company logo written in a decorative font across the top of the door, not stenciled diagonally across the whole front.
Jason: I’m just telling you what I see.
Jessica: Where is the dial located?
Jason: Dead center on the door.
Jessica: All of our dials, on every model, are off-set closer to the right side of the door, and usually closer to the top. I don’t think that’s one of ours.
Jason: Ugh, alright. Thanks.

Call logs between homeowners Jason and Pamela Flintlocke. Pamela is calling Jason on his work phone at from their home phone.
Call placed 6-16-1993, 10:12am EST
Jason: Hello?
Pamela: Hey, babe. Sorry to bug you at work. Did you find out who sent us that safe?
Jason: No, the distributor and manufacturer were both dead ends.
Pamela: We need to get it out of the living room, at least.
Jason: Yeah, I know. I’ll move it to the garage tonight.
Pamela: It’s so weird.
Jason: Yeah, don’t mess with it or anything, okay? We don’t know anything about it.
Pamela: No worries. It kind of freaks me out.
Jason: Yeah, no kidding. I’m gonna leave work early, alright? I should be home by two or so.
Pamela: You don’t have to…
Jason: Nah, I can’t concentrate on work. I gotta get that stupid thing taken care of.
Pamela: Alright. Well, see you when you get home, then.
Jason: Love you, see you soon.
Pamela: Love you! Byeeeee!

Call logs between homeowners Jason and Pamela Flintlocke. Pamela is calling Jason on his work phone at from their home phone.
Call placed 6-16-1993, 12:23pm EST
Jason: Hello?
Pamela: Hey, hon. Can you hurry home?
Jason: Yeah, what’s up?
Pamela: Nothing, it’s stupid. Just…
Jason: What happened?
Pamela: I thought I heard a… I don’t know, knocking sound. From the safe.
Jason: From inside it?
Pamela: I don’t know. It might have just been the house settling, it’s probably nothing. I’m just freaking out a little.
Jason: Alright, I’m leaving now. See you in about ten minutes.
Pamela: Alright, thanks.
Jason: Love you.
Pamela: Love you.

Armory internal security call. Unknown parties.
Call placed 6-16-1993, 12:27pm EST
Man 1: Hey, I just got a report from customer service about a safe in Maine.
Man 2: What’s going on?
Man 1: Guy called in, said a safe was delivered. Had out name stenciled on it, but the description didn’t match our current line, or anything we’ve made.
Man 2: Weird.
Man 1: Not even the weird part. The description he gave perfectly describes next year’s six by three model. Like, exactly. Down to the weird legs the boss keeps insisting we put on there.
Man 2: How many prototypes have we made?
Man 1: That’s just it. None. We’re planning on putting the first one together here in a couple months. That thing shouldn’t exist.
Man 2: Think someone leaked the design? Someone made a knock off?
Man 1: Gotta be.
Man 2: Alright, I’ll start sifting emails again.
Man 1: I’ll start looking at phone logs.
Man 2: Good times.
Man 1: Yep.

911 dispatch call log, Maine. Call originated from the Flintlocke’s home.
Call placed 6-16-1993, 12:45pm
Dispatcher: 911, what’s your emergency.
Jason: Yeah, Hi! I need someone out here quick! I think my wife is trapped inside a safe!
Dispatcher: Inside a safe?
Jason: Yeah, just, send someone quick! 143 Street. Fire department or someone! Someone with some tools just please hurry!
Dispatcher: Okay, sir. How did your wife…
Jason: I DON’T KNOW! Can you please just get someone over here?
Dispatcher: One second, sir. Okay, sir? Fire and Rescue is en route. They said about five minutes. Can you tell me what…
Jason: I don’t know what happened! I just got home, couldn’t find my wife. Next thing I know there’s this banging from inside the safe, and I can hear her screaming in there. Please, just, get them here quick.
Dispatcher: Yes sir. If you will please stay on the line, I will touch base with them and explain the situation.
Jason: Thanks, thanks. Sorry, just…
Dispatcher: I understand sir. Please hang on the line, I’ll be right back.

Dispatch log, county Fire and Rescue.
Dispatch placed 6-16-1993, 12:46pm EST
Dispatch: Dispatch to Fire three, copy.
Fire 3: This is Fire three, copy. What’chya got for us?
Dispatch: There is a woman at 143 Street, zip code is… . Apparently trapped inside a large safe. Copy?
Fire 3: A safe? Man, something new every day. Okay, let’s see… We’re about five minutes out. On our way. Over.
Dispatch: Thanks, over and out.

911 dispatch call log, Maine. Call originated from the Flintlocke’s home.
Call placed 6-16-1993, 12:45pm (Continued, 12:51pm)
Dispatcher: Sir, is Fire and Rescue on site yet?
Jason: Yeah, yeah. They just got here. Hang on, honey! We’ll get you out real quick! Jesus, she’s really losing it in there.
Dispatcher: Okay, sir. I need you to follow Fire and Rescue’s commands, okay? They’re trained, they know what to do. I don’t want you to get in their way, okay? Can you do that?
Jason: Yeah, yeah. Okay. I’m gonna hang up, I guess?
Dispatcher: That’s fine. I have an open line to Fire three. They’re the ones at your house, okay?
Jason: Okay, thanks.

Dispatch log, county Fire and Rescue.
Dispatch placed 6-16-1993, 12:46pm EST (Dispatch continues, 1:03pm)
Fire 3: Dispatch, this is Fire three, copy?
Dispatch: Dispatch, copy.
Fire 3: Yeah, our jaws just broke on this safe. Is truck two available?
Dispatch: They broke?
Fire 3: Yeah, truck two?
Dispatch: Truck two… Yeah, they’re clear. I’ll send them.
Fire 3: Thanks, and hurry. This lady is going nuts in there. Not that I blame her.
Dispatch: Dispatch to Fire two, copy?
Fire 2: Fire two, copy.
Dispatch: I need you to head to 143 . Fire three has broken their jaws of life trying to open a safe, woman trapped inside.
Fire 2: They broke their jaws? How?
Dispatch: Unclear. Woman is in distress, please hurry.
Fire 2: Okay, we’re on the way. About five minutes out. Over
Dispatch: Copy, over and out. Fire three, copy?
Fire 3: Fire three, copy.
Dispatch: Fire two is on the way, ETA five minutes. Over.
Fire 3: Five minutes, copy. Thanks. Over and out.

Call logs between homeowners Jason and Pamela Flintlocke. Pamela is calling Jason from her parent’s house.
Call placed 6-16-1993, 1:32pm EST
Jason: Hello?
Pamela: Hey babe, where are you?
Jason: Pam? PAM!?
Pamela: Yeah…
Jason: Oh Jesus, where are you!?
Pamela: At my mom’s house, where you told me to go.
Jason: What!? I never… What? When?
Pamela: I know it’s been a weird day, but you remember, about eleven? You called, said I should head to my mom’s? You were worried about something with the safe? I don’t know. Said you’d meet me here after work.
Jason: No, I… Okay, stay there. I… I need to call you back. I love you.
Pamela: What’s going on?
Jason: I don’t know, it’s weird.
Pamela: What’s all that background noise?
Jason: I’ll tell you all about it later. I’ll meet you there. Love you.
Pamela: Okay… Bye, I guess? Love you.

Dispatch log, county Fire and Rescue.
Dispatch placed 6-16-1993, 12:46pm EST (Dispatch continues, 1:33pm)
Fire 3: Dispatch, Fire three, copy.
Dispatch: Dispatch, copy. Go ahead, Fire three.
Fire 3: Yeah, it looks like Fire two just about has the safe open. You should probably have an ambulance start heading this way, just in case. Woman inside stopped pounding on the safe, but she’s been screaming non-stop for a while.
Jason : Stop! Don’t open the safe!
Fire 3: Sir, back up, please. We’re almost done.
Jason : You don’t understand, it’s not my wife in there!
Fire 3: Sir, stand back. If it’s not your wife, then it’s someone else. We’re opening that safe. Fire two, you guys almost done?
Fire 2 : Yeah, almost got it.
Dispatch: What’s going on, Fire three?
Fire 3: The husband just started freaking out. Trying to get us to stop. I got Benson holding him in the kitchen now. Oh, looks like Fire two… What the fuck?
Dispatch: Fire three, repeat. Is the safe open? Is the woman okay? Fire three? Hello?
Fire 3:
Dispatch: Fire three? Hello? Fire two, copy. Fire two. Jesus. Dispatch to all cars, is anyone in the vicinity of ?
Car 9: Dispatch, this is car nine. I’m close.
Dispatch: I just lost contact with Fire three and two at 143 . I got a weird feeling, can you check it out?
Car 9: On my way, over.

Message on homeowner’s answering machine.
Message left 6-16-1993, 2:27pm
Pamela: Hey, hon. Where are you? What’s going on? If you’re home could you just pick up, please? Hello? Alright, well. We got dinner…Oh, there you are. What took you so lo-

Dispatch log, county Fire and Rescue.
Dispatch placed 6-16-1993, 12:46pm EST (Dispatch continues, 1:42pm)
Car 9: Holy shit, Dispatch!
Dispatch: Dispatch, go ahead.
Car 9: Send everyone! We’ve got bodies here!
Dispatch: I’m sorry? At 143 ?
Car 9: Yeah, it’s like a bomb went off in here or something! Jesus!
Dispatch: They were trying to open a safe, should have been in the living room. Is that what detonated?
Car 9: No, not an actual… What safe? There’s nothing but shredded up… Oh god, is this… Fire three? And two? Holy shit…
Dispatch: Car 9, I’m calling in back up. Hold tight.
Car 9: Jesus fucking Christ… There’s parts hanging from the ceiling…
Dispatch: Car 9, get safe, copy?

The body of Jason Flintlocke was identified among the remains at the house at 143 along with the full crew of Fire 2 and Fire 3. The bodies were extremely mutilated, so identification took some time. The wife, Pamela Flintlocke, was not among them, however. Officers went to her parent’s home to follow up but got no answer. After two days of no response, the door was forced open. Neither Pamela nor her parents were in the home. But in the center of the living room the first responders found a large safe.
The safe was removed by a government agency two weeks later. I was told I was not allowed to name them in
the report.
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2020.10.01 10:21 Meshootka Want new Cotton Candy Gale skin? Vote for us! Please

Want new Cotton Candy Gale skin? Vote for us! Please
Cotton Candy Man - is a new sweet skin for the old buddy Gale. He is a confectionery owner who loves the holidays! He goes out on the festive streets and shoots around with sweet cotton on a stick. Please, follow this link to support us https://make.supercell.com/en/creation/cotton-candy-man?fbclid=IwAR16uvgKrkqY2RbdJFX9D_09_QlkiMpNiUYpZQkYMRXHn86Vyy5zlS8OSlY
Huge thanks ) Lets brawl! #brawlstarsukraine #brawlstars #supercellmake #characterdesign #conceptart #brawler
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2020.10.01 10:00 tvalvi001 This Is Not a Film (2011)

Directors: Jafar Panahi & Mojtaba Mirtahmasb
I’ve been blessed in a way by 2020, The year of stopped time, of perpetual self imposed house arrest, due to a world pandemic that seized a lot of my life as I knew it.
You know, the ease of believing that tomorrow I would do this, and the next day I’d do that, and my future felt endless. The future of my past seemed to blend with my present, and then I knew I had tomorrow. God!
I had ideas of what my life was to be. That’s all I had, just a faint idea of my life that I was probably not going to get to, because I just wasn’t. Leave it to a fucking pandemic to stop me from being on a meaningless trajectory. No, it wasn’t even that. It was a plateau if anything!
This Is Not a Film is the documentary film I needed. I needed this movie more than any other movie I have seen this year. It reminded me of just how precious the time we have is, regardless of anything. Jafar Panahi knew this and he got creative, like seriously creative.
I would recommend doing a quick Wikipedia search on Jafar Panahi for some context on his life and his motives for this film. I didn’t know much about him before I watched it, so I had very little context to go with. And this usually serves my enjoyment because I like going in blind to a movie. But it could serve you, and it wouldn’t rob you of any enjoyment I promise.
Mr. Panahi can’t leave his house for he is under strict orders by the Iranian government to remain at home. Yes, house arrest. But not just that alone. He is under no circumstances allowed to be involved in anything remote close to making a movie. He can’t direct, he can’t edit, he can’t do anything a Director is supposed to do. Otherwise he is in violation and that’s forbidden.
What’s at stake. 20 year ban from filmmaking. 20 year ban from anything he loves to do. And also, he can’t leave his country to go practice his passions. Fuck!
So, he does what any smart person would do; find your loopholes and jump the fuck through them!
He wasn’t banned from reading a screenplay he wrote. He wasn’t banned from being filmed as long as he isn’t giving directions to the camera. He isn’t banned from imagining his life’s work and describing it out loud. He isn’t banned from blocking out a scene in his living room and describing what he imagined.
He isn’t banned from experiencing the magnitude of his passion unfold as he sees his work play out in his mind, and he isn’t banned from doing what a great director does best, which is show us the emotion. Which is amazing because he tells, and he shows. You have to see it to understand.
He wasn’t told to keep quiet as a living breathing man, alive and well. He was just ordered to keep quiet as a filmmaker. He was censored in his country and he will face serious consequences that we spoiled western societies just won’t fathom.
This Is Not a Film pulls you in because of this charismatic man. He’s not the towering persona of directors and how they’re perceived. He’s not very tall, he does mundane things that we all do at home. He makes phones calls and we get insight into his predicament. He eats toast and feeds his daughters pet iguana. But we come to find out this man has vision. If not from his obvious plan to make this movie under the sly guise of him being the subject under direction, when in reality he is completely in control of the whole movie. It’s evident, and it’s subtle and it’s brilliant.
There are moments when Panahi shows us clips of his past movies and gives us his heartfelt anecdotes of his experiences in directing his actors, in discovering his own directorial voice, and how he learned more about his filmmaking art form, from all the things he had no directing control over.
Here is a man telling us that he had no control over certain things and now he is in total control of his narrative. He shows us examples and he describes his processes with clarity and honesty. He isn’t concerned with coming off as an intellectual or anything. He just wants to be honest with us and himself.
And this self honesty is what pulled me in. Panahi dives deep into his situation, he has contemplated all the “what if” scenarios and he goes all in. We discover what moves him as a filmmaker, we discover along with him what his deep philosophical meaning of cinema is and it’s these moments that I savored.
This year I’ve watched a lot of movies. I’ve seen some shitty ones, that I won’t ever watch again. But I’ve also seen some really good movies that have inspired me to believe that cinema is still the greatest art form, and this movie stand tall and is immediately moved high on my favorites list.
I’ve become very fond of documentaries. More so than ever before because there is something special about non-fiction storytelling that grabs me. I mean, if a real life situation can yield a cinematic story like Mr. Panahi’s then I’m all in. I like the way real life can be cinematic. After all, life is the grand spectrum of all cinema, it’s what draws us to movies.
Fictional movies are still great, and they’re always going to be important to me. They reflect my life and my experience. They do it in way that, with fiction, they are able to expand my realities. All movies give me a way to see my life clearer. That’s what movies do to me. It’s why I love the movies.
But real life does this too. This movie gives me a sense of understanding the importance of my life (and we should all have a sense of our importance, but that’s another topic for a whole other discussion). This movie helps me understand my need to go all in.
I am not under house arrest. I can leave my house. I have that choice. I won’t be imprisoned if I go out to buy a meal. I won’t be put in prison if I get a camera and shoot a scene on my street. I have nothing holding me back from achieving my dreams and my passions to the fullest. Even though 2020 makes me feel otherwise sometimes.
And even in house arrest, Mr. Panahi had nothing holding him back. I highly highly recommend This Is Not a Film.
It is indeed a film and a great one.
September 29, 2020 on the Criterion Channel.
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2020.10.01 06:47 Nayaritt Looking for some resolve from my overly distracting, bitter feelings towards society, school, and how I was raised.

So I could be delusional, but my whole life I’ve been told how much easier I have it as a man while statistically women nowadays are actually seen as more competent, more likeable, , less prone to danger more likely to do well in life(graduation rates and uni admission), guaranteed inherent purpose in life, societal support, motivation in school, less likely to kill themselves and etc. And those are just the statistics, in reality this is something I’ve observed and tried to express my whole life but no one ever listened to me (men are seen as incompetent nowadays, that used to be the only thing we had going for us). In day to day interactions I see the way people treat women better, the way men dedicate their lives to pleasing them without the same reciprocation. This all might have been fine if there was at minimum some sort of validation and acknowledge relative to the victim culture everyone else is graced with.
I’ve basically grown distractingly bitter from being villainized and treated like a rapist and and a archaic reminent of humanity (in school and media mostly, but also just that people are weary of me because my sex). Im bitter over all the social engineering to avoid talking to girls that they’ve instilled upon me by overplaying the legal and social consequences of an interaction a women didn’t like, and how it comes down to a he said she said situation where women have the final say. Flirting must be initiated by the women and I can only reciprocate lest it’s legally harassment. I am responsable for anything that goes down under the influence of alcohol no matter who drank, etc.
I’m told women have it worse both institutionally and socially, but atleast women aren’t ignored since neglect is much damaging than active abuse. Women may get cat called but atleast they aren’t avoided out of fear, no one talks to me unless they have to, or if I talk to them(hard to do with no sense of self worth[it should be schools responsabiliy to teach boys and girls equally they have self worth, not just teach men to hate themselves and that women can do anything in compensation for things people before me did]). Maybe it’s because I literally was neglected beyond just being a boy because my parents divorced and my mom was always at work, leaving me home alone.
Between my anxiety of approaching girls(fear of being the creep society and school tells me I am / stereotype threat), my parents having always irrationally favoured my sister, and the realization that my mom (my only parent now) was the cause of the divorce (argues with all her partners once and later in life was told she was the one that cheated) I can’t say I’ve ever truely felt appreciated or loved even really. It’s fucking sad and pathetic and trying to express any of this gets me called an incel, which makes me legally a terrorist under my countries laws and in the eyes people I open up to. The bitterness could even be said to have a snowball effect because if I show my (these) feelings people almost certainly hate me.
I wish I were a women to the point that I’ve ordered estrogen in the mail. As early as elementary school I’ve been told I live in a progressive society (Canada) accepting of trans and that becoming a women was viable (what’s the word...) end goal of growing into. But I’ve been finding out that people aren’t all that accepting even where I live, that my parents and friends, while accepting, find trans people weird and off putting, and that because puberty passed me by I could never really actualize my ideal self (something I’ve obsessed about for as long as I noticed societies preferential treatments or women).
The only thing to come from my pain and my desire to be desirable are unobtainable goals and bitter distraction from my studies and other life goals. I’m supposed to be writing an essay but when it comes to productivity my mind is drawn to other priorities and injustices. What do I have to be thankful for? How do I focus myself on my studies with such a weight over top of me? My mind is so often drawn to rant on reddit, when will I stop?
Am I delusional? They say transgenderism is genetic or biologically determined but I find the potential of sociocultural influences dissmisive considering how politicized the issue is and how corruptible the acedemics can be when it comes to these things.
How can I get over this bitterness I feel toward feminism and what feels like a sexist upbringing? How do I learn to talk to people about my feelings without coming off as a hateful incel?
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2020.10.01 03:49 chacham2 The Republic: Adeimantus challenges with reality

[Continuing from The Republic: Philosophic nature.]
With the philosopher's attributes listed anew and explained, Socrates looks for agreement on his claim that philosophers would make the best leaders in the other cities:
“When such men,” I said, “are perfected by education and age, wouldn’t you turn the city over to them alone?”
But before Glaucon could answer, Adeimantus steps in:
And Adeimantus said: “Socrates, no one could contradict you in this. But here is how those who hear what you now say are affected on each occasion. They believe that because of inexperience at questioning and answering, they are at each question misled a little by the argument; and when the littles are collected at the end of the arguments, the slip turns out to be great and contrary to the first assertions. And just as those who aren’t clever at playing draughts are finally checked by those who are and don’t know where to move, so they too are finally checked by this other kind of draughts, played not with counters but speeches, and don’t know what to say. However, the truth isn’t in any way affected by this. In saying this, I look to the present case. Now someone might say that in speech he can’t contradict you at each particular thing asked, but in deed he sees that of all those who start out on philosophy--not those who take it up for the sake of getting educated when they are young and then drop it, but those who linger in it for a longer time--most become quite queer, not to say completely vicious; while the ones who seem perfectly decent, do nevertheless suffer at least one consequence of the practice you are praising— they become useless to the cities.”
I absolutely love this interjection. Adeimantus is saying that though he cannot argue on the individual details, the facts ultimately work against the argument. In a sense, he is admitting to Socrates' superior skills in proving a point in speeches, but the result diverges from reality. Put another way, Adeimantus is challenging Socrates' rational arguments (T/F) with what he sees (S). This brings to mind the Unexpected hanging paradox, also known as The Pop Quiz riddle, which apparently has no agreed upon answer. There are times when logic just builds on itself to a point where it diverges from reality, and so Adeimantus, even after finding no flaw with the rational side of the argument, has to challenge it from what he sees around him.
Socrates agrees with Adeimantus, and says he must answer with an image:
“The question you are asking,” I said, “needs an answer given through an image.”
“And you, in particular,” he said, “I suppose, aren’t used to speaking through images.”
“All right,” I said. “Are you making fun of me after having involved me in an argument so hard to prove? At all events, listen to the image so you may see still more how greedy I am for images. So hard is the condition suffered by the most decent men with respect to the cities that there is no single other condition like it, but I must make my image and apology on their behalf by bringing it together from many sources--as the painters paint goatstags and such things by making mixtures. Conceive something of this kind happening either on many ships or one.
In the chapter in Intuition, van der Hoop explains (Conscious Orientation, pages 40-41):
Intuitions are probably first of all directed towards the external world and practical adjustment to it, and while in this form, they do not arouse any awareness of mental activity. But when once images have been formed of relationships in the world and between man and the world, these images may be employed to reflect a certain aspect of an inner state of mind. A savage may, for instance, say that he felt like a lion being attacked, or a woman may compare a certain situation with the birth of her first child. Such images are often inevitably difficult for the uninitiated to understand, since they cannot possibly be familiar with all the special experiences of these people. Extremely fantastic images may at this stage be the best expression of their first recognition of an inner life. Such recognition cannot at this stage be described as introspection, since this term is usually reserved for a more actively controlled perception. Very significant material is, however, contained in these images, capable of giving a lead to introspective perception. In some people this intuitive mode of expressing inner relationships in a metaphorical way may be much in evidence.
And then on page 47, while explaining the introverted intuitive:
It is not primarily his own personal inner life that he grasps in this way, but rather inner life in general, the inner nature of things. The aim of intuition here is to perceive the ideal essence of all things--animate and inanimate, and in their inter-relations. The clearest example of the kind of thing is seen in Plato's "ideas", which give a purer representation of the inner being of the world than does reality itself. Jung calls these mental images, supplying meaning and a standard of comparison, "archetypes"
Socrates is not referring to these inner images, but he is trying to use the image to get across a point not well explained in words. This is Socrates using Intuition, which helps explain why Glauson (the S) was switched out for Adeimantus (the N) for this discussion, even though the challenge from reality may have been more Glaucon's forte. Further, Socrates used the rational functions (T/F) to make his point, Adeimantus challenges with reality (S), and here is Socrates answering with an image (N). Each function being used for its strength.
But why then did Adeimantus challenge, or--by Socrates' suggestion--ridicule him by suggesting that he wasn't "used to speaking through images”? Back in book 2 (40/362d) it was Adeimantus who challenged Socrates to completely answer:
“You surely don’t believe, Socrates, that the argument has been adequately stated?”
“Why not?” I said.
“What most needed to be said has not been said,” he said.
Socrates then tried to avoid a definitive answer (45/368b):
On the one hand, I can’t help out. For in my opinion I’m not capable of it; my proof is that when I thought I showed in what I said to Thrasymachus that justice is better than injustice, you didn’t accept it from me. On the other hand, I can’t not help out. For I’m afraid it might be impious to be here when justice is being spoken badly of and give up and not bring help while I am still breathing and able to make a sound. So the best thing is to succour her as I am able.
After being pushed:
“So then, perhaps there would be more justice in the bigger and it would be easier to observe closely. If you want, first we’ll investigate what justice is like in the cities. Then, we’ll also go on to consider it in individuals, considering the likeness of the bigger in the idea of the littler?”
This entire discussion of the cities is an image showing the idea in realistic terms. This only makes the question stronger, why Adeimantus charged Socrates with not speaking though images, when that was the entire discussion until now!
The answer seems just as obvious though. Although the cities act as images, they are similies, to see the same question in another setting. The details are dealt with as though they were real, and ultimately the same is assumed in the soul. Here, Socrates is about to give a scenario, where the point is made from the situation as a whole, and it is understood without being spelled out in detail. That is, to Adeimantus' objection from reality, an irrational function (S), Socrates will also answer from an irrational function (N). That leaves the two images as two different things.
But again, why did he suggest Socrates was not good at images? If we are going with the idea that Socrates is an ENFJ, his primary and externally pointed function is rational, which leaves it as his best tool for convincing others. Intuition is inwardly pointed, and used only as required. That would explain why he uses it only as necessary. Perhaps, just maybe, Adeimantus knew of this reluctance of Socrates, and was bringing that to the fore, because Socrates seemed like he was trying to weasel out of giving a real answer. That is, just like by the city Socrates was afraid to express what he felt without being forced to do so, so to here he was about to say "this needs an image, and i am not good at that, so let's leave that to someone else to deal with". Adeimantus, sick of Socrates always trying to dodge the hard questions, retorts apathetically. Socrates, however, was in a much better position than before. People were listening and wanted him to say more. They even agreed with him, but just needed a little more explanation. This is exactly where the image is most appropriate, and thus Socrates had no reason to shy away at all. Indeed, standing in such a strong spot, he was bewildered why anyone would think he would not be ready to give one, and so he assumed Adeimantus must be making fun of him. (I'm not completely happy with this answer, but i feel like the main idea might be correct. What do you think?)
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2020.10.01 02:52 Generic_Username_85 Batigol or BatiGOD? An in-depth review of 94 rated legend Gabriel Batistuta

Batigol or BatiGOD? An in-depth review of 94 rated legend Gabriel Batistuta

The man himself
Hey guys, hope you are all doing well. I'm going to be doing an in-depth review of the legend card of Batistuta. I'm doing this because I still feel the sheer awesomeness of the card isn't talked about/ appreciated enough and I want to share my experiences with this legend with you guys. Alright so here goes:
So I think the best thing to do is to first look at the stats, analysing some of the positive and negative aspects of his game on paper-

He's got an Offensive Awareness stat of 96 which is very good when you compare other Legend Strikers. He's got higher awareness than Adriano, Kluivert and Torres and equal to Romario and Morientes. This awareness enables him to be in the right place at the right time which I feel like is evident in the game as well

At first sight, these don't look great stats but I wanted to particularly focus on the Physical Contact which is only 89. I don't know if any other Batigol users will share the same thoughts with me but it feels much higher than it does on paper. I personally feel like he's the strongest striker I've ever used (or at least up there) alongside people like Kluivert. Genuinely an animal in the game just like he was in real life- which is why I'm surprised at his 89 PC stat.

With horrendous passing and lofted pass stats, try and avoid passing too far or too often with Batistuta. If you're playing in a 2 CF formation, don't do anything over ambitious with the Argentine. This is a weak point to his game and ultimately the reason he's an inferior player (albeit still a very good player) to people like MVB imo.

However, now we can see some more promising stats. He's got a finishing stat of 96 and is genuinely so clinical in-game. I've forgotten to gather an image of it, but he also has 99 kicking power which gives him the additional dimension of being able to shoot from range. Gabriel Batistuta also has 85 heading but it feels at least 90+ in-game. A combination of his heading, long-range shooting and strength make him one of the best strikers for hold up play as well as his relatively good speed of 90. He's also good at free-kicks but there are many better options in-game of course.

How does he play in-game?

Heat map displaying the movement of Batistuta during a game as a left CF in old Santos Formation. Keep in mind that this is not 100% reliable since I press a lot with my strikers.
What I love about Batistuta on this game is that he's unique. He doesn't possess the smooth guile of a Romario or the penetrating movement of an Inzaghi but he has his own thing and he does it extremely well.
Off the ball, I found that he doesn't drop too deep. A lot of people comment on how FITBs like Kane and MVB act like Target Men at times and drop deep to receive the ball and then through pass it to a Goal Poacher making a run. However, I noticed that Batigol stays a lot further up the pitch than the aforementioned players. He likes to wrestle defenders and cause havoc among the back- thus creating space for a strike partner. Gabriel Batistuta is incredibly strong and physical on the game and utilises this to his advantage when wanting to create space to get a shot away.
As you can see from the map, he spends a lot of time in the box which is where he gets most of his goals. Batigol is exceptionally clinical and I'll back him to score 10 times out of 10- especially given that he has a 3 3 wfa wfu meaning he can score with both feet. I'd also recommend using good crossers as he's great in the air for me and scores/wins a lot of headers. He's also got one of the best Long Shots in the game (top 5 for me) because of his outstanding 99 kicking power and 96 finishing so he can score goals outside of the box better than 99% of people on this game.

Negative aspects of his game

Before I start, it's worth bearing in mind that what might be a negative for one person, maybe a positive aspect for the next. People will have varying experiences and opinions on players.
  • He's got very poor passing stats which are disappointing. At times, it can be a hindrance to the other CF in the formation because he can't play the more difficult balls in behind which could lead to chances but instead has to play the easy option
  • His dribbling isn't great and sometimes feels quite slow and lethargic when with the ball. I think I can put this down to his mediocre Acceleration Stat.
  • 80 stamina can run out sometimes, especially in the games he's playing incredibly well in and getting involved in every attack. I'm not saying he can't start the match, but you might want to consider a sub from 75+ minutes

Average Stat sample

Games Goals Assists
10 9 4
So I completed a few campaign seasons and played a few online games (admittedly not much) and these were his average stats per 10 games. I personally think that's a great return because it means he's getting about 1.3 goal contributions per match which is great for a striker like Batistuta with limited passing ability. For additional context, on my PES account I average 2 goals per game

Typical game for Batistuta :)

Okay, so that's all from me for today. I really hope you enjoy it and thank you if you read all of it. I put a lot of effort into it and I hope you can see that from the end product.
If you want to learn about the player in real life (I often do this for legends I didn't know before PES) then there are some links below:
Heres a link for a Batigol compilation video-it’s an awesome watch (hopefully it’s not booked in your country)
Heres his Wikipedia page
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2020.10.01 02:15 HoxifierMargatroid A Tour to the Moon, Part Two: "Lunar Lord's Commands"

On the dark side of the Moon
I was getting flashbacks from 2012, when the cops raided my apartment with mysterious evidence and Dallas abandoned me. They caught me and had me arrested. This was the same exact scenario, except instead of being surrounded by the boys in blue, I was surrounded by dozens of armed rabbit girls. And the one girl who told us to halt had pointed a sword with the point to my neck and edge under my helmet.
"Alas it happens again, just check how these humans write and give them a full report of the dark side of the Moon. Nothing special, just lie about them finding old hunks of rock. Clear any memories they have on this encounter... except this one... James Hoxworth. Tsukuyomi needs him for something important..."
My other comrades were taken away, then I was dragged towards some sort of palace, I had my spacesuit removed and was given a change of clothes to wear something akin more of my second style, a dark brown-burgundy suit and tie. After waiting a bit, it seemed that Tsukuyomi went in.
It was him, the man in my dreams, that moon god guy. It seemed that these dreams were his doing, as he recognized me and said, "James Hoxworth... the man from the Demon's World, the biological offspring of The Devil. We've met on numerous on occasions beforehand."
The Devil..? Demon's World? I vaguely remember seeing a clear picture of both every time I was locked in isolation for beating up Matt Roscoe, but I always thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I had a weird sensation of energy flowing through my veins and believed it was some sort of spell.
"You have multiple abilities that we can dream of achieving... Hoxton. The ability to consume and convert impurity while not be tainted by it. One that all us Lunarians can only wish of having. The power of your own creation, while I heard it's hard to learn, it's even harder to master. Creation is something I wish to acquire... And speaking of impurity, your magic won't taint anything, even with it's more infernal roots. Allow me to wake those powers up."
I saw some moonlight beams directly piercing my being and it was the thing that finally allowed my original feeling of ascension. Maybe I could trust this guy, maybe I couldn't. Anyways, I was going to pay attention.
"I'll fill you in on something, James, thousands of years ago, we created monsters to regulate the Earth's impurity. Unfortunately for us, all they did was make it worse, rather than regulate. Seeing them as a failed project, we left them to eventually rot. But you... not only could you get rid of them, but you can also not be corrupted in the process. It must feel overwhelming learning all of this."
I was super skeptical of this guy, but my right arm was flowing with the power of dealing with The Devil. I had confidence that I could get him to not only agree on a deal, but force fate to make sure that he keeps it, or else there will be consequences... Lord Tsukuyomi gave me 8 requests to achieve for my reward.
  1. Eliminated the following 4: Aka Manto
  2. Hanako-san
  3. Kuchisake-onna
  4. Teke Teke
  5. Show the Lunar princesses that I was a worthy man
  6. Find an "Eirin Yagokoro" and give her a letter
  7. If Eirin Yagokoro writes back, then I personally send Tsukuyomi the letter
  8. Never tell anyone outside of the Lunarians about the Lunar Capital's existence
I was given a slip of paper as a way to learn how to summon these first 4 entities, then, I had to be more of a gentleman. After that, I had to find a way to pass a "Hakurei Barrier" to a "Gensokyo" and find Eirin Yagokoro, then the messenger, and the last one is a code of silence, something I've learned to not only respect, but to keep over my criminal years.
I stretched my arm out for a deal, then Tsukuyomi stretched his out, and we shook on it. There, we saw a mix of dark red, red-orange, olive green, and white flames encasing both our arms momentarily, fly up into space, and dispersing at the seems.
"I knew you were still skeptical of me. It's understandable, I know that you have history of trust issues, especially with those filthy rats, Hector Morales and Matt Roscoe."
Two of his prophecies was fulfilled, bearing witness and meeting in a more desirable fashion. Before I was leaving for the mission, Yorihime told me if all 8 requests were completed, the reward was the greatest thing in my lifespan. Like I haven't heard that from the old moon man already. I set my mind onto discipline my powers and having total control, instead of being a loose cannon.
Somewhere in Japan, 12:00 AM
Great, midnight, just my favorite fucking time during the middle of a city. If that bastard Aka Manto doesn't show his fucking face, then I'll make him show his face, and break it. Looking at my slip of paper, I saw that this weirdo loves to stalk loners in public bathrooms.
After walking down a bit, I spotted a public bathroom, good. I was going to prepare an ambush by sitting in that last stall, making sure I was alone, and ideally, fully absorbing him until there was nothing left. After waiting for a bit, that creep showed his surprisingly nicely masked face and cloak.
"Do you want the red paper or the blue one?"
I replied with, "Both, NOW!"
I watched this poor bastard try to lacerate me, instead, he broke his fingers, he then got really frustrated and tried strangling me. I watched as his hands fell apart and his paper being an illusion. Fucking bastard, if you're going to try killing me while offering me something, at least make it the real deal.
His mask went from a creepy smile to one that was really desperate for mercy. If what these notes said were true, this guy does deserve what he's getting.
Remembering what Tsukuyomi said about me being from a Demon World, I willed myself to turn into one. My body started radiating some sort of symbols that looked like they would be the language that some occultists say to each other before ritually sacrificing some goat or lamb's blood for some dark lord.
Fully believing that I was a demon, so I felt my smile started getting larger with my teeth sharper, and I felt horns piercing through my head. Fire started encasing me, but it was more cosmetic, rather than burning me alive. I started speaking a weird phrase fully absorbed the first one. Three to go.
"✡︎⚐︎🕆︎☼︎ 👎︎✌︎✡︎ ⚐︎☞︎ ☺︎🕆︎👎︎☝︎☜︎💣︎☜︎☠︎❄︎ ☟︎✌︎💧︎ 👍︎⚐︎💣︎☜︎ ✌︎😐︎✌︎ 💣︎✌︎☠︎❄︎⚐︎📬︎ ☠︎⚐︎ 💣︎⚐︎☼︎☜︎ ❄︎☜︎☼︎☼︎⚐︎☼︎✋︎☪︎✋︎☠︎☝︎ 🏱︎☜︎⚐︎🏱︎☹︎☜︎ ✋︎☠︎ ❄︎☟︎☜︎ 💧︎❄︎✌︎☹︎☹︎💧︎📪︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ ☞︎🕆︎👍︎😐︎✋︎☠︎☝︎ 👍︎☼︎☜︎☜︎🏱︎📬︎"
But that was only the first guy, and in all instances, the first guy always dies without effort. Ask the cops who respond to my crew's actions, ask the security guards. If anything, the difficulty will only ramp up from here. Absorbing his malevolence and converting it into energy, I read my notes to hunt my next target, Hanako-san.
But these notes were not something I wanted to do, I had to go into a school in the dead of night, and into the girl's bathroom? What the fuck? Is this a mistake or something? OK... I may of done many bad things, such as murder, robbery, breaking and entering, assault, hostage taking, property destruction, dealing drugs, and maybe roughed up Matt Roscoe a few times, but sneaking in the girl's bathroom, especially one that kids go to? Fuck no, but I was under a deal so I had to think of a way to circumvent it.
Then it occurred to me, I could create something as long as I really set my mind into it, then I could probably create a school that had a girl's bathroom. Theoretically, Hanako-san should be able to spawn within my trap if I did the secret ritual, and I wouldn't need to feel guilty as technically I wasn't really breaking in a school.
Focusing all my effort into creating a school in some vacant park, I created a hand to knock on the third stall of the third floor of the school. When I saw some creepy bloody ghost hand reach out to grab me, I turned back into a demon and forcefully dragged her out. To Hanako's credit, she was much more resilient than Aka Manto, but still fodder for me.
"✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ ❄︎☼︎✋︎☜︎👎︎ ❄︎⚐︎ ☝︎☼︎✌︎👌︎ 💣︎☜︎ 🕈︎✋︎❄︎☟︎ ✌︎ ☟︎✌︎☠︎👎︎📪︎ ✌︎☠︎👎︎ 👎︎☼︎✌︎☝︎ 💣︎☜︎ ❄︎⚐︎ ✌︎☠︎⚐︎❄︎☟︎☜︎☼︎ 🕈︎⚐︎☼︎☹︎👎︎📬︎ ❄︎☟︎✋︎💧︎ ❄︎✋︎💣︎☜︎📪︎ ✋︎ 🕈︎✋︎☹︎☹︎ ☝︎☼︎✌︎👌︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ 🕈︎✋︎❄︎☟︎ ✌︎ ☝︎✋︎✌︎☠︎❄︎ ☟︎✌︎☠︎👎︎📪︎ ✌︎☠︎👎︎ 🕈︎✋︎❄︎☟︎ ❄︎☟︎☜︎ ⚐︎❄︎☟︎☜︎☼︎ ⚐︎☠︎☜︎📪︎ ☼︎✋︎🏱︎ ✌︎☠︎👎︎ ❄︎☜︎✌︎☼︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ 🏱︎✌︎✋︎☠︎☞︎🕆︎☹︎☹︎✡︎📬︎"
I created 2 giant hands with spiritual properties, one to grab Hanako, and the other to rip her legs off. With all that force, I felt somewhat guilty for having to brutally murder what was the soul of a young girl. But she'll have to pay for her crimes, and I'll eventually have to pay for mine. As a final gift of mercy, I grabbed her spirit, focused all my energy to become so fast, I could break through dimensions, then ideally, brute force my way through to whatever Japan's afterlife was, and send her spirit to rest.
Sanzu River
I didn't exactly fly to Heaven or Hell, but I manged to feel the river I was flying. Feel like a dead man's hand, that hurt. I got the sensation that the river was trying to drag me down. Forcing most of my willpower, I pushed myself to remain above it until I stumbled across a cute redhead with a scythe, ferrying things similar to the spirit I was carrying. Getting into the boat and taking it easy, I caught my breath.
"Are you Shiki-sama's agent to see if I'm slacking off?"
"Who the Hell is Shiki?"
"Oh... thank goodness, she always yells at me for "being too lazy." Someone tell her that ferrying souls all day isn't fun. Anyways, do you want to talk about death?"
"No... I'm fine, and if I have to repay you, take my card. Oh yeah, you'll need to draw a shape, let me give you a picture of it. Use anything really, for convenient. Draw the shape, place my card down in the middle, and ask nicely for me to show up."
Giving her my card and a picture I quickly scribbled to have any sort of otherworldly semblance, she simply laughed and asked if we could exchange names instead of doing a ritual, her name was Komachi. I told her my real name, James Hoxworth.
"You might as well stay here for the ride and talk with me all day. It gets horrible ferrying all these souls to get judged by my judgy-ass boss. Let's start with my favorite topic, death!"
"Sorry Komachi, but I've got to leave now. I'll see if I have time later, yes?"
"Do you have to~ I mean it won't be too long."
"I've really got to fuck off now. Can't do anything about it. See you soon!"
Flying through a river that the dead travel through, I've eventually stumbled across an abandoned trainyard, where I detected the presence of my final two victims, Teke Teke, and Kuchi-onna.
"Bloody hell, this place is a fucking trainwreck, must suck to be the wanker who has to deal with cleaning this shite."
I was being approached by a woman wearing a mask, after acting completely clueless of her presence, she asked me, "Watashi, kirei?"
Somehow I figured out that she was speaking Japanese and figured out what she said, something about being beautiful or whatnot. I just asked her, "Love, take off the mask and let me see. Oh and hey, is it just me, or do you here a teke teke sound?"
"A Teke Teke sound? Wait... NO!!! H̵̝̄́̈́͂̕Ē̶̞͓̠͐̋́̌̋͝ͅ ̷͍̺͚̥̪̑I̸̧̽Ş̷̯̏͘ ̵̧̹̩͈̘́́̋͑̄́͠Ṁ̷̫̘̣͔̣̦̝́͘͝Ý̴̯̮̹̰͕͛̓̈́̔̔͠ ̷̙̰̝͒̽̍V̸̨͔̼͚̣̱͒̐I̶̲̞͋͌C̴͎̟̯͔͖̜̖͑͐͗͝T̴̨̳̖̅̂̈̀̆ͅĮ̴̹̞̝̜̈́̍͋́͘͜M̸̯̤̫̟̈́͋̔̆̉̒,̴̰̺̯͉̜̙́͋͋͒̈͝ ̷̣̳͈̠̜͚̅͠N̵̢̪̙̤̰̥͗̑͌̚ͅƠ̷̡̤̟̋̀́̕T̷̨̖͇̝͚̜̔̊͗͆̔̿ ̸͎̉͑̈́̒͝Y̶̱̮̥̔̓Õ̸͎̳̙̗͐͊́̑̉̔U̴̢̙̪̥̗̘̽̀̐Ṟ̵̡͇̳͘S̸̭̫͙̙̰͒͛̍̃̉̀̕!̵͍̽̂́͝!̸̜̤͂̀͌́̄͝!̸͉͛̃̈́͑́̈ ̵̨̐B̸̙̺͙̋Ä̵̯́͝Ç̵̭̮̀̄̈͘K̴̛͖̬̠̔͘ͅ ̷̮̩̜̗̥͕̳̈͒́̄͌̌O̷͓̭̬̳͕̪̔̎̀F̴̬̳̘͇̫͒̊̓F̴̧͈͔̂͗̽͛̚͝,̴͈̫̼̩͎̱͙̇̈́̍̿̓͂ ̸̡̰̲̼̽O̶̫̰̺͙̦͍͆̇̓̓̊R̶̡̪̈́̓̒̀͆͘ͅ ̸̧̛̛̤͇̩̬̪́̉ͅỴ̷̠̿̄O̶̞͔̒͜U̵̢̘͚͚̿͆́͘̚͝ ̸̖͆̆K̷͙̒͌̈́͐̅͜Ṅ̶̲̈́Ǫ̸͉̬̮̼̱͋Ẅ̷̛̰̭̣͍͐̌͂ ̷̧͖̊̅̌H̷̻̝̳͈̜̤̓͛́͛̕͘O̵̖̽͋́̔̂̆͝Ẅ̷͕̺̖̝͋̒̔͑̍͠ ̸̛̰̲͖̓̃̚I̶̧̪̮̦̖̊̈́͆͜ͅT̸̡̧͕̮̜̺̮̿͊̽̿̉'̵̺̆́͛͗͑̕͝L̵̪͌́L̸̞͕̉̉ ̸̨̥̻̱̈́̈̕͝E̶͈̘̗̝͘Ņ̵̮̲̰̤͈̹̔͛̐D̸̢͎͓̎͋̿͊̕̚͝.̸͎̗̤̃͋̈́͘"
I saw what this Teke Teke, poor sod got her legs bloody ripped off, similar to what just I did to that bathroom monster. Both seemed to of want to claim the kill on me and they started fighting one another, they've brutally started cutting down on each other down with scythes and all sorts of other sharp objects. Slicing each other swiftly and brutally, in some anime-style fight scene, which I should of expected, I was in Japan after all, they've both eventually tired out and compromised on killing me.
That masked woman, revealed her name as Kuchisake-onna, was in for her end. She took off her mask and asked me if she was pretty, I was waiting for her to get impatient, so I stood silent and did not speak.
"No matter, you die. Teke Teke, let us dispose of this fool."
"Fool... fufufu~ you really think this wasn't planned." I said that while grabbing both the evil spirits, absorbing their impurity, and ultimately erasing them. After sitting around in the train station making crude remarks about the ugliness of the place, I saw a portal open up and blonde girl, Yorihime, and Tsukuyomi walked out, they told me that there was something important.
Lunar Capital
"James Hoxworth! We are impressed with your performance of keeping your word, purifying filth, not getting innocent people involved, and dedication to your mission. Yorihime here believes you are a worthy successor. However, the journey isn't over. You've done the most difficult part. Here is the next one."
I was given a letter and told that I had to send it to Eirin Yagokoro in person, alone. This felt a little suspicious, but then again, my crew told me about some of Vlad's contracts and how it went from being simple revenge missions and extortion according to Dallas, then it escalated to stealing goats with cocaine shoved up their ass, stealing safes, stealing back more cocaine, and stealing fucking nuclear goddamn warheads.
So I couldn't ask anyone on the Moon for help to get me directly to Eirin's locations. I had hints like, "Eientei," "Gensokyo," "Earth," and "Japan." With all that to work with, I flew back down to Earth from the Lunar Capital, went back to Japan, and scanned for supernatural activity.
Somewhere in Japan, 4:30 AM
Seeing the Yatsugatake Mountains had loads of paranormal activity, I could see a barrier and a way to get through. I flew next to it and tried nicely entering, but I've kept trying, but it blocked me out every time I tried to go pass through.
"In the words of my old comrade, Tony Montana... You want to play games? OK, I'll play with you."
I decided to be a little less nice and brute force through the barrier. Flying through the barrier and probably smashing part of it, I felt like I was in a different reality altogether.
Great, get the letter and play messenger to Eirin, wait for her to craft a response, and get back to the Moon. Simple? Well, more than exorcising evil spirits. Let's see how this plays out. I still had to finish those Lunar Lord's Commands first.
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2020.10.01 01:57 MiraiIsCureCardboard Can we talk about how amazing Sumire Nono is?

Source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/69594495
Seeing this picture made me want to write this post, because no lie, Sumire Nono and her relationship to Hana (and Ruru, and Kotori!) is one of my favorite things about Hugtto, and I feel like she doesn't get discussed enough.
WARNING: Some of the things I talk about below may potentially be triggering.
In a show where parenting is a central theme, it only makes sense that the protagonist's mom would need to set a good example... but Sumire went above and beyond. When I saw her embrace Ruru without hesitation, mere seconds after the latter erased her fake memories, I knew she was something special... but this scene, man.
School bullying is just as much a problem in Japan as it is here, if not even moreso... but the typical perspective on it in Japan is, to be brutally frank, appalling. Instead of taking steps to stop the bullying, the typical Japanese teacher or adult's approach is to pretend it's not happening and let the kids involved handle it themselves... something about teaching them to be self-reliant, or maybe it's part of the grand Japanese tradition of trying not to stand out for fear of embarrassment or being shamed. Having been a bully magnet for most of my school years, I've always thought of this "policy" (sarcasm mine) as incredibly damaging at best. I don't even want to think of the number of Japanese kids over the years who have been traumatized as a result of not being able or willing to go to adults for help.
So, there's a lot we don't know about how Hana was bullied before the series started... what we do know is that she broke a cardinal rule in Japanese school society and made a spectacle when she defended Eri, and that because of that she became a target herself. Succumbing to peer pressure, Eri joined the bullies' side, or at very least did nothing to help.
Hana's flashback in episode 23 suggests that it got so bad that Hana started skipping school. This alone is a big deal, no matter the circumstances. We see Sumire stepping up, saying: "It's okay, Hana. You weren't wrong. You don't have to bear it anymore... Your future is limitless!"
In a society based around avoiding or downplaying trouble for fear of shame, in a society that encourages adults and children alike to just stand by and let bullying happen, Sumire stood up and said "Fuck that noise." Whether Hana stopped going to school on her own or Sumire pulled her out of it, she took a step that would be almost unthinkable in her culture: she deliberately went against the grain, and encouraged Hana's doing the same. She found out about it and she damn well decided to do something about it. Why? Because it's her daughter, dammit.
Japanese parents, as a general rule, don't pull their kids from school for stuff like this. People would talk. It's seen as bringing shame on the family, and as I've said above, shame is worse than almost anything else to a Japanese person. So it's not an exaggeration to say that Sumire risked everything to go to bat for Hana. Do you see how awesome that makes her? Do you see how this shows where Hana got her own awesomeness from? Sumire is the best kind of mom, a badass mom, and it's not just because she became a Cure in the end, oh no. She's a badass for not just being a good mom or good person, but for being those things in defiance of more than a thousand years of deeply ingrained cultural pressure. What better example of motherhood could she set?
On a personal note (and here's where things might get triggering):
When I was twelve years old, just a little younger than Hana, I started sixth grade at an enormous local public school, which had just opened a few years prior. It had state-of-the-art everything, and it was within walking distance of my house. The student body was something like 800 kids from grades six to eight, with thirty or more kids to a class and eight periods a day. It was only my second year in a public school, and I was the smallest kid in my class, incredibly socially awkward, nerdy and wearing glasses at time when those things made you a target. From my first day there, I could feel something was wrong. For the first time ever, I was dreading going to school. As the weeks went by, the bullies homed in on me, and the teachers did nothing (because either they didn't care or they all had twenty-nine or more other kids to worry over, or both), I became more and more miserable. By end of September of that year, I was depressed bordering on suicidal. In October, my parents pulled me out of that school and saved my life. By December, I had been transferred to a new school that was much smaller, where the teachers actually cared and knew every student by name. Nobody there knew me, and it was a chance for me to start over.
Now, when I first saw that flashback in episode 23, saw Hana sitting alone in the center of all those desks... though it's been more than twenty years, my mind went back to that nerdy little kid who felt like everything was going wrong but he didn't know why. When Sumire told Hana that she was right and that she didn't have to bear it anymore, I cried, thinking of my mom when she said much the same thing to me. I already loved Hana, but in that moment... she touched my soul, and Sumire became my favorite Precure mom, hands down. I felt for Hana because I was there, and it felt raw and honest and real like damn near nothing I'd ever seen in twenty years of watching anime, let alone in Precure.
So yeah. Here's to Sumire, awesome badass mom, and here's to Hana, forever my best girl. Hooray, hooray.
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2020.09.30 23:24 An_Average_Anomaly Stop telling people they can't call themselves traps.

I'm sure you're all familiar with it - trap is a slur. It's an awful, disgusting word that dehumanizes trans women. It seems that people have all but forgotten that this word has other contexts. Because apparently it needs to be done, I'm going to lay down the facts and hopefully put this confusion and disinformation to rest once and for all.
You will no doubt hear that the word "trap" gets trans women murdered. If we all just stopped saying it, hate crimes would be a thing of the past. If it were only that simple. It seems that SJWs have chosen this word to be their scapegoat for the source of all transphobic sentiment. If you do even the slightest bit of research, however, you'll find that this isn't the case at all. While it is indeed true that hate crimes are committed against trans people with some regularity (though not nearly as often as alarmists would have you believe - I encourage you to look up actual statistics), which is truly awful, it's absurd to say that one word is behind all of it.
This is in reference to something known as the "trans panic defense". It's a defense used by murderers that essentially boils down to this: a straight man is preparing to (or already has) have sex with a woman he doesn't know is transgender. Upon realizing that she has a penis, he loses control and kills her in a fit of blind rage. Don't get me wrong, that's awful and unforgiveable. But once again, the prevalence of this occurrence is grossly overstated. The trans panic defense has been used **three** times, and the defendant did not escape charges in a **single case**. All three killers were brought to justice. You can read up on it here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_panic_defense#Uses_of_the_trans_panic_defense
In a larger sense, this is based on the sentiment that transgender women are actually crossdressing men who try to trick other men into tricking they're women to lure them into creepy, perverted sex. It's a terrible sentiment and one that must be eradicated. Mark my words, you will not find a single person who supports transgender rights but thinks that the aforementioned belief is okay. You will also not find such a person who think it's okay to call trans women traps. This is where radical SJWs and actually well-informed activists differ. **Let me make it abundantly clear that people who identify as traps DO NOT condone such hate against trans women. Nobody is saying that it's acceptable or good to refer to trans women as traps.** This is a logical fallacy known as the "straw man": intentionally misrepresenting an opposing argument in order to make it easier to refute.
I'd like to direct you to one of my favorite opinion pieces on the subject that examines and explains the issue beautifully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG9EFWMi7NY I'll summarize the key points of the video below. - The word "trap" was originally coined decades ago on 4chan in reference to cute, cisgender male anime characters who look like girls. It was NOT meant to refer to trans women. - Some years later, as the term gained traction, a few trans women who liked it began calling themselves traps; that's how the two became conflated. - The word has since been appropriated and misused by transphobes and patriarchs who think that effeminate, crossdressing men and trans women are the same. - People who properly use the word trap in reference to the characters it's meant for (Felix, Astolfo, Hideri, etc.) are not and never were the problem. People who misuse the word are the problem. - Calling trans people traps is offensive. Once again, **no one is claiming otherwise.** - The people who most vehemently condemn the word trap and everyone who uses it are usually the same people who systemically misgender crossdressing men (fictional and real alike) and try to coerce femboys into thinking they're trans.
I fully understand the frustration with anti-transgender sentiment. My sister is transgender; I love her more than anyone else on the planet, and so it hurts me whenever I see hatred against her or receive a reminder of how far trans rights still have to go. But traps aren't the problem. Let me be clear: **The vast majority of femboys, traps, and crossdressers, myself included, fully support transgender rights.** We are not your enemies. We face much of the same hatred from the same people and should be working together to end it. There shouldn't be such a huge rift between the trans and GNC communities. Please, don't take it out on us.
The word trap and its usage are nuanced. It is a slur if used in regard a transgender person. It is also an identity used by some crossdressers and worn as a badge. The term can be anywhere from grossly offensive to a term of endearment. To sum it all up: Never call anyone a trap unless you know for a *fact* they like the term and identify as such. If you identify as a trap yourself, don't let anyone tell you that you do not have the right to do so. And for the love of all that is pure and good, stop fucking shaming self-identified traps and accusing them of raining hellfire upon trans women by existing.
I hope this helps clear up any confusion. Best wishes to everyone.
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2020.09.30 22:46 kilbobaggins123 Kota Ibushi's list of accomplishments was seriously underrepresented on the 9/27 english broadcast

Kevin and Rocky agree that my man the golden star lacks the credentials to say he's on Okada's level. Okay fine, but then Rocky just kinda weakly says, "he's a former IC champion isn't he?" CMON MAN! Scroll on down to New Japan and you'll see that when he gets that IWGP HC (and who doesn't agree that it's only a matter of time?) he will have held every major title and won every singles tournament in the company. How do you not even mention that he's a 3x Jr HC in that context? Note: I chide Kevin and Rocky because I love them

Championships and accomplishments[edit]

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2020.09.30 22:00 Pearl_the_5th [SPOILERS EXTENDED] Satinfoil Part 4: They Dare More Than We Dream

1, 2 & 3. If you haven't already, watch Preston Jacob's Dorne series since a lot of Satinfoil is based on it. TLDR below.
The (ever so slight) possibility that Satin and Shae are the love children of Oberyn and Malora conflicts with the common belief that the Dornish and Reachers don’t get along. Then again, the last three Martell generations haven't been actively trying to keep up the feud: Doran's predecessor brought Elia and Oberyn to several Reach houses to at least feign thinking of marrying into them, and Arianne was all for marrying her uncle's Tyrell penpal, "crippled leg and all" (AFFC The Princess In The Tower). As for the contemporary Tyrells, the only anti-Dornish sentiment from them has come from Mace, Olenna and Lazy Leo; Alerie and her children have so far not been shown to share their views. Perhaps the Kingsguard camaraderie between Lewyn Martell and Gerold Hightower has something to do with this, or maybe the birth of Satin and Shae helped bridge the gap. But even without the twins, there seems to be more to the Martells and their relationships with other nobles than is publicly portrayed.
It's sad that we know so little about Doran, Elia and Oberyn's mother and nothing about their fathes. Makes me wonder if the Dorne plot really is just a cautionary tale about not letting plans "overripen", and I'm just wasting time trying to make it more exciting and integral to the story. Then again, we still don't know much about the current members of House Hightower (who are presumably going to play a larger role in the books to come) and know nothing of its current lord's first three wives, and besides tinfoil can be fun, so it's not that much of a waste. Anyway, I do have a stand-in name for the preceding princess: Neria. Based on the name Nerys and the Nereids. It alludes to Dorne's Welsh and Mediterranean influences, other watery and magical Dornish names, the Martells' Targaryen ancestry as well as Nymeria, Meria and Deria.
Neria could've started the Dornish Master Plan, or at least restarted it after the Summerhall fire. Already a mother of three when Rhaella became a teenage queen, she likely had a lot of influence over her and Joanna and used it to endear them to Dornish culture. They planned to marry Elia to Rhaegar and Oberyn to Cersei, creating an alliance between their three houses. The siblings would convince their spouses to bring Dornish law to their respective territories, and when Rhaegar was king, make it the law of the land. Knowing Rhaegar, he probably wouldn't have played along because it might mess with his precious prophecy. As for Cersei:
If Dornish law applied in the west, she would be the heir to Casterly Rock in her own right. ASOS Tyrion IX
But in the same paragraph, Tyrion pointed out a major obstacle:
"My father will never give her that choice."
Maybe Joanna could've convinced Tywin otherwise if she hadn't died, but she did, and we all know how it went when Neria tried to betroth Cersei to Oberyn (Lewyn's choice of paramour probably didn't help). Doran expanded the plan to taking back the Rhoyne, which would explain why he married a noblewoman from the top of it and Oberyn had a child by another from the bottom, but the losses they suffered due to Robert's Rebellion drove them to stay in Westeros and weave the destruction of Houses Lannister and Targaryen (and possibly Baratheon, Arryn and Stark) into the plan.
One year King Robert's brother came to visit and she did her best to seduce him, but she was half a girl and Lord Renly seemed more bemused than inflamed by her overtures. AFFC The Princess in the Tower
Though Arianne (1 year his senior) says she was "half a girl" at the time, she also refers to him as Lord Renly, which makes me think he visited Dorne in 293, after or during his lord's progress. So that's the when, but what's the why? Whatever it is, I think it's got something to do with bastards.
Maggy the Frog said Robert would have 16 children. Only 7 are known, so what of the others, and who's the 8th Varys knows about? I think the Martells tried to collect some to help expose Cersei and Jaime when the time was right. As for Varys' 8th, I think the most likely candidate is Russell Merryweather, who could've been conceived at the 294 Duskendale tourney. This would give Taena another reason to keep Russell at Longtable and Varys a way to make her his agent.
Renly was fostering Robert's only acknowledged bastard, the best physical evidence of Cersei's children not being biologically his besides Lineages and Histories and the children themselves (all born by 293). The Martell bros realised parading about some lowborn black-haired blue-eyed kids wouldn't hold much water unless they had Edric as the centrepiece, so they had to bring Renly into the fold.
"There are those who say Ser Loras is better than Leo Longthorn ever was," said Tyrion.
"Renly's little rose? I doubt that." ASOS Tyrion V
How did Oberyn know about Renly and Loras? Their relationship isn't as open a secret as some think, and of all the people confirmed to know, Oberyn sticks out: he's not related to either nor was he at court or Storm's End with them. He could've learnt through Willas or Littlefinger, but the way Oberyn spoke about them sounds quite personal, which is concerning, since Oberyn was in his mid-30s when Renly came to Sunspear. Thankfully there's another, more age-appropriate contender for introducing Renly to "prayer": Daemon Sand. The Martells had to get Renly on their side, and when Arianne couldn't sweeten the deal, they switched her out with Daemon, it worked out, and within a year they had a friend at court, and would soon have another.
The same year Renly visited Sunspear, the Starks visited KL where Ned saw Cersei and Tommen (AGOT Catelyn I) and Cat saw Lysa and Robin (AGOT Catelyn VI), but neither saw Renly or LF, the latter arriving at least "three years" (ACOK Tyrion IV) before 298. This means Renly and LF arrived at court around the same time between 294-5, which might partly explain why they seemed so friendly with each other.
Ever since I suspected LF and the Martells of colluding, I couldn't think of how/why they would've made contact, but Renly is a good explanation. Getting rid of the Lannisters would give the Tyrells a chance to become royalty (as well as absorb some of the westerlands into the Reach), so Renly was all for helping the Martells take them down, and being the king's brother and master of laws, he was in a good position to push for the adoption of certain Dornish laws. That said, he'd have to wait until Margaery was of marriageable age before bringing her to court so a Crown-Reach alliance could be formed as soon as Cersei and Jaime were exposed, and keep schtum in the meanwhile. Unfortunately, he was likely the one who inadvertently let LF in on it, probably by suggestively remarking how odd it was that the rousse Lysa and formerly blond Jon had a brunet baby, to which LF was like "oh please, by that logic we should suspect Cersei of having an affair because none of Robert's kids look like him...OH FU-" and then made sure to give Renly no cause to dislike him. If Jon ever found out about Cersei's infidelity then he may've eventually wondered who gave Robin his brown hair, he was already on the Martell's shitlist and Renly probably thought he'd have a shot at becoming Hand if he died, so he introduced LF to the Martells, who could be where he got the tears of Lys from as well as the strangler.
Even if I'm wrong about everything else, I can't believe the Martells had nothing to do with the Purple Wedding. The Ghost of High Heart's PW vision was not of a maid with roses or mockingbirds in her hair, but serpents. Along with that, there's Joffrey's "face turning as black as a Dornish plum" and that spoon of lemon cream. Getting away from the symbolic stuff, whoever made the hairnet had to be someone who knows how to handle poison, is talented in the textile arts and has connections in the Reach so they could easily get it to LF while he was there. Know anyone who fits that description?
In one hand was a piece of embroidery she had been working on, in the other a pair of golden needles. AFFC The Captain Of Guards
He caught some vipers and showed Tyene the safest way to milk them for their venom....Arianne Martell had crossed the Mander once, when she had gone with three of the Sand Snakes to visit Tyene's mother. AFFC The Queenmaker
The Martells wanted Joffrey dead so they could instigate a Lannister civil war over who succeeds him and wanted Tyrion and Sansa in Dorne for a whole host of possible reasons, so had Shae testify against them to drive Tyrion to demand a trial by combat and give Shae an excuse to visit Tywin. The Tyrells wanted Joffrey dead for Margaery's sake and didn't exactly need Tyrion to die; his unconsummated marriage with Sansa could've been set aside and he would've vacated his small council seat no matter how his trial went. LF is the only PW plotter who really wants Tyrion dead, not just so Sansa can remarry, but because Tyrion has a dagger to pick with him and also knows about his dodgy dealings as master of coin. In the end, none of them got exactly what they wanted: Oberyn died on the Martells, Sansa vanished on the Tyrells, and Tyrion vanished on LF.
"—I know who the dwarf is, and what he is." Her black eyes turned to Tyrion, hard as stone. "Kinslayer, kingslayer, murderer, turncloak. Lannister." She made the last a curse. ADWD Tyrion VII
Why would an old courtesan who was trained in Yunkai and has lived most of her life in Volantis give a shit about the Lannisters, let alone hate them enough to make their name a curse? It can't be because of Tyrion, since she'd already listed his crimes, so it must be due to another Lannister. Maybe a Lannister killed a loved one during TWOTNK? Volantis didn't really take part in the war though. Maybe she met the mother of Robert's Casterly Rock twins? The only source we have on that story is LF, and it seems more Cersei's style to have the mother killed along with the children, like Barra and her mother. Maybe a loved one was among the slaves Gerion bought for his trip to the Doom? Much more probable. It could be as simple as Gerion buying slaves for a suicide mission that pissed her off, or maybe he went to her for help and left a bad impression.
Her list of Tyrion's sins keeps me from settling on Gerion though. Kinslayer is in regards to Tywin and kingslayer Joffrey, but what of murderer and turncloak? Turncloak is likely in reference to him turning against his family, but calling him a murderer after calling him a kin- and kingslayer is pretty redundant, unless she's talking about a non-family member he had murdered. But who has Tyrion killed that she would care about?
Oberyn went to Lys in 274 and by 277 had returned to Westeros to conceive Tyene in the Reach. Nym was born in 275, so she must've been conceived pretty early in his travels. Amazing how he managed to not only seduce a beautiful Volantene noble so quickly but then retrieved baby Nym, likely from behind the Black Wall, before returning to Westeros. I wonder if he had any help, perhaps from someone who had lived behind the Black Wall after seducing her own Old Blood lover?
Seeing as we know nearly nothing about the Martell family from Maron and the first Daenerys to Neria and her consorts, I think it's fair to theorise the widow is somehow related to Oberyn. Along with her hatred for the Lannisters, her disdain for knights and claim that she's known a dozen of them hints at a strong familiarity with Westeros. Just because she was trained in Yunkai doesn't mean she's from there, just as not all Unsullied are from Astapor. She could be a lost Martell for all we know, a distant cousin from the line of one of the first Daenerys' multiple children, stolen by slavers at a young age. There's "something reptilian" about her "bright and black" eyes according to Tyrion, the same man who described Oberyn's viper eyes as "black and shiny as pools of coal oil" (ASOS Tyrion V). She's described as vulpine i.e. like a fox, another animal with vertically slit pupils. There's also quite a few similarities between her and the captain of Adventure, who Quentyn almost hired to take him to Meereen.
The Adventure's master recognized the accent and responded in the Common Tongue of Westeros..."I am no stranger to Meereen. I could find the city again, aye…but why? There are no slaves to be had in Meereen, no profit to be found there. The silver queen has put an end to that. She has even closed the fighting pits, so a poor sailor cannot even amuse himself as he waits to fill his holds. Tell me, my Westerosi friend, what is there in Meereen that you should want to go there?"...The captain showed his teeth in something that might have been intended as a smile though it gave his narrow face a feral look. ADWD The Merchant's Man
She spoke the Common Tongue with only a trace of accent..."And what business is that, I wonder? Not slaves, the silver queen has put an end to that. She has closed the fighting pits as well, so it cannot be a taste for blood. What else could Meereen offer to a Westerosi knight? Bricks? Olives? Dragons? Ah, there it is." The old woman's smile turned feral.
Quentyn and Co. stayed in the Merchant's House, the widow's home and headquarters, whose inkeep told them of Adventure's master. Weird that they were there about three weeks but never even heard of the widow. Weirder still that Doran never told them of her, seeing as both he and Oberyn had visited Volantis, but if you believe Preston's theory that Quentyn's quest was meant to fail, it makes perfect sense. Perhaps Adventure's master is a widow's son, literally or figuratively, tasked with further delaying their journey.
So, if the widow is a Martell or at least an ally, this would explain her hatred for Lannisters and knights, since it was a knight of Lannister loyalty that killed Elia, her children and Oberyn. And calling Tyrion a murderer? Well, Shae and Satin had to learn how to keep their targets happy from someone. Qyburn must've told Doran Tyrion killed Shae, meaning Tyrion is now on their list, so that explains why the widow told him and Jorah to get on a ship doomed to sink. But what about Penny? Why would the widow let her go with them, especially since she seemed to pity her and even had her brought up to her rooms? I'll try and likely fail to answer all that in Part 5.
TLDR: Doran's predecessor started the Dornish Master Plan. Renly allied with the Martells and introduced them to Littlefinger. The Martells played a much bigger part in the Purple Wedding than has been currently revealed in the books. The widow of the waterfront is also a Martell ally and possibly related to them.
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2020.09.30 21:29 CanadaCruiser Tofino: Canada's bohemian backwater

Great article on CNN today
Tofino, British Columbia (CNN) — Daybreak in Tofino, Canada, is measured in layers of fog. This time of year, the mist often rolls in, shrouding the dense cedar forests and wide, sandy beaches in gray gauze.
My daughter and I have wandered from the coziness of our room at Hotel Zed into the damp morning to follow a trail that leads through the silent forest to a bird sanctuary. I'm hoping to see a wolf fishing for breakfast on the mudflats of the Tofino Inlet at low tide or a bald eagle perched high in an alder tree.
"Find an eagle feather," the hotel's psychic had counseled me the day before on a Zoom call (because, Covid), when I told her I was hoping to recapture the bohemian energy of my youth while visiting a town synonymous with free spiritedness.
"It's not just peace, love, hug a tree," she said. "How do you want to experience Tofino? What will happen if you just let it rip?"
What, indeed? And so, with no wolves or eagle feathers in sight, we climb onto beach cruisers, point them toward Chesterman Beach, and pedal madly into the fog, wet sand splattering our clothes.
Over the next few days, we'll surf, forage, stuff our faces with local seaweed and seafood and, yes, even hug an 800-year-old cedar tree.

Nature's balm

Like so many others, we've come to Tofino seeking nature's balm — the past six months of pandemic isolation have been hard. But even before Covid-19, this tiny hamlet of 2,000 was having a travel moment. Located on a thumb-shaped peninsula that juts out from Vancouver Island's west coast, the former fishing and logging town has been growing in popularity for decades.
People from all over the world come to kayak and paddleboard in Clayoquot Sound, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. They come to hike the rainforest trails in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.
Increasingly, they come to surf Tofino's trio of wide, sandy beaches with consistent whitewash that makes it possible for newbies to actually stand on their boards. Some even come to find themselves; it's not uncommon to meet millennials living in a van while they work three jobs, surf and forage for chanterelles in the forest.
What all of these pursuits have in common is nature. You can, literally, bathe in the ocean and rainforest, breathe fresh, cedar-scented air, live off the land, maintain distance from other humans and pretend the world is A-OK, man.
Tofino is Canada's original hippie town, and it's still the crunchiest place in the country.

A haven for draft dodgers and misfits

"It's a very diverse, very small community. It's a pioneer town; loggers and fishermen and people wanting to escape society," says Charles McDiarmid, managing director of the Wickaninnish Inn. McDiarmid grew up in Tofino — his father was one of the town's original doctors — and he's seen it evolve from an isolated village with just a coffee shop, liquor store, hotel and hospital, into a traveler's Shangri-La. The metamorphosis began in the 1970s, after Pacific Rim National Park opened and the road to town was finally paved.
"That started a wave of more people coming to Tofino as tourists, camping on the beaches. Also, all the 'conscientious objectors' came too. ... the U.S. hippies and draft dodgers came and they formed communes — they were afraid the US government would hunt them down. Many made this their home and they stayed," says McDiarmid. "And everyone with a VW van drove to the end of the road, and we were the end of the road."
One of those hippies was Maureen Fraser, who arrived from Toronto in her Ford Econoline van in 1976. She'd fallen in love with Tofino on a previous trip and vowed to move to town and open a bakery after she couldn't find a cinnamon bun anywhere.
"It just captured me — walking on the beach, the waves rolling in," says Fraser, who initially lived in a beach shack.
Over 40 years later, she's still making bread at her bakery, Common Loaf Bake Shop (and she's still not wearing makeup or a bra). Fraser defied the hippie stereotype by starting a successful business, and she surprised herself by becoming an activist.

The birth of BC environmentalism

During the 1980s, logging company MacMillan Bloedel had plans to clear-cut Meares Island, a looming isle across the inlet that supplies Tofino with its fresh water. The company also aimed to log large tracts of old-growth rainforest ringing Clayoquot Sound, Tofino's surrounding body of water whose inlets and islets imbue the area with a mystical, elfin beauty. Fraser was soon organizing protests with like-minded hippies and other Tofino residents, along with the local Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation.
"It was your classic hippies against your classic rednecks," recalls Fraser. "We lobbied for forest preservation and argued that logging would damage tourism, which was just getting underway."
The heated disagreement culminated in 1993 with the War in the Woods, a series of peaceful logging protests that turned into one of the largest acts of civil disobedience in Canadian history.
More than 900 protesters were arrested, including Fraser's 9-year-old son. The publicity created national support for British Columbia's environmental movement. Though logging still takes places, Meares Island was saved.
You'd never know Tofino was once a hotbed of protest today. Station wagons and vans with surfboards affixed to their roof racks line the streets.
Locals form impromptu coffee klatches outside the Tofitian and Rhino Coffee House to shoot the breeze before heading to work or hitting the water.
Tourists enter souvenir shops and art galleries as the summer season winds down. Everyone is friendly.

he hippie spirit lives on

But undercurrents of that rebellious spirit are everywhere. A "[email protected] Amazon" flyer is tacked to the bulletin board beside the local bookseller. Inside Common Loaf Bake Shop, a feminist sign reads: "I swear it to you on my common woman's head, the common woman is as common as a common loaf of bread — and will rise." Tofino is refreshingly free of chain businesses, with no Starbucks or McDonald's outlets blighting the downtown's salt-kissed, clapboard main street. Perhaps most tellingly, guys sport man buns. And until last fall when it was dismantled, Poole's Land, a hippie commune just outside of town, provided an affordable refuge for wayfarers trying on the Tofino lifestyle. Travelers and transient workers could pitch a tent and pitch in on the forested acreage, and purportedly get paid in magic mushrooms, if that was their currency.
The lack of affordable housing has long been a town issue, one that Hotel Zed is trying to address by offering accommodation for its staff.
The hotel also speaks to the town's hippie heritage, with a 1970s color palette, shag carpet in a sunken lobby and a psychic den for tarot card readings.
"It's a little bohemian," allows Mandy Farmer, Tofino's only female hotelier. She hates "boring" hotels and wanted to bring a psychedelic experience to the new property.
Since magic mushrooms weren't an option, she opted for a psychic.
That ability to break with convention draws people to the town. Myles Beeby ditched a career in marketing in Montreal to move west three years ago. At the time, he never would have described himself as a hippie.
"Moving to Tofino has changed me. I'm a tree-loving, eco-warrior who organizes beach clean ups," he says. He bikes to work, and forages for mushrooms in his spare time.

Living the locavore life

Since everyone seems to be doing it, my daughter and I join Paul Moran, a chef and fifth-generation forager who leads classes to teach locals and visitors how to identify edible items from the sea and forest. We peel tasty nori from the slick sea rocks of Frank Island at low tide and learn to spot "choice edible" mushrooms, including hedgehogs and chanterelles, growing in the woods just a few miles from town.Moran explains how mushroom foraging has gone from a hippy-dippy oddity to a mainstream movement. Not only are 'shrooms delicious and healthy, chefs and bartenders are crazy for them. And hyperlocal ingredients are hot — restaurateurs around town all practice a philosophy of sustainability and intention around sourcing their food — from foraging their rainforest backyard to buying lingcod and salmon from local fishermen to getting meat and vegetables from Vancouver Island producers. But at its heart, foraging is another way to connect with nature. "People want that back to the land experience," says Moran as we cut bright orange-yellow chanterelles from the damp forest floor.

Surfers: the modern hippies

It's a similar story with surfing. Twenty or 30 years ago, surfers were just a small element of Tofino's diverse community.
Now, thanks to surf schools such as Surf Sister, whose all-female instructors have helped make the sport more accessible to women, surf boards and wetsuits have sprouted up around town like mushrooms.
As most Tofitians like McDiarmid will affirm: "The modern hippie usually has a surfboard." And rides a bike.
Natasha Baert thinks that surf culture is just the latest iteration of Tofino's unorthodox, nature-based lifestyle.
Her mom started Tofino Sea Kayaking in 1988, when Baert was 18, and she's seen the town evolve from a hippie haven, to an environmental flashpoint, to a sea kayaking hotspot after a write-up in Outside magazine. Now, surfing is having its moment.
But it circles back to the original surf bums and hippies who made their way to this remote outpost 50 years ago in the first place, to live on (or near) empty beaches ringed by rainforest, and live their lives on their own terms. That's still a big draw for Tofitians today.
"It's the idea of freedom that the west coast represents. It's not constrained. It's very unconventional out here and people want to find that in themselves," says Baert. "Tofino is this template where that can happen."
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Ella Fitzgerald - The Man I Love - YouTube Adrien Moignard 'The Man I Love' en Session live TSFJAZZ ... Billie Holiday - The man I love - YouTube Peggy Lee - The Man I Love (VA Lady Sings The Blues) - YouTube 'The Man I Love' Barbra Streisand - YouTube Hindi Zahra - The Man I Love (Unplugged) - YouTube Billie Holiday - The Man I Love - YouTube Dirty Dancing 'Do You Love Me' & 'Love Man' Dance Scene ... The Man I Love (Original 1927 Orchestration) - Rebecca ... The Man I Love - The Normal Heart (2014) - YouTube

CopperKnob - A Man Is In Love - Maggie Gallagher (UK ...

  1. Ella Fitzgerald - The Man I Love - YouTube
  2. Adrien Moignard 'The Man I Love' en Session live TSFJAZZ ...
  3. Billie Holiday - The man I love - YouTube
  4. Peggy Lee - The Man I Love (VA Lady Sings The Blues) - YouTube
  5. 'The Man I Love' Barbra Streisand - YouTube
  6. Hindi Zahra - The Man I Love (Unplugged) - YouTube
  7. Billie Holiday - The Man I Love - YouTube
  8. Dirty Dancing 'Do You Love Me' & 'Love Man' Dance Scene ...
  9. The Man I Love (Original 1927 Orchestration) - Rebecca ...
  10. The Man I Love - The Normal Heart (2014) - YouTube

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