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The Government Popped In To Help

2020.09.06 03:04 Jersey908559 The Government Popped In To Help

From My blog, Jersey On The Fly Authored By me, Jersey (AKA Danielle Elizabeth) @ 2020 All Rights Reserved
I lost my job. I worked in a sheltered workshop in Central California. Somewhere around the end of '19 or the beginning of '20, case managers began telling us clients that California laws had changed so that sheltered workshops were now required to pay client employees federal minimum wage, whereas before they were exempt from having to do so. We were being warned that "at some point", our workshop along with most of the workshops in California, would close. But it was said in the context of a year or two down the road, and they were rolling out new changes designed to help us better secure jobs in our community - supposedly. The workshop was beginning to transition from a traditional work shelter format to Job seeking / job coaching format. But we were still working and actually had more work and contracts then we had had in at least a year. More work meant bigger paychecks. Sure it was well under minimum wage and one couldn't support themselves on said wages. But most of us receive SSI or SSDI along with other financial assistance that support us - barely. Our megor earnings were spending money that a life having to be supported by the government doesn't afford. Just enough to be able to grab a burger, go out with friends or indulge a hobby. And we were starting to do more of that because of course we were working more and thus making more. We were humming right along!
And then, like everything else towards the end of the first quarter of 2020, coronavirus…
By the end of February beginning of March all hell started to break loose as the first cases of coronavirus in California were popping up. As a Conservative Constitutionalist,, I was very concerned about "social distancing." One of the biggest signs of a socialist or communist country is when a government controls the every movement of it's people. My co-workers were of course talking about the virus and getting scared, but not caring for an argument, I kept my opinions to myself as I did with most of the political chatter at work because working was more important to me than being right. By the second week of March, staff was assigning seating arrangements both in the work area and cafeteria. and I was resentful that my movements were starting to be dictated to me. In addition to my political beliefs, Americans with disabilities are still widely, in 2020, viewed as not being able to make critical decisions and take total personal responsibility for those decisions, so someone of authority must step in and make those decisions for them. Often very assertive with a wicked temper when such views are projected on me, (you will never hear me I am perfect or even kind),I was REALLY struggling with keeping myself in check at work. I knew there was too much fear going around and again,working was more important to me than being right.
On Friday, March 20th, I arrived at work and was approached by staff, as they were now wanting to hear from clients on what their thoughts were on everything that was going on. In a good mood and not feeling that staff was looking for anything more than honest feedback, (which actually impressed me), we had a conversation I was very pleased with. I was asked if I had any concerns over coronavirus, and I shared I was more concerned with what was happening politically around coronavirus than than I was with the virus itself. I was asked if I was comfortable continuing to coming to work and I said "Uh-huh…" I was asked how I felt about the social distancing measures in place, and I answered they were a current source of frustration for me, but I knew it was what it was and was doing my best to just go along and get along. I was asked how I would feel if the workshop temporarily closed. This was something I had dreaded. For one particular reason. Remember, all employees in a workshop are NOT created equal. Staff receives a regular salary that is at least hourly if not just a guaranteed fixed amount. Clients were paid only if their group was assigned work that day and then only for the amount of work completed correctly. So while staff could be assigned work to do at home, clients couldn't. In a nutshell, staff would still get a paycheck, but clients would not. To be clear and fair, the case managers and supervisors had NO control over this and these were higher up policies. So my answer on that question was my preference was to stay working, but in the event of a temporary closure, I felt that if staff continued to be paid, then so should clients. The closure would be no more the client's fault than staff's. After making it clear that I understood that these decisions were higher up decisions and not workshop staff, I said exactly as follows. "Look, we all know that 95% of the clients are simply not cognitively able to process that staff continues to get paid while clients do not. Not only are the hire ups aware of this, THEY BANK ON IT! And that's not ok." I was commended for advocating my peers and sent on my way. My group completed the work we had by lunch. Since I live independently and use public transportation instead of a community provided door-to-door bus, I left after lunch at 1pm, spent the afternoon running errands and got home around 5-ish to find a voicemail time stamped 1:30-ish from my case manager. The higher ups had made the decision to shut the workshop down until April 15th. So staff never had a chance to do anything with the feedback they gathered. California issued the shelter in place order at the same time and by the end of our first week of being on shut down, the whole country was shut down.
At first I decided not to let a good crisis go to waste and started applying at various retail places that were deemed essential for stock clerk positions. I even got called for an interview. I had been applying for jobs in the community on and off for several yeàrs. Truth is, I look pretty damn good on paper as a candidate. But even though I also interview very well in face to face meetings, mine is a face that becomes contorted when speaking and I have a speech impediment that is slurred and garbled, making it hard to understand me at least at first. Add to that I show up in a wheelchair. And we haven't even gotten to the part yet where I do things at a much slower rate of speed and usually cannot perform a task to EXACTLY the same as everyone else's looks. Oh, did I mention I'm nearing 50 years of age? How many people with this description do you encounter in a work setting where you are either conducting some business or are a co-worker of theirs? How many people with the above description are your children's teachers or teacher's aids? How many do you see as greeters at Walmart? How many do you see as receptionists when you walk in a lobby? Even though The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 requires an employer to make reasonable accommodations and says an employer cannot deny a person a job based on disability alone, employers are not hiring people with very obvious disabilities. Whether they think customers will be turned off at the sight of obvious disabilities or they don't want to risk perceived legal liabilities, they don't want us as employees. I have yet to be hired or even be offered a try out position, which I would gladly take just to have a chance. Working in a workshop was the last thing I wanted to do. I finally agreed to do so until I could finally find a job in the community. But I finally had to be honest with myself about what the chances of that really were. If I couldn't even get hired at a time when essential businesses were desperate for extra help and were going on hiring sprees, what were really the chances I would be hired in the community ever?
Pretty quick the first national reopening date was April 30th, so I knew we wouldn't be going back on the 15th. Sure enough, we were pushed back to the 30th. But I started having this nagging suspicion in the back of my head. If the workshop was having to fold at some point anyway, would we ever reopen at all? On April 28th, I got another email from my case manager that the workshop was now closed until further notice. My spirit sank and I was sure I knew what was coming. But maybe I didn't after all! The work group supervisors had been assigned the job of calling clients each week to make sure the clients were ok. On May 13th, I received a call from a supervisor saying they were looking at reopening very soon and read us a series of questions to make sure we were healthy, did we feel ready to go back to work, and read us the procedures that would now be in place. So I was wrong! We were going back to work after all! My spirit soared! Then, exactly one week later, on May 20th, I got a call from my case manager. The workshop was not reopening. I was now told that the workshop was going to have to shut it's doors in September anyways because of the new laws, so they decided it wasn't worth reopening for the summer. This was the first time I ever heard that there was an actual closing plan with an actual date in place. My spirit crashed and my tempor soared. I managed to muster at least a semi calm "I can't have this conversation anymore right now.", and hung up.
When I first was first told of our workshop shutting down due to coronavirus, I was assured we would still receive paychecks. (Remember, I had pointed out the inequality of staff continuing to get paid during a shut down if clients did not.) We were paid twice monthly, the first pay period was from the 1st to the 15th, for which we would receive payment on the 25th, and the second from the 16th to the 30th, for which we received payment on the 10th. On March 25, 2020, we received a check for the work we had done from March 1st to the 15th. On April 10th, we were paid for the work we had done from March 16th to the 20th, for the last days we actually worked for a total of four days out of a fifteen day pay cycle. To my knowledge, there were no more payments to clients after April 10th. So as far as I can tell, we were only ever paid what we we're already owed. Meanwhile, case managers are still case managing with group supervisors helping to fill in the cracks. Damn well they're still getting paid something even if at reduced wages. (Although I personally question whether staff would do all the work they're doing for anything less than before the shut down.) Also, the agency that oversees the workshop is what I will call an "B" agency. A "B" agency, in this case the workshop, can't hire disabled employees off the street. Clients have to be referred to a B-angency by an A-agency. The A-agency pays the B-agency "X" amount for supplying the workshop services. So considering each client comes complete with a paid contract, I ask would it have had not been possible to continue to pay the clients even just a quarter of what they would usually get paid as a good faith gesture? And while I'm raising questions with my former employer, how was it, that one week clients received calls that the workshop would be opening very soon and exactly one week later çlients received calls saying the workshop was now permanently closed? Somewhere in the chain of command, someone knew about both phone calls! How did this happen and why? The fact that the decisions were made and that everything played out the way that it did was nothing short of cruel and dare I say malicious?! But that question will more than likely never be publicly answered with no one held accountable for such a fist in the face.
To be clear, our workshop wasn't closed permanently as a result of coronavirus. We were closed permanently because of changes to California State laws. California's Fair Employment And Housing Act states that all employees must be paid at least Federal minimum wage, but there was a loophole saying that if an employer had a special license to operate such as a sheltered workshop, they were exempt from having to do so. What they did was ammend the act with a new stipulation known as AB 488, which says that a employee may now sue an employer with said special license for any type of perceived discrimination or harassment based on a never-ending list of social groups, including people with disabilities. The bill, as far as I can tell, does not expressly say that a sheltered workshop MUST pay it's employees (clients) at least Federal minimum wage, but does say an employee who is a client can now sue a sheltered workshop for ANY form of discrimination which would include not paying clients minimum while paying staff above minimum wage.
And at face value, it seems like the right and just thing to do. But here's where this logic fails. It ignores the fact that as I said at the beginning, most client employees receive other types of income including SSDI/SSA, food stamps, housing vouchers and Medi-Caid/Medi-Care. All of these financial aids have strict income restrictions. For instance, if you receive SSDI and Medi-Caid, (known as Medi-Cal in California,) you cannot have more than $2,000 in assets. Assets include your car, jewelry, a savings account, a checking account and an income for a job. Making minimum wage has the very real potential to put those financial aids in jeopardy. And just because you exceed the asset restrictions does not mean you are able to fully support yourself on a regular basis. For one thing, without a housing voucher, rents double if not triple. And one would also lose their health coverage. I realize many able-bodied able-minded people may be going "So what? If they're able to work and support themselves then they should." The problem is that many of us have disabilities that limit how long we can work on any given day as well as if we're able to consistently work even four hours a day five days a week. A sheltered workshop allowed us the flexibility we needed in a work setting to be able to hold down a job.
Not only that, just because the government makes a law saying an employer in California MUST pay an employee at least "X" amount, does not mean an employer of any kind has the resources to be able to do so. That's why many businesses now have kiosks and self check-outs, because they can't afford to pay people to be there. It's also why many companies are permanently closing their doors.
My co-workers and I had a good thing going. We had the dignity of having a job and getting paid for the work we did. We had a little bit of spending money to be able to enjoy our lives just a little bit more. And then the politicians decided my co-workers and I didn't know how to make decisions about our own lives and barged in to fix what really wasn't broken. President Reagan once said the nine most dangerous words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." How true that is. The government stepped in under the guise of looking out for those THEY decided couldn't look out for themselves. But really, they were just looking out for their bottom line - votes. If they had truly cared for Citizens of California with disabilities who were employed at sheltered workshops, they would have looked at everything I just wrote about above and left well enough alone. But it looked and sounded too good to pass up. So they passed AB 488. To hell with the consequences! So now I and about 50 of my co-workers have lost our jobs. And in addition to our disabilities, many of us are in or near our fifties with no real job history. Employers are not impressed with someone who worked in a sheltered workshop. most of us, will never work and earn a paycheck ever again. Thanks, Sacramento. You shouldn't have… No, really.
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2020.05.02 00:16 AJ2P2 MomoJirou + TodoDeku Date!!

By shigaraki-fifth-hand, on tumblr Got her permission
Momo ran around her dorm, doing her makeup and hair and then redoing her hair and then painting her nails last minute and then finally quitting to curl her hair instead.
“Momo, you know that we were supposed to be downstairs two minutes ago, right?”Jirou asked, looking at her girlfriend. Momo wore a maroon velvet dress and black pump heels with her hair down and curled.
Jirou, on the other hand, wore just a white tank top, black jeans, and then her Doc Martins. It was simple, but edgy as always. “I know, but everyone important will be at my fathers meeting! Endeavor and so many other pro heroes! People from modeling angencies, and all of my dad’s rich business friends.”
Momo looked at Jirou before sighing and smiling. “How do I look?” She asked, twirling as Jirou got up. “Beautiful as always.” They kissed, before Momo grabbed her purse and opened the door. As the ladies walked out, they saw the other couple coming out of their door at the exact time.
A few minutes earlier...
“Midoryia... you look fine.” Todoroki complained, standing up against the wall as Deku ran around, unfloofing and refloofing his hair like a mad man. “Shotoooo. Your entire family will be there! And All Might! And- and- all those News Reporters! I have to look good so I don’t embarrass you!”
Todoroki shook his head, smiling at his adorable boyfriend before grabbing him into a hug. “You never don’t look cute.” Todoroki kissed his forehead before grabbing his wallet, Izuku’s hand, and then walking out.
The two couples saw each other, and smiled. “How are we doing kiddos?” Jirou ruffled Midoryia’s hair as Momo fixed his tie. “You look stunning little broccoli.” Momo giggled, turning to Shoto. “You nervous?” she asked, smiling sadly at her red-and-white-haired friend. “Of course not. It’s only that I’ll be sitting with my father, boyfriend, and a bunch of reporters asking me questions and watching my every move.”
Izuku smiled, grabbing his boyfriend’s hand. “You’ll be okay Shoto. You both will be.” Izuku reassured him and the raven-haired girl.
“Exactly! You two were raised for this kind of stuff! All you have to do is act natural and you’ll meet your parent’s expectations perfectly.” Jirou smiled, raising her fist in the air as Momo laughed nervously, fidgeting with her phone.
“I hope you’re right.” She tried to smile, but the mix of her teeth chattering and her cheeks blushing made her look like a total mess, even if she had makeup and a fancy dress on. “I think we should head to the movie. Maybe you can pull yourself together in the car. We’ll have a short 15 minutes to prepare.”
Shoto suggested as the group nodded, grabbing the hand of their partner and heading out to the limo. Passing Denki and Mina binging on the hot Cheetos, and Bakugo giving them a suspicious glare, they walked into the long, black limo that awaited them.
Shoto got the window seat, then Deku, then Jirou, and then Momo lastly, closing the car door behind her. Yet Shoto was incorrect, the 15 minutes were not short. Momo and Jirou went over the right away to hold things, how to speak to her dad’s friends, and how to walk in the heels without kicking her feet up whenever she felt uncalmly.
Shoto on the other hand spent the time burying his face into Izuku’s neck, kissing his lips, and wishing he could hide away from the world with his little ‘Zuki. He knew he couldn't kiss Deku’s neck though, as it was covered in foundation to hide the hickeys from last night when Deku had comforted Todoroki’s anxiety through passionate... hugging.
“You’ll be okay Baby... You’re going to do great. I love you no matter what, and you don’t need to act any different around these people. They’re trying to impress you, the father of the number one hero. You don’t need to act any different.” Izuku whispered into his boyfriend’s ear, calming him while giving an amazing scalp massage.
As Shoto met Izuku’s eye contact, he instantly melted in his fingers and realized how much he loved Izuku.
“Now, here’s the deal. There will be reporters here so we must stick to the strict list of things we can talk about dealing with UA that Aizawa gave us, and we must make sure to talk as much about each other as possible. Talking about ourselves will come off as self-centered, but we should promote each other to the public. We don’t want a bad reputation as people.”
Momo explained as Jirou giggled, kissing her girlfriend on the cheek to shut her up. “That’ll keep you quiet for a second. Don’t worry guys, it’s not that hard. Momo has been teaching me how to do this fancy stuff for days, and honestly, it’s common knowledge. Follow my league.” She winked at Deku before looking at a nervous-looking Todoroki. Reporters... oh god. Todoroki had a sudden flashback that brought him pain to think of.
“Now, tell me young man, what do you want to do with your life? Your father says you will follow in his footsteps and eventually become the number one hero. Is this true?” The hot, male reporter asked him, shoving a microphone in his blushed face. The lights were blinding and made him hot, and the cute guy in front of him was making him go insane. “Damn.” He blurted out, looking him up and down before staring at the camera in shock from his own words. “Haha, thank you. I can only guess that you are apart of the LGBT community as well. Do you pro-”
The rest of the reporter’s words were blurred as Shoto saw his father from a far, staring bullets at him. He had just revealed his sexuality to the world, and could only be left to get more sweaty and embarrassed before being able to leave the reporter and cameraman behind. For weeks, magazines were filled with information about Shoto’s words, what his sexual orientation could possibly be, and who is possible love interests could be.
It took a week before Izuku could drag him out of the depression he fell into, and that was by kissing him.
It was accurate that Shoto wasn’t good with reporters, and Izuku knew that too. In interviews, Shoto had called his father a bastard, had mispronounced his own name, and had once had said that he didn’t want friends in UA. “You’re going to be find Shoto. If anything happens, I’ll be right there to steal the show from you.” Shoto smiled, pinching his boyfriend’s cheek.
“Oh goodness, we’re here!” Momo opened the car door and stepped out, everyone grabbing their partner’s hand and being met by a hundred different camera flashes, all of them blinding the poor teens. Momo grabbed Jirou and pulled her inside the building, running even in heels. Todoroki, instead, grabbed Izuku, holding him by his side and placing his hand in front of Izuku’s eyes, saving him from being blinded.
“No comment... no comment...” Todoroki murmured, walking as this was normal for being the 1# hero’s son and a UA student himself. Holding Izuku tightly by the waist, he could only hope that a photo of them would be on the cover of at least one magazine.
How cute... Once they got inside, Todoroki was happily relived to see that although the inside was much more extravagant and extra, there were only few reporters and their camera men walking around the place. It was a large room with a large staircase in the middle, and a bunch of rooms and hallways off the sides. “You okay Midoryia?”
Shoto asked as his small boyfriend nodded, blushing and smiling in response. Todoroki sighed... kissing him on the cheek before going to join the girls, gripping Izuku’s hand tightly. “Lovely... Now remember the rules, we must bow from the waist only, smile only a little bit, and our hair must stay nice to entire time.” Momo turned and grabbed four glasses filled with sparkling water, dispersing them among her friends.
“Lovely, now remember how I told you. Three fingers on one side, two on the other. And you hold it about lower-chest level so-” Momo’s lecture was interrupted by a reporter and her camera man stepping into the conversation.
“Ahh, it’s the UA students everyone is so eager to meet! Hello, I’m Sasha from Channel News 4, and right now we are at the Conventional Meeting for the Yayorozu Hero Agency and all of it’s special guests, including pro hero All Might, Endeavor, and the hero in training Kyoka Jirou, Izuku Midoryia, Shoto Todoroki, and Momo Yayorozu. Tell me, as young adults, how did you and your friends prepare for such a prestigious event Shoto?”
The reporter shoved her microphone into Shoto’s face, catching him off guard. Below the smile, Izuku could see that she was hoping Todoroki would say something dramatic and to be on the headlines of their magazines. He had to help his boyfriend. “Shoto lost his voice, so if you wouldn’t mind I’ll speak for him.” Izuku smiled as the news reporter happily moved the microphone to in front of him.
“Personally, I’ve spent the past few days trying to help Shoto de-stress because after all, he’s Shoto Todoroki. He shouldn’t have to worry about the people here.” Deku smiled, happy with his response as the reporter smirked.
“Does that mean that you and Shoto believe that he is equal or better than the famous faces we are seeing here today?” She asked as Deku began laughing, catching everyone off guard.
“You’re so funny Sasha! I know that myself and my friends have been fangirling over all of this ever since we heard about it. With people like All Might and Endeavor here, it is very hard to feel at ease here. After all, we are just training to become what they already are, am I wrong?”
Shoto had to think over everything, and comprehend how his boyfriend was so well in front of a camera, even tricking the reporter who only wanted drama, gossip, and for life to turn into a reality tv show. “Anyways, we must go. Nice talking to you.” Momo grabbed everyone by the arm and pulled them away, leaving the news crew in the dust.
“Wait! We have to ask about your sexual orientation, and your views on black lives matter!” She yelled out, but was left with no answer. While Jirou and Momo went off to get food off a platter, Shoto stayed with Izuku and smiled. Grabbing both of his hands, he smiled happily. Such a happy, pure smile. “Thank you ‘Zuki. Thank you so much.” Todoroki would have said more, but the sight of his father coming from across the room behind Izuku stopped him.
Deku turned around to see Endeavor, swallowing nervously but calming his nerves as he began to think. This was simply Todoroki’s dad, nothing more. Not the pro hero who could burn his face off then and there, but a human being who had brought the love of his life to the world. “Shoto... Midoryia.” Shoto saw his old man’s eyes drift at the two of them holding hands, and the look he was giving was unreadable.
While on the other side of the room, Momo and Jirou were having a party of their own. Basically gossiping about the boys in their class and what Aizawa had been doing lately with All Might, they found his girly laughs and the way he whispered secrets that he knew from their teenage years to then absolutely lovable.
“I know! Like, doesn’t Nezu care that he sleeps half of class? Iida teaches more than he does!” Jirou laughed out loud as All Might snorted out his drink. “Dang, I miss being one of the girls.” All Might giggled like a small girl, causing the two to snort their own sparkling.
“When you’re done with the childs play, I would like to introduce you to someone Momo. Daughter, this is Ria Terrasu. She runs the modeling agency downtown for young, aspiring, female heroes.” Momo’s father introduced the blue-haired, older woman to her.
“Yes, what your father said. We believe that since female pro heroes are so far and in between, we use our company to get their name out there! Our agency gives you a chance to do commercials with other pros, build your brand, and really find your own place in our society. We also are known for having our... pro lgbtq campaign going on.” Momo and Jirou made eye contact, their eyes sparkling and their hearts smiling. “That’s wonderful! Where do I sign?” Momo exclaimed jokingly, smiling ear to ear as the old woman giggled.
“I knew you’d like that. All I ask for now is that you think about it. Of course, you’d only be able to do weekends and we would work 9 to 3 on Saturday and Sundays.” She explained as Momo began having second thoughts. Was she truly prepared to add another thing to her to-do list, when she was already a full time student, training to become a pro hero, and starting what seemed to be a perfect relationship with Jirou. “I’ll... I’ll think about it. Thank you Miss, really.” Momo stepped away, looking at Jirou with a sad look in her eyes.
“W-what's wrong boo? I thought you loved the idea of that! Imagine how much fun you’d have being a model!” Jirou exclaimed as Momo smiled sadly. “Yes, but imagine all the fun we have on the weekends. I’d be missing out on all of that with you. Every hour without you is torture, so why would I sign myself up to do more?” Momo asked as Jirou blushed, kissing Momo softly. “You’re cute. Good job. Let’s go get Deku, we can cry and kiss later.” Jirou winked as Momo blushed even more, beginning to begin another conversation with All Might and make him “one of the girls” again.
While on the other side of the room, Endeavor put his hand out and tried his best to do what appeared to be a small smile. “Pleased to see you again.” He murmured as Deku quickly shook it, happy to see him trying. Shoto, on the other hand, was not thoroughly convinced.
“Same for you sir. Have you been harassed by reporters today? We were just confronted by one, and man are they crazy!” Deku began to make conversation with the pro hero like it was nothing, even getting a shocked expression from Endeavor in return that he didn’t notice. Finally, this is my chance to show Shoto what I think of his relationship. “Ahh, I went through the same thing when I came in. It’s as if they’ve never heard of personal space.” Shoto’s eyes widened at the fact that his old man had made a joke to his boyfriend.
“I agree sir. As if they can interview us, we then aren’t allowed to have our personal bubble.” Deku smiled, treating this as another conversation. Endeavor was talking to him, and not being snobbish or rude! What an accomplishment! “What a correct way to put it. I do not know why or how they are in here, but personally, I’ve already requested them to be removed. It’s already enough that we get blinded when we walk from the car to in here. Now that you’re here, I can’t help but as-”
Before Endeavor could finish, Momo ran to Deku, pulling him aside. “All Might is asking for you! Come on Izu!” She pulled him away, leaving Shoto and his father alone. “What is the deal with All Might? Goodness... I do not understand the obsession with him, especially after his retirement.” Endeavor murmured as Shoto shook his head, smiling sadly. “All Might is the closest thing Midoryia has to a father. I recommend you get used to seeing him.” Todoroki walked away, going to join his friends at the circular table in the banquet hall with everyone else. So I must talk to All Might as well to become familiar with this boy? Man, why can’t this be easy?
Endeavor followed his son to the table to sit down between Shoto and one of Mr. Yayorozu’s business partners. The seating chart had Endeavor, Shoto, Deku, All Might, Momo’s mother, Jirou, Momo, Momo’s father, and then one of the business partners to the Yayorozu hero agency. “Ahh, Endeavor. Nice seeing you after so long.” All Might greeted Endeavor as he swallowed his pride, agreeing with himself that he would try and change as a father, as a father-in-law as well. “Agree.” He did that thing where he was trying to smile, but it just looked awkward.
Thankfully, before the conversation could become awkward, the spokesperson walked onto the stage, speaking into the microphone. “Hello? Hello everyone. Thank you for joining me for the 81st Yayorozu Hero Agency Convention. To start us off, the owners of this establishment would like to ask All Might, who has so recently retired after giving us a safe way of life for so many years, to come give a speech. Everyone, a round of applause?” All Might blushed, smiling and going up to the stage.
“T-thank you everyone, really. Goodness, this is unexpected. I would like to start off by saying-” At that moment, Deku looked to hear something beeping under the stage. “All Might! Watch out!” Using the power in his legs, he shot out of his seat, wrapped his arms around All Might, and pushed him off the stage into the corner just as an explosion erupted onto the stage. “Young Midoryia! You just saved my life!” All Might yelled as Izuku looked up to see the room being filled with explosions, causing all of the people inside to rush out of the room in a frazzled, panicked state.
“Someone is behind all of this, and they’re targeting the pro heroes here. All Might, you need to get out of here!” Izuku exclaimed, picking up his mentor and beginning to walk him out. “Midoryia, I can help him by making a shield of ice! You go and find out who’s causing this! They cannot be far from here!” Shoto instructed as Deku nodded, leaving the banquet hall and entering the main room to find it on fire, large chunks of the ceiling and floor missing. “Deku! We need to stop whoever is doing all of these! They’re only going off whenever someone is getting close to them, so someone must be watching!” Jirou exclaimed, picking up wounded people and beginning to carry them.
“Quick! Deku, rush up to the security office! It’s on the third floor, and it says Security on the door!” Momo instructed, creating a small bed with wheels and placing the hurt on them.
Without hesitation, Deku rushed up the flights of stairs and then another until he was on the third floor. Slowly, he began to walk into the office, looking behind the wall to see that a person was sitting at the computer. “Super power charge!” Deku shot out from behind the corner, only to be met by nothing. “Did you not think I couldn’t see you coming through the cameras? You have a lot to learn Izuku!” The villain Toga jumped up, getting out her knife and running at him.
“Oh no you don’t!” Deku yelled, using his quirk to jump onto the wall and then kick her from behind, pinning her to the ground and knocking her unconscious. Rushing to the computer, he looked around to find where the next bomb was going to go off. Checking the sticky note Toga had written next to the screen, he read 6:15, Floor 3 Left Wing Hallway. Looking at the watch to read 3:14, and then at the screen to see Endeavor walking there, Izuku began to panic. But luckily, Deku worked the best under pressure. Running out of the room and running into Endeavor, he grabbed his arm and used 12% of his quirk to swing Endeavor to the other side of the hallway.
“Wha- Midoryia!” Endeavor yelled as he hit the ground, before looking towards Izuku to see a bomb going off right under his feet. Deku got launched from his feet, and then slammed into the ceiling, only to fall back to the first floor once the floor beneath him quickly crumbled away. “Oh my god!” Endeavor yelled, running to the unconscious boy before the realization hit him. Deku had just saved Endeavor’, putting himself at risk in the process. Half of Izuku’s arm looked burnt to a crisp, and his leg looked to be twisted incorrectly. “Doctor! Someone, we need a doctor!”
Endeavor yelled out, surprised to be met by a paramedic, Shoto slowly following behind. “Oh god, Dad! What happened to him?!” Shoto nervously ran to Deku’s side, examining him with his tear-filled eyes. “He saved me son... threw me out of the way before a bomb could hurt me. Luckily, he wasn’t directly under the bomb like I had been, and only got slightly grazed by it.” He explained, feeling nervous himself. Had this poor boy really saved him, when he was a pro hero himself and was hated by the public? What was his deal?
The next time Izuku opened his eyes, he was in a hospital surrounded by Momo and Jirou sleeping with each other on the small pull-out couch, and Shoto sitting on the spinning chair. “Oh god, you’re awake.” Todoroki smiled, running to Izuku’s side. “Glad to see you’re okay Zuki.” He blushed, before the door opened behind him to reveal his father. “I think we all are.” He held a balloon that looked pitiful next to his large size, and flowers that looked expensive. “Dad?” Todoroki asked, shocked to see his father standing before his eyes. “Shoto, come out in the hall with me.” His father instructed, leaving the things on the table and leaving out the door.
Shoto kissed Deku’s cheek before following him, shutting the door behind him. “Son, I must ask you something important, and I want the honest answer.” Endeavor asked as Shoto’s eyes widened at the sudden use of “son”. “I need to know if all of this is true. Are you sure you’re gay? Are you sure that you want to date All Might’s successor? ... Are you in love with Izuku Midoryia?” Endeavor asked, turning to face Shoto who stood there, leaning against the door with a surprised conversation. “I don’t see why you need to know any of t-”.
“Because how am I supposed to change if I don’t know a single thing about you?! How can I become a good father for you if I don’t even know you? Why don’t I know you Shoto?...” Shoto could have swore that he saw a single tear being shed from his father’s eyes. “Why did you come out to the whole world before me? Do you realize how much of a failure that makes me?” Todoroki was right. Endeavor was crying before his very eyes.
“Why can’t I just be a terrible guy? Why must I wake up and realize my terrible actions after I’ve done them? Oh Shoto...” Endeavor put his hand on Shoto’s shoulder, pressing firmly on him. “I will be someone who you can be happy to call your father. I’m not asking for you to forget, but I am asking for a chance to prove myself to you, to your siblings... to the world.” Shoto shed a tear before putting his hand out, recreating the same gesture that Endeavor had done to Deku.
“One more chance old man, but only because I want this to work just as much as you do.” Todoroki confessed, before hearing yells inside the hospital room. Running inside, he was met by the sight of Momo and Jirou screeching happily, jumping up and down. “W-what happened? What’s going on?” Shoto demanded, seeing that Izuku was overjoyed as well. “The modeling agency called me! They want us both!” Jirou yelled, throwing her phone to the couch before kissing her girlfriend. “Hmm, I guess that banquet was the best thing for all of us.” Endeavor murmured below his breath.fanfics
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2019.04.20 00:35 HelloLurkerHere The strange murder of Sheila Barrero (Long Writeup)

Hie everyone. This is another write up about an unsolved crime case from Spain. I've tried to stick to the contrasted info as much as possible, because there are some rumours about it that have created (even more) confusion about this case. This is a very long post, but I hope I've made an interesting read. Here it goes;

Sheila Lorena Barrero Fernández was born in 1981, in the small mining town of Degaña, Asturias (northern Spain). She was the youngest of four siblings. In January of 2004 Sheila had recently completed her Tourism Studies at the University of Gijón (Asturias' second largest city) and was working at a travel agency in Gijón.

Her schedule was certainly quite busy; from Monday to Friday the 22-years old Sheila worked full-time at the travel angency. Then, on Fridays' evenings she took her car and drove 150 kilometers (90 miles) all the way to her hometown of Degaña to spend the weekend at her parents' house. On Saturdays she's then drive another 20 kilometers (12 miles) to Villablino, where she worked the night at a pub. On Sunday's evenings she drove back to Gijón before resuming her weekly routine.

Sheila was described as an extrovert, chatty and outgoing young woman, with also a strong personality. One thing family and friends have mentioned often about her is that she wasn't a easy person to take advantage of.

A few months earlier Sheila and her boyfriend Borja Vidal Gómez (aged 19 back then) had broken up, but according to many of her friends Sheila could not accept the situation at first and would be all over him begging him to come back with her -to which Borja was reportedly quite annoyed. Eventually Sheila moved on and by January of 2004 she was already dating another man -and old boyfriend of her named Teófilo 'Teo' Sabugo. her relationship with Borja was allegedly short and rocky.

10:00 pm of Saturday, January 24th - 08:00 am of Sunday, January 25th, 2004

Sheila left her parents' home for work at around 10:00 pm. That night a male friend gave her a ride because the day before Sheila had taken her own car to a repair shop in Villablino. Since Sheila's shift didn't start until midnight both spent some time at a bar nearby. Shortly before midnight Sheila walked into the pub she worked at.

The night went off smoothly at the pub. No fights nor anything of that sort took place. No customer harassed or bothered Sheila -nor any of her coworkers. Some of Sheila's old friends came over to say hi to her, but that wasn't unusual. At around 03:00 am of that night one of the employees at the repair shop where Sheila's car was being serviced came over, along with his girlfriend. He returned the keys to her, and told her that her car was ready and she could pick it up near a bar at which Sheila like to have a snack after work. Sheila was reportedly very happy about this, since she hated the idea of having to depend on someone giving her a ride.

At 07:00 am Sheila and her coworkers closed the pub. They headed to the aforementioned bar next to which Sheila's repaired car was parked. Sheila spent barely half an hour at the bar -she said that her feet were hurting and she wanted to go home and rest, and since she'd drive she only drank a Coke. Two of her friends, José Manuel and Bibi, agreed to leave with her -albeit in separate cars. The trio chatted briefly on street next to Sheila's parked car and then they left. Sheila's friends would drive right behind her through the road LE-733 up to Caboalles Bridge, where they'd go on separated ways. That road passes through several small villages at the bottom of a valley. That morning there was a light mist on the area, and it was raining.

Shortly before 08:00 am the two cars arrive to Caboalles Bridge. It was still dark -that morning the sun wouldn't rise until 08:35 am. Sheila's friends noticed that one of her car's brake lights isn't working properly. They later sent a SMS to Sheila's cellphone warning her about that. They also asked her on that SMS that she'd text them back once she made it home safely. The two friends took a detour while Sheila continued towards Degaña. They watched her white Peugeot 206 vanish under the rain. It was the last time someone saw Sheila Barrero alive. She never texted back.

13:00 pm of Sunday January 25th, 2004

Like every Sunday, the Barrero Fernández family was supossed to gather as a whole to have lunch together at the house of Sheila's parents. Sheila's older brother Elías had already arrived there from Villablino along with his wife and his daughter. His parents tell him that Sheila had not arrived yet, and they thought that she had sleep at his place -Sheila's parents didn't know about the car at this point, and they though the car was still at the repair shop. Elías remembered that on the way to Degaña he had briefly seen through the mist a white Peugeot pulled over at a lookout turn. At that moment he didn't think anything of that -a white Peugeot 206 was hardly an obscure car in 2004 Spain- but now he thought it could be Sheila's car. Elías told this to his parents and took his car to go back to that lookout turn. He assured them that maybe Sheila felt too sleepy to drive and decided to sleep in her car that morning.

A bit later he made it back there. The place was deserted. From his car, Elías looked at the end of the lookout area. It was indeed a white Peugeot 206, like Sheila's. Elías slowly drove up to it. He read the rear license plate; it was Sheila's car.

Elías parked next to Sheila's car, on the right side. He looked left and observed the interior of the Peugeot. Someone was sitting at the wheel, but with their head tilting sideways to the right.

"Sheila?", he called. No answer.

She's probably just sleeping, he though. She works very hard at the bar, maybe she's got a lousy night there and needed some rest.

Elías walked up to the driver's door. The window was partially lowered, the mist darkened the view a bit, but he could see now his younger sister with her upper body resting on the wheel. She could have been sleeping. But something wasn't right.

Elías panicked and opened the door. Then he saw all the blood on the passenger seat.

Sheila was dead.

The Crime Scene

Authorities were alerted at 13:20 of Sunday 25th. After realizing that her sister had been murdered a pyschologically broken down Elías had run through the the road until he managed to stop a car, whose driver used his cellphone to dial 112 (emergency phone number across the European Union).

The Guardia Civil stepped in charge of the investigation, from both Villablino and Degaña, although it also counted with the help of the Military Central Unit for Operations (UCO).
Sheila had been shot point blank through the back of her head with a small caliber handgun, more especifically a 6.35 mm. The bullet -which could be retrieved- exited her skull right under her right eyebrow and crashed into the upper left corner of the windshield, chipping it. The bullet casket was found on the car's dashboard.

Minus the fact that her upper body was slightly tilted towards her right side, Sheila's body was sitting properly on the seat. However, there was a couple of details that caught the attention of the LE investigators; her feet were resting over the car's pedals, but the legs were slightly crossed. Same went for her hands -which were resting on her thighs. A large tear was found on the crotch area of her pantyhose, but posterior forensic examination could not find any evidence of rape or any kind of sexual assault.

There were no signs of forceful entry on the car. There weren't signs of robbery either. There was a significant amount of blood on the bottom of the passenger seat, which led LE to believe that Sheila's body had lied there for a while right after being killed and her killer arranged her later back to the driver's seat.

The floor right below the backseat was wet. Sheila had initially drove alone in her car when she left Villablino. This, along with the bullet's trajectory, led investigators to believe that her killer had somehow gained access to the back of the car (let's remember that it had been raining that morning).

Fingerprints were sampled from the car, but none of these found led to anything relevant for the investigation; basically they just found Sheila's and her friends'. In the car, however, there was an item in the backseat that even to this day, countinues being one of the biggest mysteries of the investigation; a black scarf that no one questioned could identify. The scarf had what appeared to be some sort of coat of arms on one of its ends. The coat of arms depicted a flower, an open book and a Golden Fleece -the later is a symbol associated to a Catholic Order of Chivalry in many European countries. A textile fabric belonging to a different piece of clothing was found on the scarf. Also investigators could sample DNA from the mysterious scarf.

The Initial Investigation

The Guardia Civil quickly started the round of interrogatories. Family, friends and potential witnesses were thoroughly interrogated, looking for clues. A total of over 600 people were questioned. Eventually they narrowed the suspects list down to four men;

José Luis - the friend who drove the second car that morning.
Bibi - the second friend, who traveled in José Luis' car as passenger.
Borja - the man with which Sheila had had a very short, but rocky relationship just a few months earlier.
Teo - Sheila's long time on-and-off boyfriend.

José Luis and Bibi were the last people that saw Sheila alive, and thus they were initially the main suspects. Bibi was soon ruled out; shortly after both cars reached the Caboalles Bridge and parted ways José Luis dropped Bibi at his place. Bibi didn't own a car, so he could not have reached Sheila down the road.

LE's attention shifted then towards José Luis; he was driving his own car, and according to him after dropping Bibi he drove up to his place, where he went to sleep. But before going to bed he sent Sheila the aforementioned SMS.

It was then corroborated by the Guardia Civil investigators that José Luis could have had time of turning back to the bridge (instead of driving to his place), speed up down the road and catch up with Sheila's car. This made him a solid suspect. However, it was the SMS what provided the alibi for him; after questioning his phone-service provider LE determined that he had sent the SMS from his home, just as he had said (he happened to live next to a cell repeater).

With Bibi and José Luis off the list, it was turn to study the movements of Borja and Teo on the morning of January 25th. According to them and their families both were at home sleeping when Sheila was seen alive for the last time. Teo lived back then at Villaseca de Laciana, a small village some 7 kilometers (4 miles) east of Villablino (where Sheila worked at the pub). In other words, his house was in the opposite direction of which Sheila drove for the last time. Teo and Sheila had agreed to meet that Sunday evening; they both were going for a holiday trip to Tenerife (Canary Islands) the following month. His family and neighbors corroborated his alibi.

Borja was being investigated at the same time than Teo, since both were considered at the time suspects on equal category. However, the forensic lab established a connection between the textile fiber found on the scarf with a hoodie Borja owned at the time. It's important to note that this doesn't mean that that fiber belonged specifically to Borja's hoodie, but that it was the same kind of fabric.

Nevertheless, this finding turned Borja into the main suspect. He was questioned more extensively. Borja said that on the evening of Saturday, January 24th he had disputed a soccer match with his team (which was corroborated to be true), had dinner at his grandparent's house (also corroborated) and that he had spent the night at his home in Villablino. He didn't want to go out that night because his legs were tired and sore after the match. His parents, however, could not confirm his alibi since they had spent the whole weekend away. Therefore, Borja would have been home alone the whole weekend in which Sheila was murdered.

Narrowing the circle, the investigator performed some test on Borja. They sampled DNA from him and also performed a test on his arms to see if they could find gunpowder traces on his body. And at this point the case took a confusing turn;
Traces of gunpowder were found on Borja's right arm and shoulder, which indicated he had indeed fired a weapon recently.

However, none of the DNA found on the scarf matched his. In fact, to this day those DNA samples have never matched anyone

Borja defended himself from the first evidence by stating that he had been hunting recently. It's true that rural Asturias is a region famous for hunting, and many locals own rifles. However, the forensic lab had stated that the type of gunpowder, as well as the scattering pattern on Borja's arm didn't match the one of a hunting rifle... but the one of a small firearm. The investigators found out that Borja's grandfather owned a small handgun similar to the one that was used to kill Sheila. Borja's grandfather allowed LE to search for firearms on his house. The small handgun, however, was never found (reportedly, LE stated that Borja's granfather asked 'are you guys looking for the small handgun?' when police showed up, but he denied having said that to the Judge later on during the investigation).*

\ I'm not sure of the veracity of the whole stuff with Borja's grandfather; some sources say that this whole episode is just a ruomour, others state it as true*

On July of 2004 Borja was subsequently arrested and put in preventive custody for the murder of Sheila Barrero. This however didn't last long. After declaring to the Judge at the Cangas de Narcea Courthouse he was released without charges. According to the Judge Alfonso Álvarez-Buylla, the evidence presented "was merely circumstantial, which is not enough to hold a case against the suspect".

The Hunters

The release from jail of Borja Vidal is something that Sheila's family has never accepted. Over the years they've engaged in acts of protest and several platarforms trying to have Borja arrested again, since they're convinced he killed Sheila. Some Guardia civil officers were convinced too of that Borja did it, and he wasn't fully cleared as a suspect until October of 2007 -when the case was officialy filed as a cold case.

About that time (summer of 2004) the guardia Civil identified two hunters that had driven by the area where Sheila's murder took place that morning. In fact, LE could estimate that they had passed by that curve at around 8:10 am of that morning. Which meant that they should have seen something.

Reluctantly, the hunters (who claimed that were not aware of the whole fuss about the case -when at the time Sheila's murder was making headlines every day for a good couple of months) finally gave their witness report. Contrary to what everyone was expecting from them, their testimony created even more confusion and doubts around the case.

The hunters were heading west through the road for a hunting day. Both were chatting during the trip. Once they reached the curve they suddenly encountered Sheila's Peugeot stopped right in the middle of the lane. They couldn't spot it earlier because of the fog. The driver was forced to steer violently to avoid a collision, invading the left lane. After passing Sheila's car they noticed that there was a second car stopped right in front of the Peugeot. However, this is where things start becoming confusing; one of the hunters said that the second car was white. The other hunter, however, mentioned that it was of a dark color (he wasn't able to specify which color, he said it was just dark).

None of the hunters could recall seeing someone around the cars or the road. Neither could tell if there were people on the cars. Their testimony, believed by LE to be legit, just added more questions to the case.

What Went On?

The murder of Sheila Barrero is considered nowadays one of the most bizarre murder cases that our country is currently dealing with (the case will expire en January of 2024). In addition of the contradictory reports, the vague and confusing evidence found, etc... LE, during all these years, hasn't been able yet to establish a possible motive for the murder;

Jealousy or passional crime doesn't seem like a possibility; Sheila was dating again her old boyfriend, and they were going to go on a trip together in less than a month (in fact, the airline tickets were found on the car's glove box). The relationship with Borja had just been a non-strings-attached one, and lasted only three weeks. Reportedly, Borja liked to have drinks at the pub where Sheila worked, but after they bropke up he would totally ignore her even to the point of being outright rude; Sheila's friends declared that he even demanded not to have Sheila serve him at the pub. He never showed signs of wanting to go back with her.

Both her workplaces were also studied and questioned, especially the pub. The investigation didn't yield any lead pointing at Sheila being involved in any kind of shaddy business or anything of the sort.

Neither were her family or friends. For the most part, Sheila's life didn't differ from the life of any other 22-years old woman.
No one could recall any enemy or any confrontation she could have had with someone. Although the crime, according to LE, looked like a revenge-fueled one no evidence could be found pointing towards that.

José Miguel Hidalgo and Joaquín García are homicide detectives working for the aforementioned UCO. They have been (and still are) working on Sheila's case. Here's a reconstruction drawn sequence of the plausible events based on their investigation of the crime scene;

1. While driving down the lookout area known as La Collada, a car overtook Sheila's and braked abruptly right in front of her, forcing her to stop. Both cars are now stopped in the middle of the lane. Then, the assailant exited his car and walked up to Sheila's car;

2. The driver's window of Sheila's car was lowered to approximatedly two thirds of its fully closed state. Since that morning it was raining it's unlikely that Sheila would drive with her window open. It's believed that she lowered the window so he could speak with the assailant. According to Hidalgo and García, Sheila probably knew and trusted the person who killed her. The assailant then jumped into the back seat -very likely, invited by sheila to do so- and shortly after closed his arm around sheila's neck. There was a struggle, but it was very brief, and the assailant shot her through the space between the driver's seat and the head rest;

3. It would have been very shortly after the murder when the hunters passed by. The fog reduced their visibility significantly, and thus they were forced to maneuver violently to avoid rear-ending Sheila's Peugeot 206;

4. Once Sheila was dead and the hunters were gone the assailant pushed Sheila's body into the passenger seat, ending up on her side. This is how the puddle of blood of the passenger seat formed. The assailant then jumped into the driver seat and drove sheila's car some 30 meters (100 feet) into the lookout area next to the road. Once there he exited the car and re-arranged Sheila's body back to the driver's seat. Finally, he closed the car's door, jumped into his own car and fleed from the crime scene;


Borja Vidal has been the only person ever arrested during the investigation, and since 2007 he's no longer a suspect in the case. The DNA samples, belonging to two different people, have never been matched to anyone who could have been involved in the crime. Same goes for the scarf, which LE has never been able to find a connection to anyone.
Sheila's family is still rallying for the investigation over Borja to be reopened. They're convinced he killed Sheila.

Borja married and has a son, he still lives in Villablino.

Unable to deal with the constant suspicion and the accusations behind his back, Teo left the town and moved to the city of Burgos. He's married and works as a plumber there.

In May of 2011 another violent crime shook Degaña; the Brugos family, who were Sheila's neighbors, were attacked by a mentally unstable man, who wielding a machete killed three members of the Brugos family (father and two sons). The target had been the wife, who was a PSOE (a Spanish Socialist political party) councilor. This crime has never been linked to Sheila's.


Pictures and Data

Sheila Lorena Barrero Fernández, the victim. She was 22-years old;[email protected]

Sheila's older brother Elías. He discovered her dead body;

Sheila and Teo;

Borja Vidal Gómez, then 19-years old and the main suspect;

A more recent pic of Teo, during the TV show's interview;

José Miguel Hidalgo (left) and Joaquín García (right), UCO's homicide detectives who have been working in the case from the beginning;

"Joe Team", the pub Sheila worked at;

The crime scene, shortly after the arrival of the LE and the investigators. The white car in the background partically hidden by the dark sedan is Sheila's. Her body was still inside when this pic was taken;

A closer look of the crime scene. The white Audi parked next to Sheila's Peugeot is Elías' car. When he realized his sister was dead he ran down the road in a state of mental breakdown, leaving his own car behind;

The mysterious scarf;

Sheila's funeral;

The bullet that killed Sheila, next to its casket;

Caboalles Bridge. This is where Sheila was seen alive for the last time. Her friends continued right while Sheila drove through the bridge;,-6.3719761,3a,75y,297.2h,89.27t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s0rchPdh5Cbssw8Nhk2pSjA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

La Collada. This is the exact point where Sheila's car was found with her dead body inside. A protest sign put by her family can be seen there. Sheila's car was parked on next to the brown shed in the background;,-6.440243,3a,75y,355h,74.88t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1ss9fIq5GTGFxrXN-q7FfSgw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
Order of the Golden Fleece. One of the symbols depicted on the coat of arms of the scarf is representative of this Catholic order;


Websleuths' thread in English about the case;
Criminalia's page about the case (Spanish)

Spanish TV crime show "Expediente Abierto", episode covering Sheila's case (unfortunately no subtitles);
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2018.10.28 08:50 cyanaintblue Anyone can help me with some guidance in making a mod?

I want to make a mod to tell time and date while the character stares at the sky, I also want to implement a toggle feature so people have an angency over their actions.
I Know there is a small mechanic in frostfall where you initiate it by staring at the sky between 7pm and 7am.
There is a sun glare related property, but I want this feature to work at night too.
Can anyone help me make this?
I also want to add an optional feature, intially the Dragonborn receives messages like "it's almost late night", but over a time the Dragonborn can get numerical values since he/she has progressed in reading the time correctly.
Love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
Thanks in advance
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2018.04.18 02:15 MeMuzzta Got a job interview and did a course for a job that didn’t exist.

This was a few month back but I’ve just found this sub so I thought I’d share. I’ve had issues with agencies in the past but I thought I’d give it another go.
I was looking for something temporary and I came a across a job for a DHL warehouse operative close to where I live so I applied.
A few days later I get a call for an interview, great! I thought. I went to the interview which happened to be in a community centre, I found that odd as I was expecting to be at the warehouse itself or at least at the agencies office, nevermind.
I walked inside and wa greeted by a woman who asked me if I was here for the warehouse interview, she told me to sit in what I guess was the dining area of the place. I noticed there was a lot of other guys sat around too, around 20, they were all here for the interview. Alarm bells started ringing.
We were all ushered into a small meeting room and I took my seat.
The woman from the agency came in said this is going to be a weeks warehousing course with an interview at the end then a possible job start.
‘For fuck sake’ I thought. Ah well I’ll just do it and see what happens.
Fast forward a week and after hours of filling out forms, learning how to pick up a boxes, listening to childish chavs and filling in our bank details, shoe size and overalls size, we were done.
Another person from the agency came in and started asking questions and taking to us about what it’s like working at the warehouse. I asked when would we receive dates for interviews, he said ‘this is the interview, it’s a group interview’.
Anywayay at the end he said we would all get inductions for the job within one week, ah okay that’s not too bad. He said we will either receive emails or phone calls about when to start.
A week later, nothing.
A week and a half later still nothing, so I ring up and ask when are we getting the dates, he said soon as they were having some issues.
3 weeks later, fuck all.
I ring but there’s no answer. I ring again and again with no answer.
I rang again but with my house phone which I didn’t give them the number. Guess what, they answered!
Fuckers have obviously been ignoring my calls. I say hi this is (my name) I was following up on induction dates? They said they still don’t have dates and they would be in touch.
Hmm. I decided to ring the warehouse itself, they said they had no knowledge of bringing new people on and that they stopped dealing with that angency a while back.
WTF!!! So not only did I waste all that time on a shitty course and spending money getting there, the job didn’t exist and the agency has all my details and my fucking shoe size.
They are a legit company too!
I started reading reviews (which I should have done in the first place I know) and everyone was pretty much had the same experience as me.
How these agencies are allowed to operate is beyond me. It should be illegal.
I vow to never use an agency ever again in my life. They are nothing but a cancer on the job market.
All the staff working for that agency and others alike can seriously go fuck themselves.
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