Dating ware

Corning Ware Marks and Mayhem - General Dating of Corning Ware Back Stamps I think it's time to touch on the dates associated with certain marks. I have avoided this subject, primarily because with Corning Ware, it is not an exact science. The Hub Machine began forming Corning Ware at the Martinsburg plant in 1961, but there were other plants ... Taylor Ware’s Boyfriend. Taylor Ware is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Taylor had at least 1 relationship in the past. Taylor Ware has not been previously engaged. Her younger brother, Harrison, is also a singer and yodeler. According to our records, she has no children. Who is Taylor Ware dating? Taylor Ware is currently single, according to our records. The American Country Singer was born in Franklin on September 17, 1994. American country music singer and yodeler who released her self-titled debut album in 2004. Relationship status. As of 2020, Taylor Ware’s is not dating anyone. Taylor is 25 years old. Ware and Hertfordshire dating website for single men and women in Ware and surrounding counties. Free to join, photos, chat rooms, interest groups and private webmail Dating Pyrex™ Kitchenware Estimating the age of Pyrex opal glass kitchenware can most often be done by observing a few basic characteristics. While colors and styles of decoration reflected consumer tastes at the time of production, the first thing to look at is the backstamp. Wagner Ware Cast Iron: 1053 (#3) and 1056 (#6) The iron foundries would have moulds for the various pieces of cookware and over time the moulds would need to be replaced. Or through expansion the foundries would get more moulds to increase production or to make another piece of cookware. Ware's best FREE dating site! 100% Free Online Dating for Ware Singles at Our free personal ads are full of single women and men in Ware looking for serious relationships, a little online flirtation, or new friends to go out with. Start meeting singles in Ware today with our free online personals and free Ware chat! 3. Dating Script (From $149.95). Dating Script is a customisable dating solution that great content management functionality and a rich user profile system. It comes with integrated advertising features and anti-spam control. It also has a built in classifieds system and a virtual gift system that allows users to send gifts to each other. Dating Wagner cast iron can be tricky, but several clues can help you arrive at the approximate date your cookware was manufactured. Step 1 Turn over your cookware so the bottom is facing up. Make note of all markings on the bottom of the pan and their location. At various times the Wagner Manufacturing Company used curved and straight logos ... Samantha Marie Ware is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Samantha had at least 1 relationship in the past. Samantha Marie Ware has not been previously engaged. She has a brother named Chris. According to our records, she has no children.

Budget Gaming $550 to play at 1080p setting, not looking to overclock

2020.09.19 11:52 Intrepidly_Designed Budget Gaming $550 to play at 1080p setting, not looking to overclock

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
I will be using this pc mainly for some light gaming, and web browsing. Maybe a little graphic design, Photoshop and Illustrator are a must have for me. Gaming will involve playing games at 1080p, nothing higher as I'm not looking to go all out. I just want a PC with consistent framerates, no lag or stuttering. Games I play are, EU4, W2+3, Tomb Raider, Rise and Shadow, Shadow of Mordor, Assassin's Creed Rev, Brother, Origins, as well as Crusader Kings.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
Budget is $550/600
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
I'm looking to purchase the parts in November, looking at Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)
I just want, GPU, CPU, MB, RAM, PSU. and Monitor
I will be purchasing TOwer, Keyboard/mouse over the next couple weeks. Already have an OS lined for installation
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
I am in South Africa, so will be purchasing mostly through Evetech and WootWare,
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
I won't be reusing any parts. It's my first build, so everything will be new. From case to peripherals.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
I'm not interested in overclocking, just want a decent PC that will run without the need to overclock. Might overclock later on.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
In terms of storage, I'm looking at an SDD for booting, and a HDD for games. Otherwise, nothing fancy.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
I'm looking at a microATX, space wise it's a requirement. Not really looking at RGB but if it comes with the parts then I'll have them. Nothing too fancy.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
no need
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2020.09.19 02:52 MeltingDom Benedar Waxley - Regent of Wickenden (AC in comments)

Meta Information
Character Name: Benedar Waxley
Starting Title(s): Regent of Wickenden
Age: 28
Physical Description: Dark Blonde Hair kept long paired with a bushy beard, Green Eyes. Stands at 5'9" with an overweight build, clad in rich clothes.
Starting Location: Wickenden
Attribute: Diligent
Skill Points: 20
Skills: Commerce (Sta), Civil Engineering (Sta), Naval Engineering (Edu), Finances (Edu)
Mastery: Architecht
3 0 0 0 0 10 7 0
Basic Information
Birth Name: Benedar Waxley
Titles: Regent of Wickenden
Gender: Man
Date of Birth: 10th Month, 354 AC
Location: Wickenden
Culture: Andal
Religion: Faith of the Seven
Affiliations: House Waxley, House Redfort
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
Height: 5'9"
Liege: Waymar Waxley
Predecessor: N/A
Heir: De Facto Heir to the Regency is Maladon Waxley
Appearance and Character:
Benedar is a portly man, sllightly overweight with a double chin hidden under a beard of dark blonde hair. Jovial, good spirited, and not an overly proud of arrogant man, he carries himself with a warm demeanour and air. Gregarious, he speaks confidently and loudly, though always aware of others in a conversation. His dark blonde hair is worn long. He wears expensive clothes and jewellery.
Benedar is a friendly man whos interests lie in tax ledgers, town projects, ship design, and merchant almanacs, as well as in the feasting hall or library. A well learned man, he is not one for war or command, and his company is not knights and captains but rather Maesters, Septons, Merchants, and other learned men. Open minded, while he follows the Seven Benedar is curious as to the other faiths and cultures of the world.
Benedar Waxley was born the second child and son to Ser Jonothor Waxley and his wife in 354 AC. As a boy, Benedar was bright and friendly, always eager to make new friends. However when it came for martial training to start, it soon became clear Benedar would not have the makings of a warrior, like his older brother Alester seemed to have. Benedar would yelp at the slightest of bruises or yield quickly. One time, at the age of eight, he was caught trying to bribe his fellow pages to go easy on him. A month later, he got caught trying to bribe the guards who caught him. However, Benedar flourished in the Maester's room. History, culture, literature; all became great passions of his, but it was in accounts, mathematics, and architecture where he truly shined. The brightest boy in Wickenden, he excelled under Maester Perceon's instructions, and it was even entertained for a while he be sent to the citadel.
However, Benedar's childhood was not a time of peace in the Vale. At the age of six, he watched his father ride off to war against the Mountain Clans. Ser Yohn Waxley was a well respected knight and warrior, but he returned from the war with his sword arm removed and his body maimed. Though he was greviously injured, Ser Yohn didnt let this phase him. Instead he pressed on in his duties as Knight of Wickenden, and it was growing up with a strong willed father that Benedar learned a man's worth was not just in physical ability, but in his mind and resolve. Benedar loved his father, and only second to Yohn in his affections was his uncle Ser Robert Waxley, a sailor and adventurer who loved to regale his nephews and nieces with stories of his exploits. And it was Robert who led Wickendens ships in taking part in the Falcon's Gambit. Thankfully, Robert returned from the conflict alive, but being a child witnessing the Vale leaving the war having lost the Sisters not in battle but in diplomacy left an impact upon Benedar.
While his older brother Alester and his younger brother Maladon were sent to ward with knights of other Houses, Benedar remained in Wickenden where he learned more and more about the town, its different merchants and wares, and who it traded with and where. He learned about different ships, and began to track a log of all the ships he saw coming in and out of port from his bedroom window. He even began to sketch designs of his own for ships, some practical and some fantastical.
Benedar's teenage years passed without too much bother. Wickenden continued to ebb along on the coast of the Vale, his father continued to rule. However, things could not be the same forever. In 372, a few weeks shy of Benedar's 18th nameday, his father Yohn died from infections due to his old wounds, leaving Alester to ascend to the Knight of Wickenden. A couple of years later, though, Benedar would marry but tragedy struck again in 376 AC when Ser Robert Waxley's ship was caught in a storm and wrecked, killing most of the crew including Ser Robert.
When the War of the Last Dragon begun, the Vale avoided the conflict. But when they finally marched, Ser Alester led Wickenden's troops alongside his surviving uncle Ser Jasper Waxley. Benedar, know Steward of Wickenden, ruled in his brother's absence with their younger brother, now Ser Maladon Waxley, by his side. Alester and Jasper returned home unscathed, thankfully, but in 382 disaster struck. The Bloody Flux broke out in Wickenden and though as steward Benedar made efforts to quarantine the town, saving most of the town and containing the outbreak, his own family would not be safe. Alester Waxley had always had a charitable soul, and had aided the first of the ill when it was unclear what was occuring. By the time the illness had burned out, it had claimed Alester, his eldest child Jonothor, Benedar's two youngest siblings Alysanne and Richard, their mother Elinor, their uncle Jasper and his two children, as well as Maester Perceon who had long served the House.
In the aftermath, Benedar assumed the regency, naming his brother Maladon as Admiral of Wickenden's humble fleet in a gesture of good will. Though the De Jure ruler in his nephew's Waymar's name, Benedar knows he now shares power with Maladon and will have to cooperate with his brother in order to protect their House.
Recent Events
To be Expanded
354 AC: Benedar is born to Yohn Waxley and Elinor Westerling
361 AC: The War of the Burned Men begins; Yohn returns from the war badly maimed
363 AC: The Falcon's Gambit begins.
372 AC: Yohn Waxley dies from infected wounds. His eldest son, Alester, inherits as Knight of Wickenden.
374 AC: Benedar gets married.
375 AC: Benedar's eldest child, Lyessa, is born.
376 AC: Ser Robert Waxley dies in a shipwreck
377 AC: War of the Last Dragon begins.
379 AC: Benedar's second child, Eddison, is born.
382: The Bloody Flux hits Wickenden. Benedar succesfully quarantines the infected section of the town to protect most of the townfolk, but it hits his own family, killing many members of House Waxley. Waymar Waxley, a boy of only 11, ascends to the seat leaving Benedar as Regent.
Family Tree
To Be Expanded
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2020.09.17 22:34 katzass The Known Lands

To start things off I'll introduce you to the three starting islands that influence character backstory and World Knowledge as well as available playable races. To make up for limited playable races, every player gets a terrain bonus based on their starting island's terrain regardless of race or class
First we have the mainland or largest and most central island Othyx. The terrain is Mountain & the playable races include Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Humans, Gnomes, half-elves half-orcs, and Tieflings.
There are 3 areas to start here;
The Orcken Badlands known for its harsh and rocky terrain, separated from the rest of Othyx by jagged, nearly impassable mountains. Home to many Orcs & half-orcs divided into tribes by the question of whether to seek diplomacy with the council which would ensure regular, reliable trade routes to be established, or to remain independant and eventually go to war over territory. Due to the harsh soil, not much will grow so many half orcs will brave the mountains in order to bring back goods from the mainland for their families.
Cambias the heart of Othyx, but not the capital. A portside settlement that blossomed into a bustling metropolis welcoming to all walks of life. Many taverns, innkeepers & merchants set up their shops in Cambias due to the ease of access and influx of clientele and new wares. Many sailors and fishermen call this port their home as well. In the middle is Castle Cambias, home to the residing Noble of Cambias and their family(essentially like the mayor & town hall). Spreading outward from the city you will find smaller, unestablished settlements or farms.
Illyria or the Ringed City. It is called such due to the three rings making up the different districts of Illyria. The center most ring is the Political District and houses the Grand Council Hall as well as many of the Nobles and their families, it is a very exclusive district and outsiders must have papers stating their business in order to enter. The middle ring is the Education District, also referred to as the Halo of Knowledge due to the many temples, libraries, and universities that reside within its walls - some of the finest and grandest in the known lands! Many walks of life come here to study and worship. The outermost ring is the Common District as it is where the lowest class of citizens are housed in poorly made apartments and buildings that jut out at odd angles, creating a labyrinth of streets and alleys that twist back onto one another in unexpected ways. For anyone not local to this ring it is easy to get lost, those who have lived here their whole lives traverse it with ease and affectionately call this district "Hell's Circle". The closer you get to the central ring of Illyria, the more exclusive and restrictive are the passing standards for polite society(meaning its mostly populated by rich, elitist assholes)
*Hell's Circle is accompanied by Hyrn Gate or "Hell's Gate" - the only gate leading into Illyria from the rest of Othyx. The Education District has 4 gates; Nyrn, Eyrn, Syrn, and Wyrn (at each of the 4 directions), and the Political District only has 3 gates; Nyrn, Tyrn, and Cyrn (meant for Nobles, Trades & Talents, and common folk who have been summoned to the Grand Hall)
Avaryx is the second starting island which is slightly smaller and directly to the east of Othyx. The terrain is Forest & playable races include Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Humans, Gnomes and Half elves.
There are 3 areas to start here;
Ruë is the first town when entering Avaryx by water as is it started out as a portside settlement. Almost an island in itself, initially cut off from the rest of the island due to wide rivers running into the sea on either side of it, Ruë citizens built bridges to span the distance and connect them for trade to the rest of the island. Due to the limited size, Ruë remains a small town filled mostly with shops, taverns, and inns for merchants, sailors, and fisherment who aren't making the trip further into the mainlands of Avaryx, where many have homes, families, and farms throughout the forests and hills.
Giin is the next settlement between the porttown and the capital. Being about a days ride and not much more than a few houses speckling some farmland, a tavern, and an inn, Giin is basically the suburbs just outside the city limits.
Vox is the capitol of Avaryx, and home to the majority of inhabitants of this island as well as the Eastern Arm of the Council, where the appointed Noble of each settlement, race, and/or faction in Avaryx present and argue their groups issues and needs to the Council, then decide how best to remedy the matter or whether it needs to be heard by the Grand Council in Othyx. Vox is also home to the second most important university in the known lands, Universitis Vox, which contains Elven & Fae histories and lore about the world from dating well before the conscious era of man.
Last but certainly not least is the island that this quest actually starts on, Nym. (players starting from other island can use the reason that they came here to aide in the recovery of the missing heriloom, but are more than welcome/encouraged to create their own reasoning for coming to Nym as well/instead & just so happen to hear of this quest upon arrival!) The terrain types here are Coast and Mountain, and the playable races are Humans, Halflings, Gnomes, Half elves and Mountain Dwarves.
The 4 areas to start here;
D'valin Mountains where mountain dwarf clans reside. Since the war of 1123 when dwarves were initially contracted then soon enslaved by humans to build the wall as well as forge armor and weapons, D'valiin Dwarves have seceded from the Council and retained independent status in their mountains, thusly cutting them off from agricultural, political, protective, and all of the other benefits that the Council provides and ensures to all its citizens in exchange for loyalty and cooperation(ie;no civil disordewars) as well as cutting the rest of Nym, and frankly the known world, off from the best smithing out of any Dwarven clan on this plane of existence.(Aside from the cautious trades with hillside farmers for basic goods & food, most dwarves will never leave their mountain homes) Certain dwarves believe this to have been a mistake though, and that retreating from the world instead of working to improve it was a step backwards. For some, this belief is strong enough to make them leave their homelands, forgo their family name and titles in search of a new way of life(*often ending up in Nym's Harbour).
Perseid Plains make up a large part of Nym, spreading out of the mountains towards the coast. Most of the goods that come out of Nym are the agricultural products from the farms in the Plains. Many of the farmers are peaceful Gnomes, halflings, and the odd human who were former residents of Nym's capital but grew tired of the bustling of the city and constant watch from Sentinels.
Wöll is this island's capital, named such because it sprouts out of the large, stone wall that spans the length of the coast and separates the mainland from the only access point. The wall was built due to an invasion of Fire Elves and a battle that nearly destroyed the initial portside settlements of Nym. The Southern Leg of the Coucil resides here and does much the same job as the Eastern Arm. Many of the wealthier(see:more expensive) merchants, inns, and taverns are found closest to the only gate in the wall, and move to be more affordable the further away from the wall and into Nym's mainland you go. Due to the Noble families' residual paranoia about recurring invasions, despite there not being any sign of one in over a decade, a special city guard has been put in place to watch over Wöll day and night, rain or shine, especially at the gate. These city guards are known as Sentinels and aside from certain Nobles are the only ones in Nym to possess full plate armor and weaponry made by D'valiin Dwarves. They say that the armor is magicked to fit whatever wearer dons it and each suit is passed on to the next generation of Sentinel when the original wearer dies.
Nym's Harbour home to Fort Fraley and where the quest begins! Many of the shadier and cheaper merchants, innkeepers, and tavern owners set up shop in the Harbour in order to catch the first business from sailors and traders as well as, much like those who moved to the Plains, found the constant watch of sentinels to be too constricting for the types of business they wishes to conduct or lives they wished to lead. That being said, most have settled here because, other than Ol' Fraley who is a few marbles short of a bag(and a few racist gnomes), this town has shown to be the most accepting and peaceful place in Nym without having to work too hard for the aforementioned peace and acceptance.
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2020.09.17 21:19 Aesteticmedic [WTS] got a sick car and need to offload some stuff to pay her vet bill (NV)

My condenser and radiator are broken on my car and I gotta get her feeling better so time to sell off some prime medical surplus I’ve developed all items are within dates!
Chinesium 10’ free float system bought years ago when I didn’t know anything - 20$?
3 prong flash hider for 7.62 came off my POF upper never shot 20$?
SGA cheek riser kit for magpul hunter stock .25 and .50 30$?
Combat gauze 25$
8x10 ETD 10$
6” ETD 10$?
Compressed gauze non hemostatic 5$ each
Leatherman raptor Trauma sheers NIB 60$
Large abdominal ETD 6x12x12x70 15$ each
Chest seal combo pack 20$
2 pack CAT TQ I think they are gen 7 if that matters 40$
Pic rail for R700 with hardware 15$?
Target cans 3 cans to dangle and pew 20$
Thank you for looking at my wares this pleases khajiit and everyone who buys something will get a random surprise from my house...thank you all and remember if you can’t be safe be deadly
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2020.09.17 01:00 dj_warner6291988 Found a Fluff part 16

Found a Fluffy
Links to previous chapters at bottom of the post Along with Authors notes!!
Arrow the Bat Fluffy for this story is based off the artwork from u/A0ide found HERE
After you all read the chapter, Please comment.
Comments about your favorite parts or characters and why they were your favorite parts or characters. Or even your most hated parts and characters, can help me to understand what I'm doing right, as well as wrong in some cases. Or help me further realise things about characters i didn't realize i was even putting in.
And thank you all for reading!!
If you wish to be a part of the alerts list let me know. They are now posted at the bottom of the post. As always if i messed some lore or something about fluffies up please let me know in comments or in a message. I will gladly try and adapt as I can. I am still learning. Though I do have a post with my own headcanons and information from within the world.
Audrey had with the help of the extra check and the filled out blank check she finally cashed managed to purchase the large ex-dary farm. Renovations were being made on the house as they spoke and apparently in 7 weeks the house would be ready to move into. Hasbro had offered to set up the Fluffy rooms free of charge. With a request they could have cameras to watch the development of the fluffs she kept in house.
Reluctantly… Audrey agreed with the terms they could not make the video’s public and if they were even leeked to the public intentionally or unintentionally she held the right to sue for invasion of privacy… apparently with that threat the request of cameras was haulted. But the fluffy saferooms were still being set in place and the others claimed they would be in touch with constructors and Fluffy experts to help her make the barns and buildings in the fields fluffy safe.
It was now two weeks since Taffy went missing, Audrey had put out several other pleas with the public but so far… aside from some wanting to ask if she could already take in their unwanted fluffs… she had not heard anything. She however did learn the numbers for the local shelters and learned to rattle them off to the people who were asking rather quickly sounding a little short and such.
She now was getting ready to go into a interview with the news folks. She didn't like it. She had Both Arrow and Big Daddy with her. Bessy and her kids were with Pete and Burney as it seemed the old fellow was not doing to well, and pete asked if it would be alright if he spent his last few days with Bessy and the kids. Audrey was not one to deny that.
Audrey took in a deep breath and entered the interview room the man she had seen on the news before talking about her.
“Well finally nice to meet you. Do you know how hard you are to get ahold of?” The man smiled sitting down accross from her.
“Not very? I mean none from your station have tried to call me, and my number is plastered all over town on those lost posters for Taffy.” She pointed out, “Not to mention someone could have reached out on my Ask Audrey and Fluffs Blog.”
He paused and blinked, “Oh… well my appologiese i have wanted to talk with you for some time and got told it would be difficult. So… you excited for today?”
“No i feel anxious and as if my stomach could flip out my gut at any second.” she admited. Arrow began to climb up onto her lap, giving Audrey something to cuddle and pet and focus on.
“Oh well no worries this will be a relatively simple exchange. Mostly about that new shelter your making.”
She nodded and took out a breath, “Oh...ok.”
“Firstly what will it be called?” He asked.
Audrey blinked and then shook her head, “You know… i don't think i ever bothered to think of a name that part of it was so simple i never considered to think what to call it? I had focused so much on the rest of it.”
He chuckled, “Well minor details then, What about how will it be staffed?”
“Well firstly were going to do background checks of corse. I'm not about to let any animal abusers or those who have some kind of record harming fluffies join. But… Well for what its worth we already have a few workers lined up. I'm not against giving anyone a chance, just… so long as its not at risk for the fluffies.”
He gave a nod seeming impressed then looked to his card, “Oh and the rumors of you having paid a women 1600 for a fluffy?”
Audrey snorted and shook her head, “No… I seen a lady crying in the alleyway, apparently she couldn't keep her fluffy and she was at risk of losing her home due to back rent, I took milly and paid the ladies back rent. Poor milly was in need of some medical care but she is doing alright.” she pulled out her phone, “Here see? She is even up and playing with the others and having a good time with her babies. She had really bad cobblestones and such and it kept her from talking. But its all better now.” Audrey smiled proudly.
“Aw… have these been sent into the station? Can we post these?”
“Oh no… i didn't think i would be sharing them or asked about milly sorry… Oh and when dose the interview start?”
He chuckled, “it already has.”
Audrey looked to the camera and her face went pale, “Oh Geez.” She face palmed a bit.
Arrow nuzzled into her, “It otay Mumah…”
Audrey tried to pet the fluff and do what she could to answer the questions best she could.
“Well… i think everything your doing is rather nobel. Tell me though… What are you going to do when you move? If Taffy isnt found?”
Audrey frowned, “Well… he.. He is still a member of this family. I have it set up so the old landlord of the apartments if they see him they will inform me. I still have the posters up and i still will be going through the city every so often, Not just to stop off at the shelters and pick up the fluffs there who are not chipped or regisered or tagged. But… also to see if i can find him. I feel guilty. I put him in time out over him calling mocha… my brown fluff… a poopeh monster… and… Now he is gone.” she gave Arrow a gentle hug.
Big Papa let out a bored yawn.
“And taffy is… which one?” The man asked.
“Oh he is Big papa’s Kid.” She pointed to Big papa, “This fella… he and Taffy both joined us at the same time.”
The man smiled, “Well you don't look worried Mr. Why is that?”
Big Papa realized he was being spoken to and shruged, “Taffy my boy. He will be awight.”
The man nodded, “Rather sure of yourself.”
“Big papa wiv on stweets wong time. Wiv deh wong time. Taffy Was on stweets most time when bebeh, He know what i teach em.” Big Papa stated in a matter of fact tone.
“Oh... “ the man looked impressed then looked to audrey, “I do have one final question with the rumor of Cannibal Fluffies on the rise, Are you worried you will be taking in any of them on accident?”
Audrey looked confused, “I'm sorry what?”
“Cannibal Fluffies? You know Fluffies who eat other fluffies?” the man asked.
Now Big Papa’s eyes were wide and looking at the man, “Deh...deh wad wunded off! Why dem Back!” he now seemed as anxious as Audrey.
When the interview was over Audrey went out to her car which still… was the beater car, and when the News man seen it he laughed, “Wait… couldn't you have afforded a better car?”
Audrey nodded, “i could have. But… there was no reason, the Farm and fluffies needs the money more then me.”
She put Arrow in the carrier with Big Papa And got in. She had already been quite worried he was already dead. But… Cannibal Fluffies ontop of everything else? She swallowed. Her chances of Getting taffy back were getting lower and lower.
Big Papa and Arrow were left at the apartment with Milly and the foals. Mato was now playing happily with Mocha and the others though they still were much smaller then the other foals their age.
“We haf find Taffy.” Big papa stated going to the window and realizing he couldn't get it open.
“Audwy hab been twying.” Arrow pointed out, “An we Nu know wawe he am.”
“Awow. Me wef him at Dat Awwy. Wawe Ou found Me and Taffy befor. We need go search. We need find him. He cant be out dew wif dose fings.” he began pasing the apartment looking for a way out.
Candyfluff looked confused, “you… you sent him away…? But why?”
Big Papa sighed, “Fought he needed it. Fought he would spend few nights maybeh weeks out dew and would come back when it got bad. No Fink him gunna go foweba sweepies. Fought him just get few sowwy hoovies.”
Booger walked over, “Dew was some pwobwems when ou had weft de awwy’s. Booger hear dat some were going to weave deh awwy and go to feiwds out near pawk. Would hab weft some pwaces open fow dose fings to hab bebehs in.” he still seemed a bit hesitant to talk to Big Daddy but since him and Candyfluff had shown up it seemed whatever “bad blood” was between them was ether ignored or forgotten.
Big Papa looked to the window and got up on his chair and began to kick at the glass. Determined to brake it. However… this was stopped when Audrey walked in with some take out food.
“What the heck is going on?!” she rushed over and scooped up Big Daddy.
“Need fin Taffy!” he said honestly, “Cant be out dew wif dose fings.”
Audrey sighed, “I know… i'm sorry big guy. I have been trying to look for him we have searched just about every ware and have put out fliers and more.”
“Big papa go out dew find Taffy.”
“Awow go To!” she said stepping up with puffed out cheeks, “Awow scawy to dose fwuffy’s on stweets me hewp keep scawy fings away.”
Audrey’s eyes softened, “Well… tomorrow… we will get out the harness’s and leashes and we will all go out looking alright? Its not going to do us any good to go running out there with it still dark out.” she pointed out.
Big Papa seemed to sigh, he got down and found his bed and curled up in it.
Audrey frowned, “I'm sorry Big Guy.”
The interview had ben scheduled to record at the but crack of dawn. So it was a few hours before the sun was up. When it did finally go up. She had Arrow, Big Papa, Mocha who now stood about as tall as Arrow, and Booger all in harness’s and ready to go Big Papa leading the group.
The landlady watched in amazment as the dustball of fluffs were pulling along Audrey who was still having her coffee, “Do not be bringing home anymore ya hear!” the landlady laughed watching them.
Big papa dragged her down a lot of alleyways she didn't think to check and places Audrey despite having walked so meany of the streets before had not even known of.
They were about to head down a alley way when Big Papa froze. Audrey looked and… there was what looked to be a fluffy masicar or the remains of… some form of animal attack or something. Audrey swallowed, “He… probably wasnt in that.” she stated.
Arrow was sheilding Mocha’s eyes bug looking over the remains as was Booger and Big Papa, “no… none him.” Big Papa confirmed, “Teef is wong.” he pointed...they were all sharp.
Audrey looked confused but didn't have time to dwell on it as the fluffy heard dragged her down even more alleys and paths, stopping ot see a man refilling a Foal for Food machin and a fluffy with one leg missing and a eye gone happily feeding there.
“Hi… uh…” She noticed him sorting out the fluffs, “Odd question but…” She flicked through her phone and foudn the picture, “Have you seen this fluffy?”
The man emptying the machin raised a brow but looked he seemed to think and shook his head, “Nope there is a little grayish brown one who comes through here often, Smart little bugger but nothing that pretty. Why there a reward for him?” the guy chuckled.
Audrey sighed and nodded, “At this point i'm honestly considering putting one out for whoever finds Taffy for me.”
He seemed impressed, “Well ill keep my eye out if he is around here i may spot him. If i do...can i have your number?”
Audrey handed it over to the fellow, “He is a little head strong, but he is a good fluffy. And…” She glanced at what he was doing.
The guy looked over and chuckled, “I collect the unwanted foals, sell the good ones to homes, and the bad color ones i give to pet stores and things...well some times.”
Audrey paused thinking, “I'm get sickly ones in to… you cant take in, and some are probably more expensive to give shots to insure they are healthy for dog treats and things...right?”
He paused and looked over to her, “Lady i get over 50 foals in a week. You really think you can save them all?”
If Audrey could puff out her cheeks this would be the time, “I'm sorry sir. You must not have recognised me. I'm the Cruela De Vil slayer, and One who is about to open a full on Farm for these fluffs. So… no. I don't think i can save all fluffies. I'm not about to be a idiot and say i can, But i would appriciate it if you didn't laugh at what i'm doing.”
He looked over giving Audrey another look up and down, “oh...uh.”
“I got 7 weeks till i can move into the farm and we will be working on the barns and things. After that … maybe 3 months tops if you get in any sickly ones and things and i have the vets to staff and people to aid, i will be willing to work with you to take any you would normally kill or give to the pet stores as food or chew toys. Deal?” Audrey’s voice was a little cold but firm.
The man looked and seen ¾ of the heard giving him a similar hard look, while Mocha was noticing a speck in the light beam and for lack of better term was “off in left field some ware”
“Oh. Ya that… kinda works, Winter is about to get here and i get a influx of scwawny or sickly foals. I would be more then willing to work with you.” he admited and swallowing a bit as he was feeling a bit of unease at the sight, “Those three...aren't attack fluffies are they?”
“No but they grew up on the streets, so may be a little rougher then most fluffs.” she admited.
He gave a nod, “cool… cool.” he relaxed a bit.
Audrey gave the leash’s a light tug, “come on you guys Taffy isnt here.”
With that the group left the ally heading for the street. Seeming to be a little disheartened and Worried.
“Ok… so… we checked everyware right? I mean… is there any place you guys may think of that i can…” Audrey felt her heart wrenching ware could Taffy possibly be.
“Awow wemebew de shed. . .” she stated with a sigh, “Nu know if Taffy go dew…”
Audrey looked confused but Big Papa pirked up and began to lead the group down and away from the main street. Down a side road and behind a bunch of the main road buildings… it began to give way to some more suburban houses that looked some what questionable.
Audrey was exhausted she seemed tired but she was going to go search as long as these fluffs were willing to. Eventually they got to a old house that seemed up for sale, Out on the porch was a Man who had with him a pink alicorn, and a pink unicorn with black streeks in her hair.
Arrow and Big papa both paused blinking.
The two mares looked over and then cheered, “Sissy! Papa!”
Both Audrey and the man on the porch looked at each other very … very confused.
He eventually came down and began to talk with Audrey… asking about the alicorn mother and if she knew of them. Or… why or how the little family seemed to be hugging and crying, From Big Papa happy to see his daughters safe and happy, to Arrow who seemed happy to see her sisters who were not so mean to her in her youth.
“So… My mothers pet cast out and kept one of her babies secret from us, and this fellow was just rying to … well now i feel bad there sir.” he squatted down and pet Big Papa, “So what brings you lot here? Family reunion?”
Audrey shook her head and informed him of the fluffy she was looking for and showed the picture. But it seemed they had not seen him.
“Sorry, But i will warn there have been a lot of strays out around here lately. They seemed to have moved fromt he street roads out here. So i will keep my eyes out.” he smiled.
Audrey nodded, “Thank you. I appreciate it.”
After exchanging numbers so they could set up visits and things They were searching all the suburban areas, Seeing places ware some had chickens and they were being fed pleeding foals, Mocha thankfully was easily distracted through that area.
“Stupid Hooman! Dis Smawty pwace!” a pegasus stalion stood infront of Audrey and Mocha who looked scared, and 3 Fluffies who looked ready for a fight. Booger with his horn pointed at the other and making motions as if he were ready to slice the other or ram him, Big Papa who was pawing at the ground snorting, and Arrow who had open her wings and Hissed.
The “Smarty” cowered and shook, “n-no… no am scawed…”
A voice at the near by house began to call, “Benny! Come on your favorite show is on and i don't want you to miss it, we just got pizza!”
“S-smawty weaving cus show on… not cus i'm scawed.” they ran as fast as their four hooves could manage. The little Trio looked proud of themselves and Arrow did her best to comfort Mocha.
By the time they had gotten home after everything… it was hours past dark. Audrey had to carry Mocha as he had never walked that long before in his life. Arrow sighed and like the others waited for her harness to be removed.
One by one the fluffs took their spots, Arrow laid upon the bed ware Bessy and her would snuggle, Mocha curling up beside her. Booger by Candyfluff ware he nuzzled her and watched his young play. And Big Daddy going to his seat by the window watching out it. As if hoping to now catch a glimpse of Taffy.
Audrey frowned, “I'm sorry You guys. We… can try to keep looking? I have some meetings coming up this week. But aside from that we can keep searching.” she sighed, over all the calls on the fliers had more or less stopped… and she knew there was little hope of someone calling saying they found him. But… she was not about to just give up on them.
Authors Notes:
Ok, im sorry this one is a bit shorter then my others. However i sadly just could not think of anything else to show from the groups pov... after this the probable time they will be seen again is after the move and into the new farm house.

Also i had a kid screaming in my ear as i was about to post this and got frustrated... the spelling errors were not fixt this time around im sorry. ill try to clean it up at a later date.
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2020.09.16 03:51 GertieGuss Sims games I wish existed - what would you add?

Because they don't exist, and I'm entertaining myself with the thoughts, I figured I'd post some Sims worlds/neighbourhoods I would love to play in. What are your thoughts?
Sims Flapper Era in London:
Your neighbourhood is cobbled streets, Victorian buildings, gas-lit arched walkways, jazz dance halls, tiny apartments or large townhouses for the rich. A horse-drawn wagon to take your wares to your shop, buggies for a bit more cash, or a new-fangled car one of your servants can drive that you house in a converted stables off the mews behind your expensive home. A factory job born out of the industrial revolution might be all you can get, but if you work hard to get an education you might be able to be a secretary or get a job as a bookkeeper. With better education of your children, they might take advantage of new social climbing possibilities to become new money as a lawyer or shop owner. Candles are a cheap way to light your home, but gas is already piped throughout the city if you can afford it, and electricity and telephone lines are available in the richer parts of town. Are your baths still taken in a washstand, or have you saved enough to get plumbing installed? The outfits are out of date or dapper, and, once you earn enough, there are new innovations and stylish furnishings to aspire to.
Sims Enlightenment in Paris:
Maybe you have a life of luxury in the cleaner parts of the city where your skirts are too wide for some settees or doorways, or maybe you work down in the ditches as a tanner, and if you do that too long you catch a potentially curable ague. There's the old apothecaries that trade in whimsical cures, and the new field of science. You might have enough money to send your eldest child to the university, where they may make a name for themselves as a philosopher, but your younger children will get a decent start, all the same, in the monastery. And I hear wine-making in the countryside around the town is good business.
Sims Middle Ages in a Mott-and-Bailey:
Someone needs to be the noble in the keep, someone needs to be the tax collector no one likes, someone needs to own the tavern, and someone needs to grow the food. If you're of a class good enough, you can buy land in the village, become a knight, run the apothecary, or be a dressmaker. If you're a peasant you might need to dig your own latrine a ways away from the crops you grow and sell at market - but there's room for you to advance if you learn writing and arithmetic or manage to marry well. Your home might be built out of wattle and daub, if that's all you can afford, with a thatch roof, but it can be upgraded to add ambience with jettied-out stories of half-timbered walls or a big stone manor house you've worked hard to earn. Problem with thatch roofs is when it rains hard your cats and dogs might fall through poorly-maintained sections, and if you don't keep your fire stoked through winter you could end up with gammy feet the apothecary or local wise-person might be able to remedy.
Sims Post-Apocalyptic/Steampunk:
The end of the world we knew has resulted in only small parts of the globe remaining habitable, and recycled technology is what you've got to work with. The neighbourhood is a multi-level built structure, access to lower floors where housing is cheaper by ladder and concealed hatch, where the homes with clean air are available only as apartment-style residences. You can take your chances, though, if you have the innovative know-how, with creating your own house outside of the city, but you'd better get your air-purifier up to scratch before the sickness claims you.
Sims Empire in Rome:
Live in a city where the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and The Forum are relatively new and open as a daily part of life. Enjoy life in villas with open gardens surrounded by ample rooms, or erect your own modest dwelling on the edges of town if you haven't the money. Get involved in trade by sea or by land.
...Etcetera. What would you like to play?
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2020.09.16 00:59 dj_warner6291988 Found a Fluff Part 15

Found a Fluffy
Links to previous chapters at bottom of the post.
Arrow the Bat Fluffy for this story is based off the artwork from u/A0ide found HERE After you all read this chapter, Please comment.
Comments about your favorite parts or characters and why they were your favorite parts or characters. Or even your most hated parts and characters, can help me to understand what I'm doing right, as well as wrong in some cases. Or help me further realise things about characters i didn't realize i was even putting in.
And thank you all for reading!!
Also if you wish to be a part of the alerts list let me know. They are now posted at the bottom of the post. As always if i messed some lore or something about fluffies up please let me know in comments or in a message. I will gladly try and adapt as I can. I am still learning. Though I do have a post with my own headcanons and information from within the world. found HERE
Audrey was sitting in the van she was looking worried, but it seemed as they were going along. Everything almost seemed to be going in slow motion for her. Big Papa was looking as if he had a bloody nose, he was said to have broken ribs he seemed to be trying to rest. Audrey was shaking, Arrow nosed under Audrey’s hand and nuzzled as if trying to get the Human to pet her.
Audrey picked up Arrow and nuzzled her trying to find comfort and answer in what was happening.
It was another hour. Her sitting in the waiting room with the boxes of both Bessy and her babies, and Milly and hers. Arrow in her arms trying her best to comfort and cheer up her Human.
Some people had noticed her, one child had tried to ask Audrey what was wrong but their parents pulled them back whispering that it's not right to ask that of a crying person.
Little tomato baby began to peep and cry again. Audrey looked down; she didn't even realise she was still holding the bottle and sniffled picking up the tiny foal she gently rubbed its belly as they drank hungrily.
Arrow sat on Audrey’s lap watching and when the small baby it seemed seemed to fuss and fight with the want to eat she got close and took the foal beginning to clean them and hold them… helping like she seen Bessy do with the little ones when they were too little to do it themselves she helped the little one empty some things then nosed them back to Audrey, “ bedder now.” She said softly knowing Audrey was still needing something to focus.
After a bit the Vet lady came out, “ok… he is stable… he is… honestly i don't know how he isn't dead yet. Or how he managed to walk home with a broken leg and a busted rib. But he is strong it seems and will be alright.”
Audrey let out a sigh of relief, and smiled, “Thank you.”
She smiled, “of course, and since we have the others here, you still want me to get the little ones up to date on shots and give that little one in your hands a look over?”
Audrey nodded, “you think we can-”
Before she could finish her sentence there was a voice, “Hay stop!” and someone falling over something.
While Big Papa hobbled out from the hall behind the lady and over to Audrey he sat between her legs like a well trained fluff. The aid ran out after him then looked amazed, “oh… ok…” they slowly went back in.
Arrow lept down, hugged him, and began to groom her father as if to try and calm herself down as well as comfort him.
Audrey relaxed a bit, “ya lets get that all done since we're here. No point in wasting your time.” she seemed a bit sheepish for having panicked so hard.
“Mama look at him, he looks like a night sky, can i pet him?” the child in the waiting room asked.
“Hus child. No. He is hurt, do you see his cast and bandage?” the mother pointed out.
Some people were recording with their phone mostly as a Look who uses my vet office thing, and others showing video of the wounded fluffy and tiny runt alicorn in Audrey’s hand.
After this… it seemed a relatively quick visit. The foals all being spayed or neutered and all given shots. All but the alicorn. they seemed to be too weak for any surgeries. But they were looked over and after given their shots it was recommended some antibiotics for them.
Bessy had been stressed watching the vet very intently and at first had even escaped her box and head butted the vet in the ankle to protect her babies. Audrey had to hold her after That.
Milly it seemed was very meek but watched with worry as her babies were given shots and such. And after a check up it was deemed the poor thing had an infection in her throat as well as something called cobblestones in the back of her throat that made it very hard for her to talk.
Before Leaving Audrey opted to have all the Fluffies Chipped and tagged so even the babies had collars upon their neck. She did not want to risk anything further. And when they got home… she took to the internet. Figuring with the help of many eyes she may have the best chance to find Taffy then any other.
She had been given a few suggestions and some tips. She quickly went to lock the window realizing… they had spent so much time at the vet…it was dark. And, she still did not have her car. She swore under her breath as Big Papa hobbled over to her.
“Awdwy otay? Awdwy need huggies?” he seemed to look sad.
Audrey sighed, “I… I think I'm going to camp out here in the living room with you tonight.” she admitted biting her lip, “Maybe we can watch a movie and eat some spaghetti what do you think?” she offered, her voice still sounding sad and almost melancholy.
Mocha perked up as did the 4 of Milly’s bebeh’s, “Movie! Skettehs!!” they cheered.
Audrey put in a care bear movie from her youth. And made some spaghetti to share with the herd. She brought out some pillows and blankets from her room so she could sit in the middle of the room and rest there… Doing her best to try and insure that all of them were safe and sound.
Audrey seemed to not have a great rest. She seemed to have woken up every 2 hours checking on all the fluffs. And feeding the one she deemed Tomato.
By morning she had already dressed knowing full well she wasn't going to get any sleep. She had checked, double checked and triple checked all the windows to insure they were locked and safe. She had refilled the auto feeders and topped off the water bowls. She had washed the dishes, remade her bed and cleaned everything she could without waking the fluffs.
When they woke up she gave both Mato and Milly their medicine, and spent a little while playing with them and the others making sure she spent time playing with each and every one. She noticed the 3 cow fluffs from Bessy were starting to get their horn nubs. The little girls had the same type of horns as their mother it seemed with the color of their dad, but their brother.. He had the two horns on each side. But also one dead center of his head. The black and white foal seemed to be hornless.
“Three horns?” Was Burney part unicorn? She shook her head and she would inform Pete later… right now she had a fluff to find.
“Ok everyone, it's almost noon. I need to get down to that shop and get my car, I'll take Mato with me since they will have a few feedings between then and now. Everyone be safe, and I will be back before dark. Milly i will get you your medicine when i get back.'' She then picked up her purse and used an old scarf to make a sling to put Mato in it and put a bottle of milk in her purse in a small lunch bag to keep cold with a Syringe bottle for the tiny fluffy.
Audrey locked the door behind her, then went down and explained everything to the landlady in detail this way if she saw Taffy at the door. Or if she saw someone coming in with them they could be let in or she could get them.
She began to speed walk to her car when she got a call.
“Hello?” Audrey answered her brows frowned, “No… he isn't a green fluffy with yellow hair, was there not a colored picture on the flier?... ok well does the fluffy your asking about look like the one on the flier? … Ok… so why do you call and get my hopes up? … ma’am I'm sorry your fluffy is old, but I at the moment live in an apartment and have several fluffies of my own. I AM working on a shelter but have not gotten that up. Try calling an actual shelter.” She hung up. And growled finally reaching the car.
She got in… just in time for another call to come in… same person. Audrey ignored it. She drove as safely as she could with her little passenger to the location with the hotdog vendor. She went down the ally and when she heard peeping she paused frowning. This light pink mare was not her Taffy.
Audrey knelt down and held out a hand seeing her collar. “Hay there Are you lost?”
THe mare seemed hesitant; she looked about then up to Audrey and got up. She had 5 babies on the blanket she tried to cautiously walk over and sniffed Audrey’s hand.
“Ou be nu Mamah?” they asked with a hopeful look. Audrey smiled and gently scratched behind the other’s ear and tried to get a look at the collar.
There were no tags. Audrey frowned, “I don't know dear. Would you like to come with me to a friend's place? We can try and find your Mamah or Daddy?”
The mare smiled and leaned into the scratches seeming to happily nuzzle Audrey.
“What is your name dear?” Audrey asked gently looking over to the foals, They seemed to have 2 unicorns of semi-decent colors, a brown foal pegasus, and 2 earth fluff babies. All looking in decent health.
“Candfwuff.” she answered looking over to her newborns, “Wan see Candfwuffs Bebehs? Deh is pwetty bebehs.” She spoke proudly trotting over to sit beside them proudly. There was… what seemed to be someone’s lost hoodie laying in the bottom of the crate to help cushion the bottom and help keep the babies warm.
Audrey could feel the light chill in the air… she couldn't keep doing this. But.. her heart hurt, “Is it just you and your babies here Candy?”
She shook her head, “Nu, Candyfwuff’s specew fwen wen for Nummehs for Candy so can make watsa Miwkies for bebehs.”
Audrey smiled, “Well he sounds like a very good Special friend for you then. Shall we wait here for him to come back?”
She smiled and nodded, “Pweze mamah. Wait for Candyfwuffs speciew fwen come back.”
Audrey in her new pantsuit she usually now always went out to sit beside the crate and pulled out Mato and began to feed him a bit, Trying her best to stimulate some things… remembering being scolded by Arrow for not doing so since he was so little.
Candyfluff seen the small one in Audrey’s hands and quickly snatched them away and brought the fluffy to her own nest and set them down as if he had been hers all along then gave puffed out cheeks to Audrey, “Why bebeh so tiny?”
“Before I got him he had a bad mumah. I've been trying to help him drink but he is so little he couldn't latch onto the ladies back home.” Audrey was still a little shocked Candy snacked Mato from her.
Candy sat up and looked down to the little one and tried to move them closer, “Hew bebeh, Twy get miwkies. Candyfwuff wub all bebehs.” She said happily.
Mato chirped happily, “Fank Ou!” they made their way over and tried their best to latch on. They seemed to have some difficulty but oddly enough almost soon after were latched and drinking happily. It was then that Audrey noticed that Candyfluff was a bit smaller in size then even Milly… Younger maybe?
“Who Ou!” a male’s voice called out.
Audrey’s eyes moved over to a Green stallion who had some dandelions and what may have been trash found veggie tops in front of him where he set them his head positioned so his horn was almost pointed at her.
“Booger! Dis nu Mamah! Deh wait For Ou so whol famwy hab new housies.” Candyfluff said happily.
The green stallion apparently named Booger kept his head slightly low and began to sloooowly position himself between Audrey and the Crate. He would then look back at Candy and the babies and his eyes would water happily till he saw the red one suckling and he would narrow his eyes and look at them, “Who dis? It no Smew same as odder bebehs, No smew wike deh Dadah?” he stated as if trying to think of what to do.
“They are mine. They had a bad mumah who was going to hurt it. But I was going to keep it. Candy here offered to feed them.” Audrey explained she now felt a little anxious. But then seen the Stallion sit down as if trying to process something and needed more brain power to think then to stand.
“So...ou wan Candyfwuff and Booger and bebehs to go wif Ou so Candy Can feed Ou bebeh? Ou Gib Candyfwuff good nummehs and wet bebehs hab gud home?” he looked behind him...there were some tears in his eyes.
Audrey couldn't help herself. She picked him up and gave him a gentle hug, “Oh you poor thing. No that isn't it. I came out here looking for a fluffy I lost but I'm not about to let a new Mumah be out here when cold times are coming. You're going to be safe. I may have to move sooner than I planned so as not to cause problems for my landlady, But i promise I won't let anyone bad get a hold of you two or your babies.” she gently nuzzled him.
Booger… struggled at first.. Then sniffled… then began to cry turning his face into Audrey’s chest and just letting out what seemed years of Tears and sadness, “Booger be Gud fwuffy. Booger no wan fight. Booger will pway nice wif odder fwuffies pwamus.”
She could feel his ribs, “Oh sweet thing i know. You're ok. I got you… let's get you and your family to my car. Get you all safe and snug in the carrier i have there so you can travel without getting hurt ok?”
He sniffled and cried but apparently needed carried, Meanwhile Candyfluff was putting her babies and Mato on her back and following along to the car she looked up to her Stallion with worry but let Audrey carry him.
Audrey put them in the fluffy carrier she had in the back for mocha and others during car trips, it was a newer one padded and had a small food bowl in it and a guinea pig style water bottle. At first the food bowl was empty but then Audrey put in some of the Dry Kibble in it for the two adults, “There you are you two get comfy. I'm going to give one last look about the Ally for Taffy.”
Upon hearing the name Booger looked over at Audrey with worry. But she hadn't seen, already closing the carrier and beginning to set the car up with the air temp on, and radio with the fluffy songs on it.
She got another call after setting up her car, she answered, “Hello?” hopeful.
“HOW DARE YOU IGNORE MY CALLS!” Audrey hung up again, and rolled her eyes. She had no time to deal with idiots who got fluffies and were unable to care for them.
She began to look up and down the alley. Hopeful to find something then… seen what looked to be a matted dog, “oh geez this area needs help…” She huffed and shook her head.
The creature whose fur was all matted saw Audrey and squeaked running away. But at the moment there was no sign of Taffy. She frowned and turned to head back to the car.
Then another call. Audrey was getting fed up with this and she answered without looking, “Look Lady. If the Fluffy you Have is NOT the one on the Poster i don't give two cares if You can't keep it. I live in a Apartment. I can't help Your Fluff is a Senior And i Can't Help you kept a fluffy till then and NOW can't Afford to Have him put down, I'm Not a charity. Not Yet anyway. You don't need to be calling me 30 times in 15 minutes and when I don't answer find another phone to call me from am i Clear?!” she growled into it.
Rainbow suspenders on the other side, “Uh… clear but i'm not a lady nor do i have a fluffy?”
Audrey sighed and facepalmed, “Oh god damn. I'm sorry… had some lady calling me from the number on the Lost posters… I swear i'm half tempted to find out where she lives and put sugar in her gas tank.”
There was laughter on the other end, “holy shit remind us not to piss you off. Anyway our Boss wanted to know how much for that placenta you wanted. Since we didn't get it off you yet.”
Audrey sighed and shook her head, “Again i'm so sorry… But ya. Meet me over at my apartment, bring the vet lady again if you can, I found more. But one has a collar on so i think they may be lost. And… i don't know how much did your boss say you could give me?”
“He said he is putting his limit at a few million…” Idiot in the background said.
Audrey paused and thought, “Actually that much could probably help me move things along so i'm not stuck waiting for the offer on that house.”
“ we will be right over then.” Rainbow suspenders stated.
Audrey got in the car and sighed.
“Ou fin fwuffy? Nu Mamah?”
“No Candy, I didn't find him. But… i hope he is alright. It's a very scary city out there. And I don't know what mischief he could get into.”
She drove home ignoring the other calls figuring it was best to let them go to her voicemail for now. She would Part outside her building and wait rubbing a temple. The vet lady showed up first before the Hasbro Dogs.
“I hear your selling?”
Audrey rolled her eyes, “only the placenta. That has been in my freezer for almost a month now. They are not about ot get any living samples from me.” She huffed then open up the back door and carrier.
The Vet looked in, “Aw… I know you dear.” She reached in and gently picked up Candyfluff.
“You do?” Audrey sounded confused.
“Ya her owner used to always have me come to his house and give her check ups, he always wanted to know how soon she could breed and all that. He apparently was trying to get what he called the perfect fluff.” she shook her head, “How are you candy dear?”
“Candy… candy daddeh kick her out cus he no fink Candy hab pwitteh bebehs. But Nu Mama fink Candy hab pwitteh bebehs. Nice wady fink candy hab pwitteh bebe to wite?” she looked back at the carrier worried.
Booger was standing over his 5+1 Foals Cheeks puffed and watching the Vet.
“They look lovely dear and very healthy. So do you. I'm guessing that is to this little fellow here? He must have been very good about keeping you fed and safe wasnt he?”
Booger seemed to lower his head a little, not pointing his horn yet, but seemed untrusting of the nice words.
“Your ok Booger. This lady helps me keep all the fluffies healthy.” Audrey explained, “She won't hurt your babies or Candy.” Audrey explained then looked ot the Vet, “Can you get ahold of her old owner see if it was a accidental tossing or something? I don't want to be considered a thief you know?”
The vet smiled and nodded, “Oh i can call him now.” She called the man and after him calling the Vet lady every name but her own and then some… it was obvious he wanted Nothing to do with candy and promised he would sign her over if someone came to him with paper work.
“Well...i can get that covered tonight. Lets get these littles up todate on shots they are to little to have fixed but i can visit again in about a week or so from now.” The vet smiled.
Booger seemed less trusting when Cotton was placed in another carrier along with Mato as if he was worried they were going to leave him and the babies behind but when The vet lady picked him up and gave him shots. He was lashing about, and Audrey had to help hold him down. But when it was done and both Candy and Audrey were hugging him and cuddling him telling him how brave he was and how they would keep him from getting sick. He calmed a bit.
The babies were next they just needed more huggies from their mother. By the time they were done the Hasbro dogs were there.
“Perfect timing. Help me bring in the new Brood, and careful they just had shots.” Audrey chuckled.
Heading in the landlady met up with Audrey, “Did you find him?”
Audrey shook her head, “no..but i found this lady who just had her litter and we contacted her old owner but…”
The landlady sighed, “Audrey you know i cant just let you keep taking fluffys in.” she crossed her arms.
“I'm working on getting a new place. I Will give my word as soon as i'm able ill move them all out of here.” Audrey sighed knowing she really was pushing the limits.
“No more… till you move got it?” the land lady said sternly.
Audrey gave a nod, “You have my word.”
With that the new brood was able to be brought up to the apartment.
Big Daddy was watching from his chair so he already knew what was coming he sat waiting a cast on his leg and eyes on the door.
Audrey smiled, “Hay everyone… one new mumah to add to the group. I'M sorry… and i promised even the land lady that this will be the last group to come up to this apartment. After this we will be moving… as soon as we can. Though…” She felt a bit guilty, “I do hope we find Taffy before then…”
Arrow came over sniffing the carrier she lept back and Hissed with wings open when the horn hit the inside of the cage.
Audrey gasped and picked up the carrier holding Booger, “Hay Easy, She didn't mean anything by it she was just trying to see you.”
The vet open the carrier with Candyfluff and her babies getting her set up in the mumah corner.
“Hewow Nu fwens i Candyfwuff. Me am Happy meet nu fwens.” she looked at bessy and Milly’s babies and her eyes sparkled, “Ohh Ou boff hab pwetty bebehs to!!”
Milly after hearing this pirked up a bit, and a squeak of a voice for the first time since her coming there, “Fank...ou…”
Bessy smiled and seemed quite proud, “Bessy bebeh good bebeh, And If nu fwen need hewp wiff miwkies Bessy hab wats for all bebehs.” She stated proudly.
Mocha was watching all the babies with wide eyes and seemed to bounce around happy that there would be more to play with and hug and teach.
As the three mothers bondedand fussed and talked about their babies Milly piping in every so often, Audrey was carefully opening the door to Booger’s cage, Arrow keeping a eye on him, and Big Papa watching from the chair.
Booger slowly came out from the carrier, he had his head lowered as if a defence position he grew up learning, however he did not have his horn pointed at anyone. He seemed to relax a bit only seeing Arrow… and bessy… and milly and one brown stallion, He seemed to relax and raise his head a bit then… he smelled it and his eyes went wide.
Big Papa came down from his chair, “Hewo Booger.” he hobbled over a bored expression on his face.
Booger sat and lowered his head… he began to make a mess, “Big bue…”
“Booger no make bad poopies on fwoow we hab twittew box.” he shook his head as if disapointed.
Audrey looked between them, “Ok… you two know one another….”
The hasbro dogs cleared their throat. Audrey looked over “Right… sorry.”
She left to pull out the frozen bio waste and get the check.
Mean while Big Papa sat down and watched Booger, “So… Ou got bebehs now?”
Booger sniffled and shook his head.
“Not Ou Bebes?” Big papa tilted his head and began to look about, “wawe is Ou Bwuddah? Bow?”
Booger began to look down with a hung head, “Bawky monstah…” he said.
Big papa gave a nod, “Ah… Sowwy Booger.” He looked over to Candy Fluff and the foals, “Deh His?”
Booger gave a sad nod.
Big papa gave another, “Deh safe here Booger. Ou safe To. Dis gud hooman. Deh keep word.”
Booger gave a nod and tried to whipe away a tear, “Seen Taffy…” they said quietly glancing to the humans then back to Big Papa not sure if they knew or not.
“Keep dat to sewf.” Big papa said still looking about the room at the group.
Booger gave a nod and watched as Audrey after getting paid ushered the Two Dogs out, and the vet who was putting the bio waste into a lunch bag to keep cold.
“Neba been in housie befur.” Booger stated looking around.
Big Papa Smiled, “me show Ou wound.” he chuckled and began to hobble around and show the other ware everything was while Audrey began to clean up the mess that was now on her floor.
Part 1 - Here , Part 2- Here , Part 3- Here , Part 4- Here , Part 5- Here, Part 6- Here , Part 7- Here , Part 8-Here , Part 9- Here , Part 10- Here , Part 11-Here , Part 12- Here , Part 13- Here , Part 14- Here
This is the last Part that these two will be added in. After this these two below will no longer be linked with new chapters of Found a Fluffy.
Big Daddy’s Day out , ware he handles dealing with Taffy turning slightly smarty (ABUSE Warning!!)-Here
First Part to Side story “Trash Taffy” ware you can fallow his adventures- Here
And alerts for new chapters:
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2020.09.15 07:10 Masark Masark's Guide to Trade - Sidewinder to Type-9 Heavy - Third Edition

So, you've just started the game and want to build wealth. This guide will take you from the Sidewinder and explain the process of both the trade in rare commodities, then later how to trade in bulk commodities and also present builds for trade ships from the first Adder up to the Type 9 Heavy. It is not necessary to strictly follow this guide in its entirety at once. Taking some of your accumulated profits to buy a second ship to explore or engage in combat is recommended so you don't burn out on one activity. You'll make sufficient credits after a few hours (particularly once to reach The Real Money). Or maybe you've been playing for awhile, but have been exploring or engaged in combat and now want to make money to further your pursuits in those fields or just want to try trading for a change of pace. In that case, you'll want to skip forward to a ship that matches your available means.

Welcome To The Galaxy Commander.

If you're a brand new player, you'll want to play around within the Pilots' Federation District for a while. There isn't really any worthwhile trading to do within the District, so missions will be your main source of money. I would recommend trying some of each kind of mission to get a feel for what each of them involves. All the missions in the District are deliberately simplified so you can perform them in your starter Sidewinder or one of the other early ships available in the District. Bounty hunting is another option, which will involve going to either a nav beacon or a resource extraction site (Avoid the Hazardous ones. These are maximum difficulty places where system authority ships won't go) and killing wanted NPCs. Watching for the sight of lasers firing in the distance, which will indicate that there are System Authority ships (space cops) in a fight with a criminal, then dashing over to help out and collect some easy bounties is a good money maker, though it can be a bit risky if you shoot a bit too much and end up catching the attention of someone with heavy guns.
When you advance in a rank, you will be offered a mission named "Exploring The Galaxy". Ignore that mission for now. That mission will send you out of the District whether you're ready or not and your District permit will be permanently revoked as soon as you land at a station outside of the District.
A recommended early ship progression would be first to the Adder, then to the Cobra MkIII. Both of these are good multipurpose ships suitable for doing anything. When selling a ship, it is advisable to sell off all the modules separately and downgrade all the core internals to the cheapest ones possible. This is because selling modules gets you 100% of their cost back, whereas selling a ship only gets you 90% of its value back, including for any modules it is equipped with. While this won't matter much in the District, where you're dealing with small ships and low rated modules, but that 10% loss can become quite significant later in the game, so it's a good habit to get into.
As an aside, when upgrading ships, be sure to keep the pulse lasers from your starter Sidewinder (store them before you sell it). Gimballed weapons seem to be hard to come by within the District (which seems ridiculous to me), so you're likely to reuse those lasers as you upgrade ships.
If you're sticking to cargo and courier missions and really want to get out of the Sidewinder, you could move up to the Hauler early on, then to the Adder and Cobra. Or if you like the combat stuff, the Eagle and Viper MkIII are worthy options. The Viper can also be used as an alternative to the Cobra MkIII. It can be outfitted almost identically to the Cobra below and will have only marginally less cargo capacity and jump range.
A Cobra MkIII outfitted with the District's finest parts will look something like this. I would recommend building your way up to that, then building a stockpile of credits (I would recommend a million or so, but more is always useful if you want to spend more time practicing) so you have the cash available to do further upgrades when you leave.
Now that you feel confident in your skills and are probably bored with the limited offerings of the District, take that "Exploring The Galaxy" we mentioned above. This mission will send you to a random nearby system.
Once you've arrived there and turned in the mission, I would recommend making your way to Celsius Hub in the HR 6828 system if the mission didn't send you there. This station has reliable outfitting so we can spend some of that money you saved up on making your ship better.
Now, upgrade your frame shift drive to a 4B (or 4A if you saved up enough extra), your shield generator to a 4D (3D if you're using a Viper), your class 3 cargo racks to class 4, your fuel scoop to 2B, and install a point defense turret on your second utility hardpoint. The end result should look like this. (A Viper will look like this). Whether to keep the weapons on or not is your choice. Dropping them will net you a little more jump range, but only a little (about 0.25ly), so keeping them is entirely fine if you don’t want to go unarmed.

A Commander's First Trade

Now you're ready to start trading.
For a first foray into trading, I would recommend rare trading. This is optional, as rare trading is less profitable than bulk trading, but I recommend doing a circuit or two of it as it gives you practical experience in navigation, long distance travel, fuel scooping, and how the mass of your cargo affects your ship's characteristics.
Rare trading involves Rare Commodities, which are special, unique commodities that are only sold from one specific station in limited quantities and are in demand everywhere else. Their prices are not subject to normal supply and demand forces, but rather are determined by the distance from the purchase station. The further you go, the higher the price gets, up to a point of diminishing returns at about 140ly and a hard cap at 200 or so. They are specially marked in the commodity market with a star, a different colour, and their unique names.
My recommended rare circuit is Rares Circuit 1. It is an old and proven circuit that has been around since shortly after the game's release. It's also quite simple, involving just grabbing as much rares as your ship will hold moving along the top or bottom line, then jumping to a sell location, at which point you sell everything you have. Then run along the opposite line, buying up commodities until full, then going to the opposite sell location, selling, then starting over. The Rajukru Diamond is another option for a rare trading route, though I personally find it excessively complicated, with juggling multiple commodities to sell at different locations.
Note that you want to make sure to select the "Fastest" routes when plotting rather than the "Efficient" routes. The latter will take the smallest jumps possible to save on fuel, whereas the former will take the longest jumps to get you were you're going quickly.
If you’re fortunate and a system is in a Boom state, you may be able to fill your hold right there without needing to use the other systems in that branch of the circuit.
As you get money, feel free to upgrade your ship modules, especially your FSD. As mentioned above, you get back exactly what you paid for it when you sell a module, so upgrades are never a waste. But always make sure that you have enough money on hand to cover your rebuy, as shown at the bottom-left of the home tab of your ship’s Internal panel. This can be thought of as your insurance deductible and is the amount you will have to pay to get your ship back should it get blown up. If you don’t have enough to cover that, you will be given a free Sidewinder like the one you started in, basically putting you back to square 1 (though with your remaining credits, ranks, etc. still intact).
Continue this for a run or two or until you feel like advancing.

The Exploration Alternative

Rather than going to rare trading at this point, Road to Riches offers an alternative means of money making and progression (it will also guide you to unlocking your first engineer if you have Horizons). This is an exploration-based method that involves going around within and near human inhabited space ("The Bubble") scanning known Earth-like and Terraformable planets. As among the changes in 2.4 was a very large buff to the value of these scans (to hundreds of thousands per planet), this is a highly effective means of making money, and it can be done in the Sidewinder you start with (with some upgrades). Down to Earth Astronomy has a good video on this subject. You can potentially do this in just the starter Sidewinder with a few upgrades, like this build. If you don't have enough money for the detailed surface scanner, you can omit that and just do the FSS scanning, then buy the scanner later when you've got a couple scans under your belt and turned in your first load of data. The Hauler makes for an excellent ship upgrade from the Sidewinder for this task, with much better jump range, more fuel capacity, and ability to fit a bigger fuel scoop. This is about the kind of build you would aim for in that regard and could afford after just a handful of scans. The Cobra MkIII can also be used, in a build like this, though it will end up with less jump range than the Hauler, making travelling between systems slower In addition to money making, this is highly useful for getting rep with factions (e.g. for obtaining the permits to Alioth and Sirius), as handing in exploration data will quickly raise your rep with the station's owners.

Fuel scoop usage

Your fuel scoop will automatically deploy and start collecting fuel when you come close enough to an appropriate star. Since you usually need to fly near a star to line up with your next jump destination, you can refuel on the way using "passive" or "rush" scooping. Just simply fly tightly in supercruise at full throttle around the yellow line (this indicates the area where your FSD cannot function. If you fly inside that circle and get too close to the star, you'll be yanked out of supercruise and take some damage. If this happens, you’ll have to wait 30 seconds for your FSD to cool down. Then you’ll need to point your ship directly away from the star (on an “escape vector”) in order to jump back to supercruise and continue what you were doing) until your can see your destination This will get you perhaps half a tonne of fuel per star. While this isn't enough to fully refuel from the jump, it does significantly extend your effective travel range.
While you're running the rare circuit, you will need to stop for fuel on the long legs to Witchhaul and Orrere even with the above rush scooping. Rather than finding a station (the graphic lists several inhabited systems along that line), we will just stop to do some serious scooping to refuel. To scoop for fuel, go to an O, B, A, F, G, K, or M class star (these are the first 7 class of star in the galaxy map when you select to show by star class. Mnemonics to remember these include Oh Be A Fine Girl/Guy Kiss Me (keeps them in order of temperature), and KGB FOAM (Putin in a bubble bath), among others). See this guide by the Fuel Rats for guidance with pictures. When you plot a route on the galaxy map and don't have enough fuel to make the entire journey without refuelling, it will mark the last scoopable star in the route before you run out as a "fuel star". Due to the above passive scooping, you'll likely get a jump or two past that before you run out, but you should open up the map and glance at the route every so often to check what your fuel and refuelling status is. If you don't see a yellow circle, go into your Internal panel, select the Ship tab, then the “Pilot Preferences” tab, and turn on orbit lines. A "fuel scoop active" display will appear in the middle of the cockpit display when you get close enough, showing the scooping rate (in kilograms per second), a fuel gauge, and your ship's heat level. You want to fly in and get the scooping rate to about 2/3rds of the scoop's maximum rate to prevent overheating (This is assuming a D-rated power plant. you can go higher if you have a higher rating power plant, which output less heat). For the 2B scoop you should have on your Cobra, that will be about 43kg/s Once you're near that rate, throttle down to zero. This will leave you sitting near the star scooping and creeping along at 30km/s. Now you just wait until you have finished refueling, then just throttle up to full, and pull away from the star. Wait until the "fuel scoop active" display has disappeared before activating your FSD for the hyper jump, or you will likely overheat and damage your ship.
As a last resort, if you've messed up and stranded yourself in an uninhabited and unscoopable system, contact The Fuel Rats. These guys are an awesome player group that assist stranded players by delivering fuel to them.

Dealing With Interdictions

It's likely you'll get interdicted at various times while trading. Your objective in the interdiction minigame is to keep your ship pointed towards the "escape vector", which moves around randomly. When you have your ship pointed on the vector, but your interdictor doesn't, you gain in the game and vice versa. If you fill your blue bar, you'll dump them out of supercruise while you go on your way. If you lose, you'll suffer a 30 second cooldown on your FSD, during which you'll be vulnerable to their weapons fire. So if you feel like you're losing the minigame, you should throttle to zero and surrender to the drop, which will only incur a normal 5 second cooldown before you can jump back to supercruise. Once you're in normal space, immediate hit your boost (default tab) to open up the range. Even if you can't get out of range, the damage of most weapons drops off considerably with distance. Now just wait 5 seconds until your frame shift drive has finished cooling down, then either jump back to supercruise or jump to the next system in your route. If you find yourself mass locked (this occurs when you're close to a ship larger than yours), fire your chaff to scramble their weapons, then choose whether to continue charging back to supercruise ("low wake") or to select another system to jump to ("high wake"). Intersystem hyperspace jumps are immune to mass lock from other ships, which makes it a good option if you've been interdicted by a ship much larger than yours, which will slow your supercruise charge to a crawl. Just select a random nearby system in your

On Armament

The builds I offer in this guide are all weaponless, relying on shields, chaff, and point defence to allow them to escape from pirates. Those of a more aggressive disposition may instead wish to remove any would-be threats rather than fleeing from them. While mines were briefly useful armament for traders, improvements in NPC AI have rendered them basically useless, with NPCs easily dodging them, even at low ranks. Thus, if one intends to act as a Q ship, you will want to select more conventional weapons. Lasers and multi-cannons have long been a standard loadout for the good reasons of being easy to use and providing a useful balance of thermal for shields and kinetic for hull. I personally use such a loadout on my trading Cutter.
Alternatively, the new ship-launched fighters are another option for pirate swatting if you have Horizons and are using a ship capable of equipping one. Equipping a hangar will require sacrificing at least a class 5 compartment (32t of cargo), and likely more as you'll probably want stronger shields than the basic A rated minimum shields I use on all this guide's builds. Further details on SLFs can be found in my writeup on the subject.

The Real Money

So you're tired of rare trading and are ready for real trading, yeah?
Go to and use the loop finder. Set the search to the following parameters
Now hit Find Loops. It'll sit there for a moment, then give you a list of loops, sorted by their profit. If you like the look of one of them, start running it. Otherwise tweak your search and hit it again.
If you run out of commodities on your loop, hit the finder and get a new one. This can be quite boring, so I would recommend Netflix (or another streaming site or your favorite torrent site) and a second monitor. You can often find the latter for cheap on second-hand sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, and others.

Time For A Real Trading Ship

Once you’ve collected about 5 million credits, you’ll be ready to advance to a new ship. Specifically, the Type-6 Transporter, otherwise known simply as the T6. This is a significantly bigger unit than your Cobra and will more than double your cargo capacity, and with it your profits. This is your general build.
I would recommend purchasing your ship at a system under the influence of Li Yong-Rui. The effect of this power on his subject systems is that all ships and modules are sold at a 15% discount, which lets you upgrade ships significantly sooner. This purchase price reduction also translates into a reduced rebuy cost, meaning that getting blown up won’t hit the wallet quite as hard. Conveniently, there is a station near Witchhaul that is within his sphere that has all the parts you need, specifically, Zamka Station in LHS 191. For all other builds in my guide, you can find an appropriate Li Yong-Rui station by hitting the $ icon at the top-right of the Coriolis display. That will send you to an EDDB search page. There, simply select Li Yong-Rui under the Powers dropdown and hit Find stations again. If you don’t get any results, remove modules (preferably starting with the cheapest ones) from the Station Sells Modules box and redo the search until you do get results.
Optionally, if you don’t mind staying in the Cobra for a hour or two longer or want to upgrade from the Type 6, you could opt to upgrade to an Asp Explorer (commonly known as the AspX) when you accumulate about 14 million credits. While it only offers a small increase in cargo capacity, it gives significantly better jump range, allowing you to run longer loops faster and thus improve your credits per hour.
Now back to looping!

Giving back relies on contributions of station data from users in order to keep its trade information up to date in the dynamic universe of Elite:Dangerous. The most popular tool to submit said data is the Elite:Dangerous Market Connector. This program pulls the commodity market data (as well as information on available ships and equipment) from the Elite Dangerous API server and sends it off to the EDDN (Elite : Dangerous Data Network, the system that eddb uses for its data). It can also record that data locally for use with other tools, as well as send star system information to the EDSM (Elite:Dangerous Star Map) and keep a local log of all systems visited.

Contingency Planning

In the event that you find yourself with little money, a low-capital method of rebuilding your funds is to use the galaxy map to locate a system in the Outbreak state. Stations in these systems will have very high levels of demand (and consequently, very high prices) for Basic Medicines. Use's Find Commodity tool to locate a nearby system with a decent supply of them, then start hauling them in. This will yield profits in the 2500-3000ct range. While this is less than for the above loop trading, it requires much less in the way of starting capital. A T6 full of high value will cost you several hundred thousand credits, whereas a full load of Basic Medicines will be less than 30,000, allowing easy rebuilding from poverty.

Further Progression

When you’ve acquired about 25 million, it’ll be again time for another upgrade. This time, you’ll be getting a Type-7 Transporter (aka the T7). This will nearly triple your cargo capacity. Though note that you’re moving up to a Large ship, which means outposts will no longer be trading destinations for you, so on the loop finder, you will want to set Landing Pad to L rather than Any.

An Optional Upgrade

When you’ve gotten your credit balance up to about 70 million, you may wish to trade in the Type 7 for a Python. While this will entail a minor downgrade in cargo capacity (16t), unlike the T7, the Python is a medium ship, capable of landing at outposts. This gives it the freedom to select sometimes-more-profitable loops involving those stations. Additionally, it’s a significantly more enjoyable ship to fly and I personally consider it one of the best-looking ships in the game.
You may wish to stay in the Python for awhile longer so as to make enough money that you can purchase the next ship outright without selling it. The Python is a highly versatile ship usable for many game activities, including being an excellent mining ship and great for background simulation play, so I would recommend keeping it around for your non-trading career.

The Ultimate Trading Ship

Once you have 110 million, you’re now ready for the ultimate trading ship in Elite:Dangerous, the Type-9 Heavy. This massive brick of a ship is the slowest and least maneuverable thing in the game, but it also carries a huge 752t of cargo in its depths for huge profits with every trip.

Beyond The Ultimate?

For progression past the T9, the Imperial Cutter is the only competition, with no other ship coming close to the cargo capacity of either of these ships. Purchasing a Cutter requires one to hold the rank of Duke in the Imperial Navy, which will take some effort to acquire. This post gives a highly effective method that will get you a Duchy within hours. I personally regard this ship as the best trading ship in the game. While it has slightly lower cargo capacity than the T9 (720t vs. 752t), it more than compensates for that with it’s superior jump range, better speed, stronger shields, and gorgeous looks.
submitted by Masark to EliteTraders [link] [comments]

2020.09.14 16:35 dj_warner6291988 My Current Head Cannons, and Universal facts for my Story lines ( Found a Fluff )

These are the current head cannons im writing my stories based on, as well as some neat ideas i thought to share as they may not come up IN story.
Please note if any of this goes against Cannon Lore, Please feel free to correct me in the comments.
Warning: these are all of my head cannons thus far, some may not be fully "hugbox", i will try to keep it pg, have been warned. Proceed with cation.

<>Main Reason why Fluffies are considered Bio Toys, Hasbro had been working on bio nano tech which though expensive at first, seemed like it was going to have a heck of a long term, ware the fluffies would not need to be reprogrammed every birth or generation. As the foals develop the same copy of the instructions from the mother will be ingrained into the foal.
<>Fluffies when they brake Mentally, or in spirit and can reach the 'wan die' phase after can seem to no longer have a lot of the main programming. Though the baby talk is still there, and the basic love for foals. Some of the programming is just to hard wired to the core of their brain.
<>Wild fluffies tend to be slightly smarter then their coddled and in-home raised cousins. Mostly as you have to gain a few street smarts in order to survive. Also it seems the more generations born into the wild more of the programming my be at risk of corruption, this is ware smarty syndrome may have originated with a wild born being spoiled, but its unclear at this time. Also caused by this corruption is cannibal fluffies.
<>Most outside fluffies though do not LIKE the dark can and will find darker places to hide or have their young. Of course these are ones who are 3-4 generations wild. Newly abandoned or only 1-2 generations wild still have their fear of the dark so much they will try and remain outside in the light even in the most bitter of winters.
<>Newly abandoned or Gen 1 wild fluffs will still try to seek out new Mamahs or Daddeh's with humans despite it being a OBVIOUS bad idea. Many Gen 1 or Abandoned fluffs do not make it through winter in colder areas.
<>Breeding Genetics- There is a GOOD chance... some if not many traits can be passed on from parent to foal, however it seems with fluffies that genetics loves to toss out a mutation more often then not, or even a wild card. So even if you have a Light yellow earth stallion with white mane green eyes, Or a earth Mare with pink mane and white body blue eyes, You may still run the risk of random lotto giving you a fully black Alicorn with red eyes. in cases like this... roll the dice and see what happens.
(if requested i can show the dice chart i was using for Bessy's babys)
<>Wild Fluffies from gen4 wild and on are thought to have litters upwards of 7-8 however this is thought to be for survival reasons only, to be able to offer a foal for food, or eat one in times of little food and still be able to survive. Its thought that with how meany generations they have already lived wild its selected itself out from mares who have had few foals and had not had the young live long enough to pass on their genetics. Those who had more young were more likely to have one to grow to adult hood and continue the line.
<>In cases of Alicorns- Unless breed by a reputable breeder your chance of finding one in the wild is 1/10000. Mostly as meany wild mares will kill the baby on sight, or if they are unable to do so others in their herd will do so to help her.
<>Mutations in the wild- as stated about the programming, it seems as well the further generations you go from being wild the more you run the risk of mutations or unique traits. Some have managed to take in wild fluffs to breed them with the born in a home fluffs and create new "designer breeds" they can register if they wish. From this you have gotten your bowl fluffs or Fulffalo's, or "True Unicorns" which resemble the unicorns of stories with the fluff longer around the hooves and a lion tail.

Edit: apparently not all loaded so adding the below.
<>Rumors and Knowledge about Programming:
It is rumored that Hasbro has some purposely placed in Triggers, Which is why they recommend and request people to watch "Fluffy Tv." As it has subliminal messages that will trigger some of the Fluffies wants desires and more.
There is a rumor that some young "juvenile" mares or stallions had been encouraged into breeding stage with these messages in order to trigger them asking their owner for... "adult fun time" toys or a mate. Which of corse they would not simply wish to have the neighbor's fluffy be specewl fwens wiff... no no had to be a mate purchased at a Hasbro approved story.
This lead to meany a Youtube channel creating their own version of Fluffy Tv. Though its said to proceed with caution, as there was a case ware a man had managed to figure out some triggers and used it to cause Fluffys to act out, and in one more severe case caused it to terminate itself and its litter. After a court battle from the owner, and one from Hasbro suing the fellow he had been arrested and all his files had been taken in.
It is said to be in the works a re-programming System from Hasbro for fluffies who have become smarties or have strayed to far form original programing. However it seems they are having difficulty. Mostly as all original files were distroyed in the raid, and its easier to put data IN a squishy fluffy brain and dna.... then it is to take data of this degree Out without damage or losing both data and test subject. one of which is invaluable, the other Unvaluable and replaceable.
<>Protection Or Rights:
Due to its bio toy status, the only ones who seem to have rights are those chipped, On record, or owned and wearing tags. These are usually those from notable breeders.
If a wild fluffy is found without any of these they are free game for any form of treatment.
Most areas the wild populations are considered a pest, methods have been put in place to fix this, from Hasbro licensed Fluffy control. To publicly announcing any fluffy without collar tags, a Recorded owner present or some visible evidence of owner ship are able to be taken care of.
Some places have Foal for Food systems set up. Though not all of these are Hasbro official. Some are knock offs which seem to be filled infrequently or cleaned out infrequently and are not fully considered efficient or humane. The blueprints for these devices are easily found online. As such some Known abusers have been known to make them with camera's in them so not only do they see the mare suffer when not given "skettehs" but also they obtain a foal rather easily.

<> Prices:
Due to the differences between the licensed Breeder provided and the street fluffies with questionable background.
Some prices of Fluffies are still respectable, some colors and conditions selling for high prices, and even higher if they have some genetics in their bloodline more then others.
This is why at some pet stores, you see two sections, a "Designer breed" or Breeder born ones with papers to prove their predigree section ware they are selling for far higher price. And a 'toys or feeder' section, ware you can find your more common Snake food, or dog chew toys, or also known as the abusers favorite.
It seems there is money to be made even by those who wish to breed just random fluffs in one go, But even providing snake food or dog toys comes with need to prove they are up to date on shots and disease free so not to transmit anything to other Pets.

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2020.09.14 05:20 JulesUtah Who killed Jocelyn Hickenlooper?

TRIGGER WARING DISCUSSION OF SEXUAL ASSAULT During a 17 minute time frame in 1955, a developmentally delayed young woman disappeared from her home in Salt Lake City just a day shy of her 23rd birthday. Jocelyn Hickenlooper lived with her widowed mother, brother, and sister. She was looking forward to singing at the Salt Lake Tabernacle that evening as part of a music festival and her mother had given her some money to buy a record for her birthday.
The morning she went missing, her brother was in the bathroom laying tile, and Jocelyn was in the living room writing a letter. A worker from the telephone company was also in the home moving the house phone starting at 10:30 am. Records from the phone company indicate that the worker left promptly at noon. When Mrs. Hickenlooper returned home at 12:17 pm, Jocelyn was no where to be found. She didn’t return home for lunch, which was unusual as the shy young woman typically wouldn’t go to the corner grocery store without informing her mother.
When Jocelyn still hasn’t returned for supper and for the concert, her family contacted neighbors to see if they had seen Jocelyn. One neighbor said that she saw Jocelyn walking away from the family home accompanied with two persons. She said Jocelyn was wearing a red house coat, red house slippers and her hair was unkempt, which was not normal as Jocelyn was normally very careful about her appearance. The neighbor said she didn’t pay close enough attention to tell the genders of the people Jocelyn was with, but it could have been 2 women or 1 woman and 1 man.
It was clear to police that Jocelyn was in danger and put an all-state bulletin for her. In addition to having developmental delays, Jocelyn also suffered from scoliosis, which led her to walk in a stooped manner and have a pronounced hump on the right side of her back. She was also described as having protruding teeth and being 5’3 with brown hair and eyes. Jocelyn typically wore thick glasses as she was very near sighted, but her glasses and a coin purse she carried with her when she left home were left behind.
Sixteen days later, a man collecting soil from Parley’s Canyon (approximately 15 miles from the Hickenlooper residence) sunk his spade into a patch of soft earth. He immediately realized he hit bone and came across a shallow grave. He contacted police who were able to identify the body as being that of Jocelyn Hickenlooper. She had been struck 3x over the head and according to an autopsy report, there was sand particles in her lungs which indicated she had been struck unconscious and buried alive.
A search was on for her killer and detectives searched Jocelyn’s bedroom for clues. Hidden deep in her bedroom was a wedding announcement for Jocelyn and a young man from Ogden, UT named Jerry Brown. This was a shock to everyone who knew Jocelyn, especially her family. They didn’t know Jocelyn to have any romantic relationship at all, let alone be engaged. In fact, the date on the wedding invitations was for June 12, 1955; the day after Jocelyn went missing. Police thought perhaps Jocelyn and her fiancé ran off to elope but had a lover’s quarrel which led to her murder. Jerry Brown was questioned and he was just as surprised as everyone else to learn of his supposed engagement. Brown also had an alibi for the time Jocelyn went missing and for the subsequent 2 weeks after her body was found.
Police sent evidence to the FBI Crime lab, but due to incorrect shipping techniques used the evidence was basically worthless. Over 200 “sex perverts” were questioned regarding Jocelyn’s murder but no arrests were made...until 1957.
Bernt Murphy was 19 years old and like Jocelyn, was developmentally delayed. Murphy functioned on the level of an 8 year old, and at one point had attended the same state school as Jocelyn. In August of 1957, Murphy was taken into custody as he matched the description of a man who had molested a 4 year old girl earlier in the day. During questioning, he was asked if he ever “bothered” girls or young women before. He replied no. He was asked specifically about Jocelyn Hickenlooper and eventually confessed to her murder and to the molestation of the little girl. Murphy was deemed “insane” and spent 32 years in the State Mental Hospital.
There were some troubling inconsistencies with Murphy’s story. First, at the time Jocelyn was murdered, he was accounted for at the American Fork State School. The school was over 30 miles from the Hickenlooper home. Second, when police asked how he got to her home, he stated he stole a car from an American Fork car dealership and drove there. When a check revealed no cars had been stolen, he stated he returned the car to the same lot but there had been blood left in the car. Car dealerships in American Fork were all contacted and none had cars with mysterious blood stained upholstery. Third, Parley’s Canyon where Jocelyn was found was 15 miles from the Hickenlooper home. How would he have gotten Jocelyn to Parley’s Canyon?
After 32 years in the state mental hospital, it was finally declared that Murphy had been held against his rights as he was not mentally ill. He was disabled he was allowed to live in a group home but was subject to constant harassment from neighbors who thought he was guilty of murder. Tragically, Jocelyn’s sister suffered a mental breakdown and at one of the trials to determine if Murphy should be allowed to leave the hospital, she jumped from a second story balcony of the courthouse, which caused her death.
Police closed the case in 1957 and Murphy died in 2001. It is likely that whoever murdered Jocelyn is now dead, but this isn’t just a case of justice not being served. This is justice gone bad.AP news
1958 Article
Crime scene photos
newspaper article snippet about wedding announcement
Body discovery info Zion’s Lost Podcast
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2020.09.13 22:54 KintaroOe19 My review of corporate Panera Bread from an associate “1 Year Mark “

TLDR: Read last 2 paragraph and not PS
I want to apology before you read this. it will jump to different topics a lot.
It has been a year since I started working for Panera Bread and I have to say it’s been a dozy experience.
This is coming from corporate location. As a whole the company is an okay company to work for as long as every one is following the policy but it seems no one likes to follow the company policy even in a corporate cafe. I have seen and heard so many laws, policy, and rule broken it’s not even funny. I have seen racism, ageism, labor laws, OSHA, & health codes all violated for the mighty dollar. I have heard discrimination and sexism violated via other associates from other locations and by 3rd party members.
This is all my personal experience I have seen and received working at Panera Corporate café. Your café might be different or it might be close to my café or hopefully you have a great café. I been lurking the forum for a while before I made an account. I have made several posts in which some people agree to and few who have not. I’m very happy to see we can all have a discussion with out getting to upset about thing. We are all different and we all have different backgrounds. I’m just happy we have a place to vent and express out concern with out getting retaliated by corporate office.
I have seen GMs, AMs, & AOPs getting fired within this year alone. I have seen many AMs leave the company after the whole restructuring of the management team. I have seen many Team Mangers leaving the company after more work is loaded on top of them after the deduction in pay and hours. I have seen Associates quit after work load has been doubled or even tripled because of lack of staff beginning of Covid-19. While we are some what going back to normal, I was told we can’t hire any more people because we had a hiring freeze but sales kept on climbing. I have seen associates work on their day off because we had no one to cover part of the shift or whole shift. I can’t count how many times I been told to take 1-hour break because you are getting too close to 40 hours. I can’t count how many times I have worked over 10 hours a day. From talking to other associates, this is been happening to others in different locations in my market. I have seen GMs and AGMs working well over 60 hours a week trying to keep their store functioning properly. I have seen Team Mangers working while off the clock because they have hit their hours. I been told that my AOP doesn’t like it when we have associates get more than 39.5 hours a week even though we are short staffed.
It really makes me feel like, all corporate cares about is how to squeeze as much as they can out of associates before they need to replace them. I feel like Panera Bread see’s associates as slaves and they are the slave masters. They don’t seem to understand that Associates are the main functioning body when it comes to the stores. I have seen Team Mangers struggle to put sandwiches together when its peak time. Sure, they know how to delegate but they have lost the skills to be on production when production needs it. A good Team Leader is a person who can help with all things and not just sit back and delegate.
I won’t get in to baking part because I’m not a baker but I have talked with many bakers and it seems it’s about the same situations.
Recently we were told to watch the 2 videos after watching the Retail Celebration 4A, 2020. Every corporate company I have ever worked for made all new employees watch videos and/or have a class similar to this every year. Why has Panera Bread taken so long to do this. It really makes me wonder if this is all for show and/or PR stunt. I wonder if they were told by the insurance company if we had any kind of company wide mandate on watching these kinds of videos. Either this video was rushed out really quick or its really old. The production value was beyond cheap. I felt I was watching a high school video production.
I remember one of the training videos when I was first hired was something about how Panera bread is a leader in our industry. I can’t image Panera Bread leading anything the restaurant industry. When it comes to freshness, our food is a joke. I have put many boxes away and prepped to know some of the stuff we get are questionable. It seems all they care about is the mighty dollar and nothing else. The stuff I been told while prepping and on the line. Change the date, change the bag on the protein, just use it till end of day, cut out the bad part rest should be okay, & make pre-made. Nothing like making ham and swiss using ham that’s 3 days past is use by date or using emerald green where half of the leaves are black. Giving customers premade Toasted Frontega Chicken from morning at afternoon. My favorite is when you toss away 1/5 of emerald green because its gone bad and half of the cucumber is molding away in the bag.
Yes, I understand that Panera Bread is in the business of making money but doing it like this makes me wonder how many bridges they are burning doing it. Recently a girl was fired from showing a video on how we make mac and cheese. I was told she was fired for divulging trade secret. When you go pick up your food, you can clearly see from the pickup windows that we cut open our mac and cheese and put it in the cup/bowl. The amount of Bull Shit Panera wants people to believe is up there. We are just upscale Subway with 50% price increase. Only difference is we have coffee, more bread selection, & fire place on some café’s
In my market, we offer our new associates $1.75 above state minimum wage but 2 markets over they offer $2.75 above state minimum wage. I understand different market offers different wages based on cost of living but out market has a slightly higher cost of living than the other location. The fact our hand book states, we can not talk to others about our pay is ridiculous. I know of 2 Team managers who left because they found out they were making less than catering coordinators. I really wonder how many people will leave if we all talk about how much everyone is making.
I personally believe Reginal VP and Corporate staff needs to come to each location and have heart to heart talk with out the GM, AGM, Team Mangers breathing down their neck. They need to hear the concerns from associates with out worrying about retaliations from managements. I have called the 800 number before and it’s a joke on how they handle your situations. I have heard many horror stories about our own HR. From my experience HR is there to protect the company assets and not you. If it’s’ easier to get rid of you, they will get rid of you with in the law.
Let’s talk about Covid-19. In my market, we have 1 store that has a positive covid-19 case. My friend has informed me that his Management decided not to tell any associates regarding the positive case. The AOP decided because the employee was part time employee and we all keep 6 feet apart at work there was no reason to tell any one to take the test. I’m guessing the health department wasn’t informed either. I can defiantly say 100% that his café doesn’t keep 100% 6 feet apart during work hours. The sandwich and salad stations are only 4 feet apart. I’m 100% sure they did not inform the health department regarding the covid-19 positive case. Because we have laws to protect employees, we can’t say the name of the employee but you can say please get tested because an associate has tested positive. What right does our AOP have to put my family in jeopardy or the customers family. This boggles my mind on how much Panera cares about money vs associate’s life. I have already made an appointment for a test and if I test positive. I will be informing every one at my work why I took the test and the result. I will be forwarding all my bills to Panera since they were nice enough to not inform me about associate who tested positive and not let any associates know about it.
Thank you for reading my vent and experience working for corporate Panera Bread (1st year)
PS I will stay with the company 1 more year before moving on unless it makes huge improvement. Don’t plan on going in to management because it’s not worth the pay per hour and headaches. I can get better pay at amazon ware house with less headache and more hours.
Edit: I am taking the test because my friend and I hung out outside of work with no mask. I will update if any new news comes out.
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2020.09.13 14:43 kzintech Free to good home, not assigning a number because I'm not sure anybody wants this one. HP Chromebook from 2015, hardware A-OK, cosmetically just about perfect. Limited by Google to Chrome OS version no later than 77.

EDIT: Gone
HP Chromebook 14 G3, part number K4K23UA#ABA
NO CHARGER. This may be the dealbreaker. I got it working, wiped, and up to date using a charger from another machine, sorry, can't part with it!
Anyway, this machine is near-perfect and is up to date with the last Chrome OS that Google will provide. (77, they're up to 85 now.) Supposedly you can boot CloudReady's NeverWare or even install a Linux distro if you fool around with "dev mode" but I'm not so inclined.
As usual, drop a comment and send me a Reddit message if you want it.
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2020.09.13 09:27 trytowinthis Me 30 M being abused by my girfriend 30 F

First I am sorry for my mystakes as English is not my first language.I dated my gf from 2 years and from then it was a living hell but also good times. My GF was married with a guy for 1 year but they have been togheter 12 years before.She accidently hit my car in carpark were I lived and we insainly feel attracted with each other.Start chatting on whatsap she was the initiator every time.I got madly in love and we agree to move in togheter.So I went and rented a flat I called her to come and check it,she came imediatly and as we enter the flat my GF start kissing me and go down on me ,now I wasnt prepared for that as I was at work all day and then moving shits to the flat I didny had a shower yet so...I told hey honey we have time tonight and everyday from now on and she fucking start yeling at me cursing me and told me i will never move in it you and she left.I was a stuck with this flat but the owner give my money back.I was shocked for the moment she blocked my number as I was trying to call he to say she is a bitch.Anyway we get back togheter in 2 days and we spoke to rent another flat,this time she founds one herself and told me tomorow we gonna go and check it out.After a few hours I get a fb mesege from her telling me I am a liar a scumbag because I speak with my friends about how I want to fuck her only and move in with het.I was like wtf are u talking about ? She send me screenshots of a fb chat screenshot with me telling to someone I just want to fuck her and then dumo her.Thay fb wasnt mine I tried tell her but she was your lying and so on.Anyway it passed got back togheter and finaly moved togheter.First night togheter i fell asleep without hugging her she wakes me up yeling at me she put her hands on me i told her wtf take ur hand off and she slaps me.I left we broke up and got back togheter.From now we went on club in a night and I am very social guy like to dance etc .So at the table was me my gf her female friend and 2 other dudes.As i am very social i talk alot trying to make those guys feel beter as they ware introverted as i tought and ask her female friend to dance with me of course I was asking my girfriend are you ok if I dance with ur friend and she says yes.Ohh my god after the dance the drama begun i like her female friend i want to fuck her and on and on.6 months from that was yelling at mey 2 3 times at a week that I was into her female girfriend.She hit me punch me spit me and so on her rage.Since that time everytime we walk I have a constant fear to not look at any women as I dont want to belive I am eye fucking as she allways belived that.I tried breaking up multiple times and I was the one that comr back to her after 2 3 days saying I m sorry. So pathetic.This is only 30 % from the story.Now I broke of she moved at her father I moved at my parents and speak no more.The pathetic part is why am I missinger her i cant explain what is wrong with me.
Thank you,
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2020.09.12 19:34 Cakeisfun [US-OH] [H] Coiled Aviator Cables [W] Paypal

Hello MechMarket! This is my first selling post, and I am ready to sell some of my wares! These are my VERY FIRST attempt at making some Coiled Aviator USB-C cables. And with first tries at thing, they don't always turn out amazing.
Most of these cable have some sort of cosmetic flaw or combination of flaws, however, I hope the price can best reflect that. If you are interested in any cable/cables and want so more up close pictures, let me know, and I can provide some to you!
All cables have been tested and tugged on in all sorts of directions to ensure that they are functional. The cables are made from shielded, USB Spec cable. Aviator is wired to 1-Vcc, 2-D-, 3-D+, 4-Gnd.
(These are also in order of when they were made, so many things were learned on each cable, not including cables that were scrapped due to learning/having major issues)

SOLD - Cable 1 - $30 - SOLD
5.5 in Coil when fully compressed (~3/4in inner diameter)
NOTE: This cable is not reversed, so it is pretty floppy, but easily position-able
GX16 Aviator Connector
4ft Straight Cable
Black TechFlex
Red Paracord
Yellow + Black Heat Shrink
Heatshrink isn't great, there is some damage to the Techflex around the heatshrink and in 1-2 other spots

Cable 2 - $30
5.5 in Coil when fully compressed (~3/4in inner diameter)
NOTE: This cable is not reversed, so it is pretty floppy, but easily position-able
GX16 Aviator Connector
4ft Straight Cable
Black TechFlex
Orange Paracord
White + Black Heat Shrink
Heatshrink is better, but still not great.

Cable 3 - $35
6.25 in Coil when fully compressed (~3/4in inner diameter)
NOTE: This cable is reversed, so it is pretty stiff and tight, but not easily position-able
GX16 Aviator Connector
3 ft 10in Straight Cable
Black TechFlex
Red Paracord
White + Red Heat Shrink
Heatshrink is pretty good and no damage to techflex

Cable 4 - $40
6in Coil when fully compressed (~3/4in inner diameter)
NOTE: This cable is reversed, so it is pretty stiff and tight, but not easily position-able
GX16 Aviator Connector
5ft Straight Cable
Carbon TechFlex
Orange Paracord
White + Red Heat Shrink
There is not heatshrink on the coil end aviator (completely forgot until I was completely done) and the techflex around the USB A end is a little torn up. Besides that, it was easily my best cable at the time of its making

Cable 5 - $40
6.5in Coil when fully compressed (~3/4in inner diameter)
NOTE: This cable is reversed, so it is pretty stiff and tight, but not easily position-able
GX16 Aviator Connector
4ft Straight Cable
Black TechFlex
Red Paracord
White + Red Heat Shrink
Heatshrink is the best out of all cables here, nearly perfect. No damage to techflex. Only minor gripe is when stretched, the coil leans slightly instead of and it is not evenly stiff throughout the coil (honestly have no idea what caused this, as I have not had it happen since)

Cable 6 - $45
7in in Coil when fully compressed (~3/4in inner diameter)
NOTE: This cable is reversed, so it is pretty stiff and tight, but not easily position-able
GX16 Aviator Connector
4.5ft Straight Cable
White TechFlex
Pink Paracord
White + Red Heat Shrink
My best cable to current date. Only issue is the heatshrink is a little messed up on both USB ends.

Prices include shipped CONUS. Since I am new to the selling game here, so I am ONLY sticking to CONUS, sorry international people :(
Please Note, due to the length of the cable. Power hungry boards may not be supported, such as Drop ALT and CTRL boards. I do not have a board like this in-house to test.
Please comment before PM, as I sometimes do not get notified of a PM but pretty much always get notified of a comment.
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2020.09.12 07:52 ButteryMales2 I miss the friend-to-boyfriend pipeline... and other musings

I recently realized this is one of the things I find so awkward about online dating, and being in my thirties come to think of it.
My two relationships took place in my 20s, over a decade ago, one when I was in college, the other when I briefly moved back to my hometown and reconnected with a guy I went to elementary school with.
Both guys felt like “soulmates” at the time and even though it didn’t work out for logical reasons, I always thought I’d meet someone again, this time someone who shared more of my values.
I’m somewhat attractive- certainly not the hottest woman in the room. But I’ve always been quirky, intelligent and charming - a generally kind-hearted yet straight-shooting person. Getting to know a man in a low-pressure environment (eg. While working together at the school library) felt so natural to me. The guys I committed to were intelligent, thoughtful and generally nice in an innocent type of way. I still think we’ll of them regardless of how it didn’t work out. That has always been my type. In fact they kind of looked alike though they were of different races.
So I don’t understand why it has been so hard to find this in my thirties. And I feel I have tried. Doing activities with the unexpressed hope of meeting someone doesn’t feel the same. If I’m joining a hiking group because someone told me I could meet guys there, I’m going with some anxiety - hoping and getting disappointed when no one is single or within 10 years of my age.
And if that’s bad, online dating feels worse. Because now I’m advertising my wares, and falling short, because I know my photos aren’t going to be the hottest, I’m scared of someone I know reading my profile (am I the only one who worries about this??) and also how do I even talk about myself. Believe me, I’ve tried. Read books on OLD, even worked with two different dating coaches who (surprise) tout dating apps as the best way to meet someone. Tried practically every dating app multiple times over. I’ve definitely had at least 10 OkCupid accounts in my lifetime. But, I often end up feeling too delicate to stay on the apps and leave after 3 months max and a couple of 1st & 2nd dates that went nowhere. In some ways I want to shield myself from the cynicism that can arise when you’ve tried and tried with no success.
And offline? I don’t know if it’s because I was depressed for a long time then moved countries in the last 3 years, but it’s been hard getting to know people- men or women, through meetups, church, coworking spaces, Facebook groups, etc. It’s like I don’t even know how to be chill anymore. Except at work conferences - but conferences are gone for the next 2 years possibly.
How do I bring back that slow ‘dating’ experience I used to have? It was so good for my self-esteem, and I think it was good for those particular type of men as well. Is that just lost to my 20s? I really hope not. But if it is, how do I create a version of dating that simulates at least some of that process?
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2020.09.11 18:00 raicicle Popheads Featuring... Tom Aspaul

Tom Aspaul is an upcoming British pop artist who has written for the likes of Kylie Minogue, Celeste and AlunaGeorge. Popheads talked to Tom about the disco resurgence and switching from songwriter to artist as he geared up for the release of his debut album "Black Country Disco".
When we talk to Tom over Zoom, he’s sitting in one of those old English kitchens that you might see on a family cooking show. It felt like a natural backdrop to the conversation which seemed to centre around the idea of home, with Tom explaining beforehand that the day we were planning to chat to him was his mom’s 60th birthday and he had to schedule around a celebratory lunch they’d planned—as we find out while we talk, moving back to his hometown shaped the trajectory of his debut album too.
His debut album Black Country Disco is now tantalisingly close to release (September 14th) when we speak, which we got the chance to hear in advance—it’s an unadulterated romp through the sounds of disco clocking in just under 30 mins, with razor-sharp hooks and tight harmonies driven home by his distinctive falsetto. Single ‘Close 2 Me’ opens the album with a Bee Gees strut while elsewhere album cut ‘Dead Already (Save Yourself)’ fuses classic muted disco guitar with bossa nova rhythms and tropicália basslines. There’s also a tongue-in-cheek humor to the album, and an effervescent enthusiasm on even its most personal moments that makes it tempting to wonder if this is essentially what Carly Rae Jepsen’s scrapped disco record would have sounded like.
It’s a concept album too, tracking his move back from London to his hometown (in a Midlands region called the Black Country, giving the album its name; the album is scattered with numerous geographic references too) after a recent break-up with his then-boyfriend of 5 years. It’s a heartbreak record for sure (“I’m not reinventing the wheel, Adele can do heartbreak, anyone can,” he comments), but only so many heartbreak records are gay heartbreak records. Few albums commit to this level of camp, including visually with Tom bleaching his hair blonde and going for a full biker moustache look whose associations with gay culture can’t be ignored, even if you simply consider Village People and Glenn Hughe’s leather biker look.
“I’m doing everything myself, so I’m quite frantic,” Tom says, his bleach blonde hair still boldly visible against both the English gloom and video call noise. He’s been masterminding practically every aspect of his album campaign from running the label to sorting out the press and creating the merch. His work ethic is hugely admirable but he emphasises his music at the heart of it. “But, you know, I’m super excited because it’s been a year in the making and I’m really excited to have music out there.”
Tom has primarily been behind-the-scenes in previous years (although he has had some past solo music out). One of his biggest songwriting credits to date is on Kylie Minogue’s ‘Feel So Good’, a memorable album cut from her twelve studio album Kiss Me Once. Yet what some casual listeners may miss is that it’s actually a straight cover of one of Tom’s earliest tracks ‘Indiana’, that he made with MNEK. When his publisher at the time told him that Kylie wanted to record the track for her upcoming album, he initially had mixed feelings. He pulls a slight face and recalls, “I was like, I don’t know because it’s a cover.” He makes clear of his love for Kylie regardless, whose sound can be heard all over Tom’s own album, and notes that he relented realising a previous single ‘2 Hearts’ was in fact also a cover that made its way to her in a very similar way. “This was a very early on in my writing career as well, so in some ways, it was amazing because all of a sudden I was in the room with Little Mix and people like that.”
He does lament somewhat that the circumstances left him somewhat pigeonholed as a songwriter and not an artist. “From then until now with this record, it’s been really difficult for me balancing that and I’ve finally found the balance.” Kylie is serendipitously releasing an album called DISCO later this year as well, a sound she explored on albums like Light Years, which Tom had referenced earlier in our conversation. In a full-circle moment, one of the singles from Black Country Disco, ‘W.M’, a sort-of Chromeo moment about the local tram line (“So we’re gonna take a ride on the Midland Metro/Line 1, ‘cos there’s only one line”) even ended up on a Kylie-curated Spotify playlist of disco songs in the lead-up to her album.
\" some ways, it was amazing because all of a sudden I was in the room with Little Mix and people like that.\"
2020 has generally seen a huge disco resurgence, not just from Kylie, but from the likes of Dua Lipa, Doja Cat, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. Tom says he’s been surprised by so many huge artists going this route, but also adds, “What I’m hearing isn’t really disco sonically, but more the aesthetic they’re using. A lot of the music is almost 80s synthwave, encompasses such a wide range of sounds.” Black Country Disco’s relatively lean runtime relies more on classic disco sounds, with as much 70s influences as 80s synthwave aesthetics.
“One of my favourite albums of the year is Jessie Ware’s album,” referring to What’s Your Pleasure?, “I listened to a lot of that record before producing the final two songs.” Tom has been primarily working with a London-based producer Gil Lewis for his debut album, working remotely because of his move and the pandemic which he does say has been a logistical uphill battle. But, during lockdown, Tom took a month to learn to produce himself (“It’s a massive step forward for me, and gives me a bit more independence as an artist”) with the last two tracks recorded in June, ‘01902’ (named after the telephone area code where Tom resides) and the titular ‘Black Country Disco’ being the result of this work. They are, in Tom’s words, “a bit more sexy” than the rest of the record which focuses more on the heartbreak surrounding his breakup and the influence of Jessie Ware’s mature and self-confident take on disco is apparent. The emotional journey that he experienced during his breakup is something that he has tried to let the listeners experience too. He tells us that his ex actually got in touch with him to tell him he’s been listening to his most recent single ‘Tender’ but hasn’t heard the rest of the album yet “which is probably a good thing”.
The disco on Tom’s album is however contextualised within the West Midlands, an unassuming area in the middle of England that lies in stark difference to London; the Black Country refers to a particular region in the West Midlands. We ask if there’s a good way to explain the regional significance to people outside the UK. He compares it to the Rust Belt in the US. “They were all areas of manufacturing and industry in the 60s, then all of a sudden that gets taken away and there’s a lot of poverty and deprivation.” We talk about Cleveland and Detroit, two places inundated in this history but home to some of America’s richest musical scenes.
Tom lists some of the acts to come out of the West Midlands, like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Christine McVie from Fleetwood Mac, all noticeably rock musicians. How does a disco album fit into this context? He says it’s an act of subversion, going against the expected. Even the album cover plays reference to this idea, which he based on the logos of bands like Black Sabbath. “I thought it’s gonna be really funny if I’m going to put out a gay disco record and you have imagery associated with metal.”
\"If I could do anything different, I would just luxuriate in the music a bit more because that came from a sense of pressure to want to get playlisted and want people to play repeat.”
Despite having barely finished his debut album, Tom is already thinking about what he’s going to do next. Remixes for the album are coming out soon, mentioning that he’s recording new vocals for the remix in the vein of Mariah Carey. His desire for extended remixes comes from fears that dealing with streaming and playlisting changed his vision for the album. “All the songs on the album are really short, bar one. Looking back, if I could do anything different, I would just luxuriate in the music a bit more because that came from a sense of pressure to want to get playlisted and want people to play repeat.” Next week, Tom has a Becky Hill writing camp so he hasn’t stopped songwriting either. Some things inevitably have fallen to the wayside due to the pandemic, like performing the album live on tour and Pride events that got cancelled. Even that doesn’t seem to dampen his spirits too much, as he wants to spend the extra time anyway looking into performing with a live band rather than a DJ and a backing track.
He’s even planning his next album, which he has a clear idea for. Tom knows that he wants to move out of disco, and that he has another specific decade in mind for the sound of it, which he wants to finish in the next year (“I want to keep churning it out like Ariana Grande”). He has a feature in the works that will hopefully bridge the two projects too. He does however joke that he’s worried about what he’s going to write about, without a dramatic life event in tow like a breakup or moving across the country, but is excited for what the future holds.
Tom’s coming down to London for a few things, like a release party for the album, but it seems that for the time being, the West Midlands seem like the place to be for him and a vital part of his creative reinvigoration. The one thing back home he could probably do without though? “There’s like huge spiders coming down at the moment. I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried everything. I can’t.”
Surprise single ’01902’ is out today on streaming services. You can discuss the song here. Tom’s album Black Country Disco is out everywhere on Monday 14th September.
Interview conducted via Zoom by u/raicicle and u/berober04 Written by Noel Z. (u/raicicle) Edited by u/berober04 and u/eklxtreme Images courtesy of Tom Aspaul (Credits: Kasia Clarke and Sam Taylor-Edwards) 
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2020.09.11 04:15 kynection Excite New Customers - They Want An Experience Like the Buzz You Get From Your First Mouthful of A Well-Crafted Beer

Taste The Flavour of Success When You Uplift Your Sales, Tendering and Quoting System
When you’re in the process of acquiring new business it can be easy to fall into the trap of quantity over quality. You obviously want your business to be profitable, but you also need to ensure you are selecting the right jobs for your business. This is where a sales, tender and quoting system provides significant value.
Without a name, beer is nothing, just another amber liquid on a shelf. To start a craft beer brewery you need to make sure the first interaction with the client is exceptional, because that is exactly what separates your brand.
The manufacturing industry is no different, particularly when it comes to choosing which jobs you take and which jobs could impact your reputation, bottom line and your reputation. And your reputation is your brand and name in the manufacturing industry
The jobs that you choose to take will define your business and will often be the difference between success and failure. Like our friends who make beer for a living it’s important to make the best possible choices for your business at the front end and like every business it’s critical to look at what steps your team is undertaking during the sales, tendering and quoting process.
Pre-tender work and quoting requires a significant amount of effort to ensure all variables are considered and that risks are understood and managed. Getting it right at the front of the shop is the easiest way to ensure profit. Understanding previous works undertaken, and which were profitable or unprofitable, will provide you with the template for success.
Would a brewery sell beer without creating a name or trademarking their brand? Would a brewery sell their produce for less than the cost of manufacture? No. So why would you try and sell your services and products without a proper sales, tender and quoting system in place?
A paperless sales, tender and quoting system like Kynection’s one-system approach will allow you to manage deadlines, conversions, contracts, jobs, and tasks in one place.You can rest assured that your business is well-placed to effectively price and assign resources to the sales process with a real-time view of your team availability, company assets and production resources from the palm of your hand.
With a paperless system you can ensure you have a single source of truth for all your data, with an easy interface to understand wins and losses from the past. Give your sales team the best chance of success by providing them with the best systems available.

You’re Only as Good as Your Suppliers, so Avoid Mistakes like Adding Cordial to Quality Craft Beer.

Managing your supply chain effectively will ensure that you get the best pricing, quality produce, the most reliable delivery, and the confidence that your product is the bomb! With up-to-date pricing and an understanding of supply side constraints you will be able to negotiate better and streamline the sales process.
Suppliers are critical for an upstart Craft Brewery. Without a good relationship with suppliers all manufacturers risk consistency and quality outcomes. To build customer growth every company including Beer Brewers need to know their client intimately and to stand out they need to find a competitive edge other than price.
You need to ensure that your suppliers have the right qualifications and can provide you with the products you need, when you need them. Reliability is important in the manufacturing industry and if you don’t receive the products you need in time reputation can be put on te line. Having a system that manages your supply chain is part of any effective sales process. Your reviews, word of month and recommendations are intimately linked between your offer and the finished product.
For a Craft Brewery the placement of the premise, ease of access for suppliers and customers, location to distribution all become upfront factors that need to be well researched and considered.
Don’t allow your business to suffer because you don’t have the information you need at hand. If you have to chase suppliers for data during the sales process you’re creating a larger administrative burden for your team and adding more risk at the front end. Your ability to access information and provide templated outcomes that are known to be successful is the same as running a bottle line. You run out of bottles, amber liquid, caps or any other element you will not be able to fulfil your promise and for most businesses, the delivery of your promise is the fastest way to new business.
Using a paperless system allows you to manage all of your business components in one place. It is easy for customers and suppliers to upload documentation and provide you with the data you need to get the job done. You can easily onboard new suppliers and ensure they are complying with your standards to ensure consistency across the board. With a sales, tender and quoting system you might be able to win the job, but without an easy way to work with suppliers you might not be able to complete it.

Maintaining Effective Communication and Accessing Knowledge for a Competitive Advantage - Don’t be that Company that Functions like 10 Beers in!

Keeping track of your communications with customers, or potential customers, allows you to maintain a front-foot advantage. When communication is poor, no matter the circumstance the results never land like you would hope. We have all experienced how poorly we function when our mind and body is not in unison and business is the same. If you create weaknesses in business, like having too many craft beers does for your memory, or being stressed through excessive tiredness - the chinks will appear.
Finding a new customer can be much harder than maintaining an existing one so no matter what you do, make sure you don't do the following. :
  1. Always provide the highest possible likelihood for winning new business you can
  2. Don’t lose the customers you have by providing poor service delivery
  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket - know where you are successful and spread your customer portfolio
This means you need to ensure that your sales process is extremely professional and your post-sales delivery and support is exceptional. The experience you deliver through the customer acquisition process generally flows into the customer delivery experience. Consistency is created through the systems and tools you give your teams to be the best they can be.
Communication is key in any business, including with craft brewing. Brewery owners need to ensure they comply with local and government legislations by applying for a beer manufacturing licence and running to international quality standards. Quality and professionalism cannot be understated.
With an effective customer success framework in place you will be able to provide customers with a method of engagement after the sales process. You need a solid, digital framework to maximise the impact the engagement has on your customers. Through a centralised platform you will be able to manage leads through the cycle from acquisition to success and view snapshots along the way using business intelligence databases. When you do this in a transparent manner you build trust, which is why Craft Breweries love showing their wares in plain site. They want you to see you are drinking what they are making in front of you.
Think about your local brewery. How did you find out about it, and what made you want to go back? Good communication and solid first impressions ensure your customers are happy, and when your customers are happy, so is your business.
Having one-system in place to measure the customer journey will help you to refine each stage within your business to ensure an enjoyable customer experience. Once you’ve won new customers using a sales, tender and quoting system like those offered by Kynection or MYOB you need to ensure that they want to come back, and want to continue working with you. Make sure your customers enjoy their journey just as much as they enjoy craft beer and you’ll be well on your way to winning repeat business.
Kynection are fortunate to work on the Mornington Peninsula and recommend some of the following Craft Breweries who have had great success because they get the importance of creating a special experience and providing quality outcomes of taste:
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2020.09.10 23:29 Joaaayknows Passed Security+ Today!

Big thanks to this community for keeping me grounded I had some pretty bad anxiety about my practice test scores initially.
24YO senior in college, working on BBA Cyber Security. No other certifications, no experience.
Passed 773/900 I definitely feel I could have done better had I studied longer, but I’ve got a career fair next wednesday and I wanted to make sure I had time to prep for that. Wanted to have the cert under my belt for the resume!
Roll the calendar back to last march, I had 3 second round interviews all email saying the position was “put on hold indefinitely” or some variation of that and felt hopeless going into my final semester of college after the summer without an internship.
I decided to re-evaluate. Should I apply for help desk? It would not have been a bad option, but as it turned out I was in a pretty unique situation this year (as were we all) and I had enough savings to get myself through the summer.
I took advantage of 5 classes, some with certifications some without, on MITOpenCourseWare and HarvardX which were (and I think still are, not sure! Someone should check I’m on mobile) FREE to take, just pay for the cert if it’s offered.
I learned a lot this summer, definitely more than I’ve ever previous years despite being all online. Python, algorythms, an intro cmd prompt course, intro to Machine learning and R programming basics. Finished all these by last week of July and switched my attention to the cert starting first week of August.
I decided doing this would be the best course of action long term for my career, since after graduation I’d have to focus on working AND learning rather than just focusing on learning like I had the opportunity to do. Now I just gotta stay fresh and continue applying it.
Okay so my personal study guide:
First of all I should have never spent money on a book. I wasn’t aware of GCGA until joining this sub which is after the book I bought was ordered, and tried to read 2 chapters a day, 5x/week, and answered all the questions along the way. I know that’s not how I like to learn, and I did it anyway. I somehow made it to the 5th objective before giving up completely, so much time wasted. It helped, but I was miserable for 3 hours a day. I will not be naming the book.
After being on this sub for a bit, I went ahead and bought Dion’s Practice exams as well as Messer’s, +notes. If you buy nothing else, get these. Absolute necessity.
Messer’s videos were my bread and butter initially, sped up 1.5x and paused for notes. Then I found his study group which I didn’t use much until a week left, for review when I was driving mostly. Podcasts are great. As well as the 10 question new series on youtube!
About 2 weeks until test date I started taking practice exams. I got a 58 on my first Dion exam. Floored.
Let me tell you something: you have to KNOW the acronyms if you’re going to do well on this test. Not just the expanded word but all optimal uses, predecessors, alternatives. Make notecards. Use google for alternative videos of concepts and uses, as well as alternative definitions for each and every one. Use messer’s notes too.
For me, making notecards by hand helps a lot with true comprehension. Don’t worry about making duplicates if you’re 200+ cards in, you’ll waste way more time looking for the other “I might/might not have it in a different objective pile” just make another. I had 8 piles: 1 for each objective, one for cmd line and one for ports. You didn’t know it, so now you’ll just learn it twice as well.
I studied for 20 hours total the next 3 days and took the second Dion exam on the third day. 70... but much better.
I went into this sub and commented on some ‘passed’ posts, asking about their scores on the practice exams. The people here were friendly, offered pointers and encouragement. Great stuff.
Next exams: Dion #3-67% Dion#4-74% Dion#5-61%
The last one I was very distracted by my dog, he’s a menace. When going through the test I realized I made a lot of simple mistakes that I knew I knew, I just wasn’t paying super close attention while going through it.
After each exam I spent a significant amount of time going through each and every question and putting any definition, process, tool, protocol and Acronym I wasn’t able to immediately recognize and iterate what it was and what it’s for on a flashcard. Ended up with well over 400 flashcards. Went through them while I was watching TV, playing warzone waiting on a respawn, eating, as a “break” from making more notecards.
Wanted to save the last dion for after Messer’s, started on messer’s exams.
Exam 1-62%
I was not prepared. The pseudo trickery and reading comprehension is almost as hard as the material itself. Went through it just like Dion’s and made my flashcards, paying more attention to detail.
Exam2-78% This was 2 days before the test. I decided to go through this last test and study my flashcards, do the study groups and videos/googling if I needed it as well. I never did Messer Exam 3 or Dion 6.
Night before I’m not gonna lie I was cramming. I felt ready in my bones but My head wanted just one more practice test like a junkie wants another fix. Stuck to my guns(notecards), went to bed and woke up ready.
Online test went great, started right on time. The comprehension part of Messer’s exams was pivotal in learning the style of questions on the actual exam, while I do think Dion’s was also a great resource.
I never felt like I was failing. I knew I was close, but idk. I was finally confident I guess. I was nervous!! But never thought I was failing. As you think, so shall you become.
Thanks to the users who talked me through my panicking mind in the middle of the study process there. Really appreciate it as well as the info this sub provides.
On to the job fair :)
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2020.09.10 20:23 totally_normal_78 I am trying to date this Wagner ware round roaster 9a. Bonus points if you can tell me if this lid is original. The lid has a 9a to match the Dutch oven, but the knob on the lid is so unusual.

I am trying to date this Wagner ware round roaster 9a. Bonus points if you can tell me if this lid is original. The lid has a 9a to match the Dutch oven, but the knob on the lid is so unusual. submitted by totally_normal_78 to castiron [link] [comments]

2020.09.10 10:46 joshuawaggoner90 Werewolves are Assholes: Pt 5

Werewolves are Assholes, But Vampires are Worse 1/2
So as you can imagine, at this point things weren't looking so hot for us. We had Little Missy locked up with some kind of supernatural furniture next to Mark in my garage, one of our werewolves is bed-er... toilet ridden, we have a literal hostage situation, our seasoned vampire hunter was nowhere to be found(and I'll definitely be having a talk with that secret keeping bitch about that when I see her again), and yeah... the vampires. I was definitely in way over my head. I mean I ain't gonna leave the little hoodlums to fend for themselves, but you can bet your ass I'll never have to wash a dish or dust a shelf for the rest of my life after this. Oh, and for the people asking about our cannibalistic princess and her name, well she said something about it when she asked me to write this part. She said she wants to do something like in that Brad Pitt movie where the guy telling the story never mentions their name. That girl sure likes her movies... Bless her heart.
So at this point we were still all huddled in the living room trying to figure out what we were going to do next, making our best effort to talk over the dual barrage of obscenities spilling out from the garage. Finally we agreed to close the door for a minute and let them tucker themselves out.
"Ok, Wolf Boy, ideas." I said once I closed the door and walked back into the room with everyone else.
"I... Um... We might be screwed." Milo says in response.
That was followed by a mild uproar from everyone in attendance. Likely not what they wanted to hear from the only one in the room even half familiar with all this nonsense. I managed to get everyone quieted down about the time Jasmine started to pick up another heavy object to bash Milo with again.
"Alright alright! Everyone just calm the hell down!" I hollered over the ruckus. "Listen sugar, you gotta chill. It ain't that boy's fault he's simple." I said to Jasmine while I took the marble elephant statue out of her hands. "And this was expensive. Try to go for something cheap next time."
About that time Trey spoke up. "Ok, so we have to do something. We damn sure can't leave her in there like that." He said, pointing towards the garage where some muffled commotion could still be heard.
"And what the hell is it we're supposed to do?!" Joannah commented back.
Trey started to answer but Dex beat him to it. "What ever we can!" He shouted. "Not to mention that guy's still in there with plugs missing from him all over the place. And I don't know about you but if I have to clean up one more pile of Mark-shit, him or me one is gonna die."
About this time the sun was already up. And about mid argument we all stopped and turned when we heard the stairs creak as Teagan came down.
"What is all these noise and screams?" She said in that darling broken English of hers. She looked an absolute mess. Poor girl looked like death eating a cracker.
"Oh sweetie you don't need to worry about all that right now." I said about the same time Milo said,
"What are you doing down here? You should go rest some more. I'll come up and tell you everything in a little w-" But she cut him off.
"NO! You will tell me now!" She demanded. "Somebody drop the peas."
"Beans." Dex said. "It's spill the beans."
"What?" Teagan asked. "Who has spilled beans?"
"No no, I was just... The expression is to spill the beans." He tried to explain.
"Why did you spill beans? Have you cleaned them? Why would you leave such mess?" She scolded. "You go clean these beans."
Milo was now off in a corner with his face buried in his palms in embarrassment, Dex made his way into the kitchen long enough to fake clean imaginary beans and return to the living room with everyone else. "Ok, fuck all of you for not helping me out with that." He said.
Then we got Teagan up to speed on everything that happened since she went up stairs, down to the little metal thing that just saved all our asses. As you might imagine, she was a tad... distraught.
"WHAT?! YOU HAVE HER LOCKED LIKE SOME ANIMAL?!" She screamed before turning to make for the garage.
"NO NO!" Milo stopped her. "We're trying to let her wear herself out for a while to see if that calms her down a little."
"NO! I must go to help h-" She stopped as long, low, growl roared across the room from Teagan's... stomach. "Oh no!" She groaned before grabbing her gut and dashing up the stairs like lightning. A few seconds later we all heard the bathroom door slam shut.
We all turned to look at Milo again.
"...... Werewolf.... stuff." He said quietly, suddenly forcing us all to recall the phrase that near traumatized us all about a week ago... "Had to poop out my werewolf arm."
"Yeah... What goes up must come down, what goes in... must come out." He explained in his own kinda way. "It's hard on the body to do what she did. Didn't have enough food stored for mass so when she changed it took till there wasn't anything left to take. Now her body is trying to get rid of everything that isn't mostly human, which doesn't leave her with much. That's why she's so bad off right now."
"The poor girl..." Lesley murmured softly.
"She's made it through the worst of it." Milo reassured her.
"So... does the "out" part get worse too when you change all the way?" Dex asked.
"That's disgusting!" Joannah exclaimed. "Why would you ask that?!"
And as you can all imagine, Joannah's revulsion at the question only served to excite Milo's enthusiasm to answer.
"Define worse." Milo said with a grin.
"What do you mean?" Dex questioned.
"Well I mean worse for who? The one doing it... or whoever has to deal with the aftermath?" He smiled even bigger in Joannah's direction causing her to wince. "When we're fully transformed we're also in a lot better shape when we change back, but what comes out, well... you guys ever seen Jurassic Park?"
It took us a second before we collectively groaned "Oh my god!"
"I mean now Teagan, she's a proper lady about it. Usually brings some toilet paper and finds her a secluded spot away from civilization and innocent human beings and takes care of it there." He went on.
"Annnd... what do you do? To ask a question I don't really think I want answered." Trey said.
"Ah, well ya see I like to find the nearest construction site and just unleash hell on some poor, unsuspecting port-a-john. Then I like to hide and wait around for the first person to open the door. One guy actually started crying. It was great." Milo bragged.
And there we were, in the middle of my house, having an in depth conversation about werewolf shit. Somebody stop the merry go round. I want off...
Nobody went back to sleep. We all stayed up and discussed what we was gonna do now, to little success. After a while me, Trey, and Milo went to the kitchen to start making some food for the recovering Teagan upstairs, who Lesley, Dex, Jasmine and Joannah were with. We'd finish making something and one of them would come down long enough to snatch it up and take it to her.
After a while Trey and Milo got to chatting.
"So how'd you and her meet?" Milo asked Trey, inquiring about the rabid shit head on lockdown in the garage.
"Met in college." He answered. "Same economics class. Actually, the first conversation we ever had was her asking me out."
Milo slammed his hand down hard on the table. "WHAT?!!" He yelled.
"Yeah, we even went on a couple of dates way back." Trey laughed. "Once we even... held hands."
"You dated... HER?" Milo asked, pointing towards the garage.
"Well yeah. I mean she's not so bad all the time and she's cute, in an "I might stab you in your sleep" kind of way." Trey replied.
"Oh my god..." Milo said, leaning back in his chair to look around the corner. "You're right. She's... cute. What the hell?"
"But I thought she was-" Milo started.
"A lesbian?" I interrupted. "Well I get how you might think that. She does mostly bat for the away team but I catch her looking at the fellas every now and then. I try not to label them kinds of things. That way nobody feels pressured to stay inside a box. Let people hump whoever they wanna hump I say."
"But you let people call you Gay Jake." Milo says.
"That's cause I'm queer as a three dollar bill sweety. Don't want nothing to do with any vagina. They creep me right ass out. They look like them face things from the alien movie. You ever make eye contact with one? Looks like something's gonna try to jump out and get ya." I explain, likely a little more vividly than entirely necessary.
"Mmkay..." Milo says slowly, somewhat cringing. "What about the others? How'd they all meet?"
"Well Joannah is kinda new to all this. I met her at the mall where she worked and we'd only been dating for about a week before we... met you." Trey answered.
"Yeah, and Dex was already living here when I brought Shit Head in." I added.
"Wait, Dex lived here too? Why?" Milo asked.
"That boy had his problems too. I had a lot troubled kids through here over the years. Dex had him a fondness for opioids which led him to a fondness for heroin. So he ended up here in a similar way. He was cleaned up and getting back on his feet about the time that little hellion came." I said.
"Then what?" Milo asked, scooting forward in his seat.
"Oh she bullied the piss out of the poor boy." I told him. "But that boy stayed and took it all and never complained not the first time. And I'd tell him, I'd say "Why you let her do you like that?" and he'd just smile and say that he could see how much pent up anger she had, and that she was dealing with it the only way she knew how. Bless that boy's heart, he hung in there till the bitter end to where one day she just snapped, and all the guilt of every time she'd smack him or push him or call him some horrible name or break something of his hit her all and once."
"And then what?" Milo asked almost standing up off his chair.
"She did something a hadn't ever seen her do up to that point. She apologized. Hell, after that you'd hardly see them apart really. I don't think she would have recovered as well if he wasn't around like he was. I think they been best friends ever since then." I explained. "I been catching him peeking into the garage on his way back upstairs every time he comes down to get Teagan's food."
After that conversation I'd catch Milo and Dex making their way from the kitchen to the garage to Teagan's room side by side. I mean most of the time it was just long enough to let a pressure wave of obscenities burst through the opening, but they were making the effort just the same. An now let me tell y'all, this next part just 'bout broke my little heart.
Later that night I went to poke my head in the garage real quick and oh my goodness. I found Milo and Dex both sitting on the cold concrete floor. Dex was out like a light lean't up against the wall, but Milo had brought a laptop downstairs and had it open and playing her favorite movies for her. Every now and then he'd catch Mark trying to watch so he'd pick something random off the floor and throw it at him saying "NO! You don't get to watch." Which would cause our predatory princess to crack an evil little giggle each time.
Now don't get me wrong, I still wasn't going to get in range of her chompers, but this was the calmest she'd been so far. I stuck my head in just a little and asked Milo if he needed anything.
"Nah, Teagan passed out from the itus a while ago so I figured I'd hang down here with Jaws and the Fecal Phenom over there and keep her company." He answered.
"Hey... Is that HER laptop?" I asked. "How'd you get into that? She keeps it locked up like Fort Knox."
"Well... at first she said she'd open it for me. But when I tried to hand it to her... Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice..." He turned to show me a mouth sized section of his right sleeve missing with what was apparently dried blood around the edges. "So I had to figure it out myself. Wasn't too hard. Turns out it was bobbys idgets. All one word."
"Boy, you gotta tell me, are you an idiot or a genius? I gotta know." I finally broke down and asked him what we was all thinking.
"Exactly." He answered with a wink and turned back to the screen.
That boy makes me tired I swear to god. He's lucky he's cute.
We all gathered back up in the kitchen later the next day to resume our figuring. Like you might expect we didn't get too awful far at all. That is, not until Teagan finally made her way down stairs in relatively better conditon. And that's cause when he saw her, Dex went to say hi and wave to her, which made him drop that gun-shaped knife thing of his. Which THEN thunked tip first right into my hardwood floor.
"Oh damn it boy! Y'all are steady fucking up my whole house!" I barked.
But about that time Milo got this strange look on his face.
"Hey Teag... HEY! HEY!!" He yelled. "Teagan! That guy who made these things!" He said, yanking the cutlery from MY HARDWOOD FLOOR. "Maybe he knows something about what we can do to help her!"
"HOLY SHIT!! BANG RATTLE" Sounded from over near the fridge where Jasmine had been pilfering around for food. "Oh god... Oh god..." She groaned, holding her head as she slowly shuffled over to the table.
"Oh honey... Your poor head. Are you alright?" I tried to ask but she just held a finger up at me.
"Mm. M-mmm..." She mumbled, trying to hold still as much as possible until she was able to take a deep breath and talk again. "Do... Do you think that would work?" She asked Milo.
"It's worth a shot. We should at least try. Teag, do you have any contact info from him or anything? What was his name." He said.
"No. I am sorry, but we did not get it before we leave." She said. "But I am thinking his name was Hephaestus. He says to call him Hep also."
To spare you some boring dialogue, in about 30 seconds that idiot savant had found him on... fucking Facebook. Turns out he's pretty easy to get in touch with through his day job not making vampire fighting equipment. About another 30 seconds later we all gathered around the phone set to speaker as it rang.
The other end clicked and someone on the other side answered, "HELLO! If this is the IRS I already told you to suck my ass."
"That is the strange Tony person." Teagan whispered.
"Um yeah hi. I think I'll take a rain check on the ass sucking." Milo replied, causing everyone else to chuckle. "Any chance we can chat with Hep real quick?"
"Oh shit! Right right!" The Tony man said. "Gimme a second." We then heard him say something with the phone way from his face that sounded like "Here. Run this out to him." Followed by the familiar sound of metal tinking and the sound of some kind of power tool getting louder in the distance.
"Heeeello! You got Hep!" Another voice answered.
"YES HELLO!" Milo said loudly. "Hi yeah, my friend and my wife just left your place a few days ago. You remember?"
"Wait! You two are married?!" Lesley shrieked. "Really?!"
Milo and Teagan both held up their left hands showing off a small black band tattooed around both of their ring fingers that apparently none of us noticed before.
"AWWW! That's adorable!" Jasmine and Lesley both cooed in unison, causing Joannah to groan in disgust.
"We got married in Romania... In Vlad's castle. It was the last thing I used my inheritance money on other than the plane tickets back here." He said with a big, proud grin.
"That is just beautiful." The voice in the phone spoke up, causing us all the jump a little. "Yeah, still here guys." The man said.
"Oh right..." Milo says back into the phone. "Uh, so we kinda have a situation."
"Your buddy went psycho and tried to eat someone?" The voice interjected.
"I... Yeah. How'd you know?" Milo asked him.
"I had a hunch that things might go tits up with your girl in the garage over there. Guess my little friend was helpful after all." The man said, making us all lean back away from the phone.
"How... do you know she's in the gargage?" Milo said, joining the rest of us in looking around the room suspiciously.
"Don't worry about it." The man said, increasing our worry. "Now what do you need from me?"
"Well..." Milo answered, "We were hoping you'd know how to fix her... or something."
"....... I do not. BUT," He continued, "I think if there is a way, I know the people who would know. I'm going to give you their number. Just tell them Hephaestus told you to call. That should get them talking."
Then he gave us the number to call, wished us luck, and hung up. We didn't waste a second dialing the new number. We sat the phone back down on the table and circled around again, listening to the ring.
CLICK "Worst Hotel, front desk! Who the fuck is this?!" A voice shouted through the speaker.
We all looked around at each other, all seemingly collectively thinking that the art of answering the phone has really taken a dive.
"Uh hi, my name is Milo and I was told to call by Hephaestus! Who the fuck is this?!" Milo shouted back.
"Ugh... God damn it. I hate taking these. Jesus what a day... Hello my name is Lezley. How can I help you today?" The man says.
"Oh my god my name's Lesley too!" Lesley chirps excitedly.
"Like O... M... G! Do you like... wanna totally be BFFs and like have sleepovers and talk about all the cute boys on the football team and like do each other's nails and stuff?!" The man on the phone said in the most heavily condescending tone I think any of us ever heard.
"Asshole..." Lesley whispered to herself before walking away from the table.
"What the hell do you people want?" The man asked.
"Our friend is a half vampire, werewolf thing, I think, and she's trying to eat us." Milo says into the phone. "We need to know how to fix her."
"An orichalcum infused weapon to the head or the heart ought to fix her." The man replies, sending Jasmine into a shit fit.
"Uh, no can do good buddy. We're going to need her alive." Milo said once we got Jasmine settled back down.
"UGHHH!! Ok god! You said she's trying to eat people yeah?" He asks.
"Yeah, that's right. She bit a chunk out of our hosta-er... Out of Mark. Ate his finger too." Milo answers.
"Jesus. Have any of you EVER watched a vampire movie? What do vampires need?" The man asks in the same condescending tone.
""Blood?" Milo half answers half asks.
"Yes blood dumbass! And what happens when they don't get what they need for a while? They flip the fuck out! So... how about... and hear me out hear... YOU GET HER SOME GOD DAMN BLOOD!" The man yells at us.
"So... we just go in there and give her some of our blood?" Dex asks. "That's easy enough."
"No you jackass!" The man barks at him. "Not unless you want her to bite a chunk out of your stupid neck! Ok look... You idiots obviously can't be trusted to think this through yourselves, so here it is. Right now you need to find a way to slide her a BIG bucket of FRESH and COMPLETELY HUMAN blood. If she's only half vampire, however the fuck THAT happened, then she'll probably only need a small amount every now and then. Regular food should work most of the time. Pure vampires get their nutrition from liquefying the entire body and sucking that up. If she doesn't have the ostial-dentitions you see on regular ones, and her tongue isn't partially bifurcated, then she's probably get most of her nutrition from regular sourses. And once she's calmed down you'll be able to donate to her directly, but unless you want her to tear you a new asshole, right now you need to find some way to get her the blood while she's all bitey and shit. This is just how she is now. You don't fix werewolf and you don't fix vampire. Deal with it. God I feel like I'm just hear to explain shit to people all the damn time. CLICK"
And with that the guy hung up, leaving us all looking at the black screen in silence. After about 30 seconds of gazing into the touch screen void Jasmine finally broke the quiet.
"I guess we need human blood." She says.
Milo responds, "What a coincidence! I know someone who has some to spare!", grabbing a metal turkey baster syringe and a large tup-a-ware bowl before starting for the garage with a spring in his step.
"WHAT THE FUCK YOU PSYCHOPATH?!" Joannah shrieked at the top of her lungs, stepping in front of Milo with her arms spread, blocking his way.
"What?" Milo questioned with the most bullshit feigned innocent tone possible.
As y'all can imagine, that didn't go well and the rest of us damn near had to break up a fist fight. After we got them two cooled down... about 30 minutes later... we started figuring on how we was supposed to come by a heap of fresh human blood. Long story short, it's pretty obvious a blood bank would have something to do with our solution, but we sat around for hours trying to come up with a heist game plan before that lovable moron Milo said something I still ain't sure was smart or dumb. But I gotta admit, didn't none of us think of it.
"Why don't we just run in, grab it, and run back out?" He asked us all, sitting up from where he had been laying down on the floor.
"What are you talking about?" Trey asked him.
"I was just thinking, how many people try to steal blood from a blood bank? It's not like they keep that shit in a vault with a bunch of armed guards and stuff right?" Milo explained, which actually started making some kinda sense.
So we all decided, we was gonna smash and grab a blood bank. We found one a respectable ways away online first, then we had to decide who was going.
"I'm thinking Milo." Trey said. "I mean if something does go to shit and he gets shot he can heal. We can't."
Everyone seemed to agree, then Teagan spoke up. "Then someone will have to also go with him." She said.
"Why's that honey?" I asked her.
"Teag n-!" Milo started but Teagan said it before he could stop her.
"Because Milo does not know how to do the driving." She said.
"THANK... YOU... TEAGAN! Thank... you..." Milo says loudly.
"HAHAHA! Oh my god you don't know how to drive?!" Joannah cackled mockingly at the poor boy, who's head was now hidden down in his arms.
"HEY! You behave you little shit." I scolded her. "It's ok sugar. We ain't gonna judge you none here." I comforted him, secretly taking out my little note pad and putting a check under the stupid section of the smart/stupid tally I had been keeping of him through the day.
Anyway, I ended up volunteering to drive the little hoodlum cause I had a dummy plate for my Wrangler that weren't nobody looking for and that don't trace back to my house. And once the next day rolled around we were ready to get wild. We figured sooner was better than later to get our situation somewhat stabilized again. Plus we figured the more time we had to think about it the more likely we were to come to our senses and chicken out.
submitted by joshuawaggoner90 to DrCreepensVault [link] [comments]

2020.09.09 21:39 physikoholic Looking for a KDE based distro that would fit my requirements

Hi guys, I'm new to linux and I like the KDE environment the most. So looking for a distro that would fit my requirements.
  1. Beginner friendly (I'm not familiar with CLI but willing to learn if needed but still would prefer if the need is as less as possible).
  2. NOT heavy on system (Should use low system resources) .
  3. Highly customisable and good looking (I'm switching to Linux because how awesome a lots of distro look,so I want to customize my system with themes, icons, widgets etc..)
  4. Wide range support for applications and games(in steam at least)( I want a distro for which I can easily find and run my favourite software/app/ especially Games)
  5. Performance (It should be fast and efficient in boot and loading and running apps)
  6. Security and privacy(I know most of the Linux distros area secure, but still I want one with no ad ware/bloatware/commercial advertising etc..)
  7. Stable but up to date ( I want it to be stable but with reasonable frequent updates)
Please suggest me which distro would be best for me. Thanks for your time and attention
submitted by physikoholic to kde [link] [comments]

2020.09.09 21:38 physikoholic Looking for a KDE based distro that would fit my requirements

Hi guys, I'm new to linux and I like the KDE environment the most. So looking for a distro that would fit my requirements.
  1. Beginner friendly (I'm not familiar with CLI but willing to learn if needed but still would prefer if the need is as less as possible).
  2. NOT heavy on system (Should use low system resources) .
  3. Highly customisable and good looking (I'm switching to Linux because how awesome a lots of distro look,so I want to customize my system with themes, icons, widgets etc..)
  4. Wide range support for applications and games(in steam at least)( I want a distro for which I can easily find and run my favourite software/app/ especially Games)
  5. Performance (It should be fast and efficient in boot and loading and running apps)
  6. Security and privacy(I know most of the Linux distros area secure, but still I want one with no ad ware/bloatware/commercial advertising etc..)
  7. Stable but up to date ( I want it to be stable but with reasonable frequent updates)
Please suggest me which distro would be best for me. Thanks for your time and attention
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DARE TAYLOR ♥️💜 ️ - YouTube Ceramic evidence (BRW,OCW,PGW,NBPW) ware cultures in Ancient history. Start A Dating Site - Part 1 - YouTube What happens if you don't wear bra and panties ? - YouTube These are beautiful older women in their lingerie and ... Dating Older Pinoy Women in the Philippines  Women over ... Starz's Boss Hannah Ware on Dating and Men Addicted to Dating MUCH Older Women  My Strange Addiction SkaDate Online Dating Software: Build Your Own Dating Site ...

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  2. Ceramic evidence (BRW,OCW,PGW,NBPW) ware cultures in Ancient history.
  3. Start A Dating Site - Part 1 - YouTube
  4. What happens if you don't wear bra and panties ? - YouTube
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Thank you Simple Habit for sponsoring this video! Download the app and try a variety of meditations: 7 Red Flags In Dati... Start a dating website ( ) provides a dating site assistance service that supplies dating websites to clients on a monthly... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. SkaDate featured on PR Video: Online dating software from SkaDate allows you to build your own dating website! Transcript: SkaDate is... The lovely star of Starz's Boss on dating and bald men and dating bald men and more. Skip navigation Sign in. ... Hannah Ware's Most Maniac Moment with Maniac Magazine - Duration: 1:06 ... For the Love of Physics - Walter Lewin - May 16, 2011 - Duration: 1:01:26. Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. Recommended for you What happens if you don't wear bra and panties? Thank you for watching , Subscribe for more . Kyle is addicted to dating older women. WAY older. For more My Strange Addiction, visit My Strange Ad... You can support my channel with a very low monthly subscription of just $1 which gives you early access to the latest videos. Just click on the link below. 🎭... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.